Tou no Madoushi – Chapter 9

Wow! I finished it today!

Okay, here it is, chapter 9. This is the chapter I’ve liked the most so far. Finally we get to see Lynn thinking critically and learning properly.

Also, a side note. The kanji for cane, can also be used for wand, staff and walking stick, just keep that in mind in case I completely screwed up. But still, going by the illustrations, I think the “cane” has like ranks, and a simple stick is among the lowest ranks. Besides, a cane/staff is more wizard-like than a wand.

Anyway, I got a donation goal for christmas. I’d like to buy some christmas gifts for my family (who has supported me greatly this past year), and my salary isnt going ot cut it. If you’re feeling supportive, the donations go towards sponsored chapters.

Enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 9

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