High Spec Village – 032

Episode 32: Premonitions of a New Season.


Several months had already passed since they defeated the Spiritual Beast at the rock salt mine.

“Gaton Jii-san. Is the rock salt mining going well?”

“Yeah. As far as rocks and ores are concerned, leave it to the Mountain Clan. Kid.”

“Alright, I’m counting on you then.”

The operation of the rock salt mine, located a little away from Urd village was running smoothly.

According to Gaton’s reliable words, many elderly miners of the Mountain Clan were mining the rock salt.

Rumors that 『the Spiritual Beast that lurked in the mine is gone』 were transmitted through their own network, so they returned to their former homes, from all over the continent.

Those old miners were people who miraculously survived the incident of a hundred years ago, the same as Gaton. After that, they scattered all over the continent and decided to live quietly.

“The Mountain Clan People tend to cherish their birthplace, you know?”

“Even after a century has passed?”

“Yeah, that’s the meaning of home, boy.”

Those miners, like Gaton, were already old. But when they came back, they brought with them their children and grandchildren.

“As promised, you can use the food and living goods from Urd village.”

“Hmph, I know, just don’t forget the alcohol.”

“Let’s consult the Village Chief on that.”

Those of the Mountain Clan who came back were to settle and live in the outskirts of Urd.

Since it required special skills, the mining and processing of the rock salt was left to them. So, it became a mutualistic relationship, where the people of Urd provided their daily goods.

The people of Urd got the salt, and the Mountain Clan people got food and a place to live.

That joint life benefiting from each other had been going smoothly for these past months.

“By the way, am I really the owner of the rock salt mine, Jii-san?”

“Yeah. It was you who gave the final blow to the Spiritual Beast. No need to hold back.”

“Ohh, so that’s how it is.”

Yamato had become the owner of the rock salt mine.

This was an absolute tradition in this continent -The new owner of a land where a Spiritual Beast had descended upon, would be the person who manages to kill it-. It wasn’t possible to share the rights, so it became his since he was the one who stabbed it last.

“The mining and storing of salt should be carried out in strict secrecy.”

“Yeah, this old man also thinks that would be for the best.”

The rock salt mine, one of the biggest reserves on the continent had finally reopened for the first time in a hundred years. Therefore, Yamato decided to do it in total secrecy for now.

The large amount of mined rock salt was being kept in a tunnel that was locked behind a solid and sturdy door.

Also, the Mountain Clan People, who were stubborn and very honest, were suitable for mining the rock salt in secret.

After returning to the village, Yamato decided to visit the village chief granddaughter Liscia.

“Yamato-sama, looks like the Inahon is growing without problems so far.”

“Good, being in a high altitude, Urd has fewer pests and diseases.”

“Ohh I see, Yamato-sama.”

The growth of the rice-like cereal called Inahon was also progressing smoothly.

After all, a village in a mountainous area was a suitable area for the cultivation of such crop. The temperature was more stable and there were just a few pests and crop diseases.

If everything went as planned, by autumn, the village fields will be filled with a golden carpet.

“Speaking of such… are your injuries all right now, Yamato-sama? “

“Yeah, no problem, sorry to worry you.”

“I’m really glad! “

Liscia was still concerned about the serios injuries Yamato had received by the Spiritual Beast several months ago.

He was the one who had suffered the most in the fight against the Spiritual Beast. Gaton and the children, luckily only received relatively minor injuries for the most part.

I had several fractured ribs, and countless cuts and bruises throughout the body. But seeing how I am now, I feel like I recovered in no time…

The wounds he received from the Spiritual Beast were not something he could laugh off as something light.

However, thanks to his amazing recovery speed, with only ‘a few days of rest’ he was completely healed.

I supposed this is also a benefit from my improved physical abilities…

Probably, one of the side benefits from coming to this different world, was that his injuries healed unusually fast. It was several times that of a normal person.

But for the moment, he decided to keep that fact to himself. Because it was too abnormal anyway for others to believe.

“How about… the future policies of the village, Yamato-sama?”

“Ah, that’s right…”

While walking around the village, Yamato and Liscia discussed future policies.

The village chief was Liscia’s grandfather, but the planning was largely entrusted to Yamato and Liscia.

This decision was a consensus of the village chief and all the villagers, so there was no particular problem with it.

“As for food and living goods, it seems like we’re managing somehow. It’s all thanks to Yamato-sama! “

“Is not that big of a deal.”

Regarding the food, the cultivation of the Inahon grains was going steady. And with this, the direst problem, which was securing food, was solved.

Besides that, wild animals caught from the forest were being kept as livestock.

Cows and pigs, sheep, chicken-like birds, etc. Their total numbers were still small, but they were steadily increasing. The breeding was also progressing smoothly, since originally, this village kept domesticated animals.

“The children have also become quite adept at hunting, right?”

“They secure meat and leather, and it also serves as a continuous training so that they keep their discipline, so we will keep that going the same.”

The reclaiming of the forest around the village was also gradually advancing. The current plan was to hunt down dangerous carnivorous animals around and expand both the living and cultivation areas.

Firewood, in preparation for the severe winter, was also cut from the forest. The forest was vast as opposed to the population of the village, and the growth of trees was faster, so there were no environmental concerns.

It was when they were inspecting the village in such way.

Along with the sounds of hoofs, a horse-riding group came back.

“Yamato-nii-sama! We’re back.”

“Oh, back already Kuran?”

It was the children of the Han clan the ones who had come back.

They were a prairie clan that became residents of the village several months ago. And right now, they had returned from a mission, riding on their horses.

The beautiful girl who was speaking to Yamato was the daughter of the Han clan chieftain, Kuran. And was now serving as the representative of the surviving Han clan children.

“How was the scouting on the highway, Kuran?”

What Yamato asked was about the long-distance reconnaissance mission.

The Han horses were excellent horses and could travel several hundreds of kilometers in a day. They had gone on the road leading south of the village, to gather some information.

“The thing is, Yamato-nii-sama… something strange happened.”

“Is it about the bandits along the highway?”

“Yeah, we heard some strange rumors…”

What Yamato wanted the most was to get some information on the large bandit group. He wanted to grasp the state of the bandit group that had been attacking the highway going from Urd to the nearest town.

In any case, it was because of that bandit group that the peddlers from the city wouldn’t come to the village of Urd. And it was also a problem since he could not make use of the wagon he got from the bandits at the windmill.

For now, everyone was living without a problem, but in the future, the bandits were a problem he wanted to solve.

So, he wanted to listen to the information that Kuran got.

“I see. So, according to the rumors, the large bandit group was destroyed by a raid of some unknown group.”

“Yeah, that’s what I was told, but the situation is still unclear, nii-sama.”

“I see…”

Yamato’s brain started to think, trying to make sense of Kuran’s story.

It’s great and all that the bandits disappeared… but…

While thinking that this was a good opportunity, he couldn’t help but to have a bad feeling in a corner of his mind.

Normal life had become possible in Urd at last. But that was also the premonition that a new ‘something’ was about to come.

He wasn’t sure it would be something that threatened the peace of the village, or something that would enrich their lives.

But he was sure of something.

“Gosh… it seems like I’ll be busy again.”

Yamato stared at the highway that stretched towards the south, as he had a premonition of a new season that was coming sooner.


















【Chapter 2: Spring of Mayhem】 End












【Chapter 3: City’s world】 Starting…



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