18 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 31

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      • Yeah, I know I’m expecting too much out of a typical Japanese novel.

        Granted, there are some JP novels that have Japanese reincarnators but instead fashion a weapon other than a katana, such as a naginata, kukri, scimitar, flamberge, shotels, etc. Which leads to a better blend with the story as a whole.

        I was privately hoping that as the MC was using novel medieval weapons, he’d go beyond a stereotypical katana for a similarly equivalent bladed weapon; heck, a falchion, bolo, or machete would have made more sense, given his survival training, rather than miracle luck with a katana that he himself admits was never familiar with. It just seemed forced, when most any other weapon would have been more practical.


  2. I believe that children should be punished for this action. I know that “because of them, he (no, THEY) won”, but still. You either listen to orders or you bring harm to others. If they are not punished then I have to see it as none other but Deus Ex Machina gimmick.


  3. Anyone else got Witcher vibes from this and the previous chapter? Because I did, and I read it to Wild Hunt which made it like 1,000 times better.


    • I guess it’s ok to say it, since it won’t be really explained much. But after it died and revived, the curse changed “forms” or “mechanism” I would say.
      Like the character sheet kinda explains, phase 1 was friendly fire, phase 2 was tentacle power.

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      • Ahh i figured it was because it changed forms but i’m was surprised Yamato didn’t think about it. Thx for confirming and thanks for the chapter 🙂


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