High Spec Village – Chapter 32

I came back exhausted from work yesterday, and wanted to start working on translating and posting the chapter after a brief nap…. but…

I woke up today hehehe.

I’ve noticed my lack of vocabulary on some parts, especially when people praise Yamato, he always says “its not a big deal”. The way he says it is honest, he really believes that if someone had his abilities, they would do the same. He doesnt feel like a ‘superior existance’ himself.

Anyway, here’s the chapter.


Chapter 32


12 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 32

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  2. Curious to know what they did with the spirit beat monster corpse…

    I also wonder if the adults will ever be able to return to the village from god knows where the lord have taken them…bet they were sold as slaves.


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