Mistaken for the Demon King – Chapter 3

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Battle Encounter



I was about halfway on my way back to the surface. A week had already passed since I changed professions and became a 『Demon User』.
While taking rests once in a while at safe locations, I continued moving forwards whilst at the same time killing every monster that appeared with just a single blow.  Although at the lowest layers I struggled quite a bit, unlike the first time when I was aiming at the bottom, the monsters now got gradually weaker, so the challenge disappeared.
But during this past week. I already lost count of how many monsters I had defeated. At the very least, every enemy I encountered was mercilessly killed.
And although I did that… not even one of the monsters I defeated became my companion. Every single one of them just died and disappeared, no signs of the so-called slavery collar could be seen so far.
I wonder if I’m doing something wrong, Noah thought as he tilted his head in confusion.

Even after applying 《Analyze》 on myself several times, my profession remained the same, 『Demon User Level 1』. Are there conditions about how I need to kill them? This was so confusing, I wonder if someone could tell me the conditions.


I started thinking as I walked.
I already confirmed it in the skill, the condition to activate Monster Capture is to make the monster unable to continue fighting. That was the only condition. Breaking the spine of a monster, like I did with the Night Road Wolf, should count since it couldn’t continue fighting after that, right?
 If that’s the case, is it that my level isn’t high enough? Maybe only weak monsters can become companions if the skill is at such a low level.
Yeah, surely it is something like that.
The monsters around this area are weaker than me, but… maybe I need to defeat weaker monsters, something around the level of a slime or a goblin.

“This sucks. I thought I’ll be able to make lots of friends…”

After letting out a heavy sigh, I continued to walk.
While traveling alone it felt as if the time was passing slower than usual. But during these past five years of traveling alone, I have grown accustomed to it.
After all, I couldn’t form a party with anyone. Since I was not a member of the Adventurer’s Guild, everyone considered me as a simple unemployed traveler.
Thanks to not having a guild card, I had no way to identify myself, so I wasn’t allowed to borrow a lodging in any village as I traveled. But as long as it was a big city, I could find places to pass below the noses of the guards unnoticed, but those were scarce and I could only do so at certain times.
Now that I think about it, maybe now should be a good time to register in the Adventurer’s Guild.

As I was lost in those thoughts, my body naturally reacted at the incoming enemies, repelling them unconsciously.
The enemies around this area were weak enough to allow even a party to defeat them without much thought. The minotaurs were really tough looking, but they were instantly killed after a single hit. They really felt like small fry.
I felt some thrill with the strong enemies near the bottom of the dungeon. However, the current situation was dull, and I could only think of it as troublesome at most.

“Oh…? “

Suddenly, I heard a commotion, the noise of people.
I was currently in the upper half of the dungeon, probably around a third of the way. I believed so since I was comfortable and easily advancing.
And this would be the first time since I entered this dungeon that I was meeting another person.

“Damn! Back me up! I’m going! “

「Haa! 《Strength Augmentation》!”

“Kyaaa! “

“Haaaaaaaaa! ! “

It sounded like a party of three. A man with two women, huh? That sure was an enviable party composition.
I think it would be fun to fight while being supported by two girls. Well, since I’ve already mastered Basic Magic, I can apply my own buffs. And even if I didn’t augment myself, I could still defeat practically anything with a single blow.

The man was apparently a Swordsman, and the two girls were a Magician and a Priest.
The Magician girl wore a robe of eye-catching colors and held a cane in her right hand, her hair was flax-colored. The Priest girl had long silver hair. Her garb was a pure-white robe with golden decoration, very much like a proper priest.
And finally, the Swordsman was a slender man. He was lightly armored, in order to prioritize speed, with short black hair and wielded a one-handed sword. Well, he didn’t appear to be that fast.

Before them was a giant humanoid monster, a Minotaur was the opponent of this party of three.
It was a tough opponent who had superior physical strength. But in exchange, he was easy to avoid since he used heavy weapons and swung them with a slow motion.
However, they seemed to be struggling quite a bit before such minotaur.

“Haaaaaaaaa! ! “

“《Fireball》! “

It barely did any damage.
That was because minotaurs had high magic resistance, therefore attacking with physical attacks was better. Maybe it was because the man’s attack power wasn’t very high. After all, his equipment reflected he had chosen speed over power.
So far, the Swordsman was distracting the enemy while the Magician girl attacked from afar. If faced in such a way, surely a Minotaur would be a strong enemy.
I started to wonder if I should help.

“Gyaaaa! “

“Kaito! “

“Kaito-san! “

“Da-mn…! Julia! Marin! You guys run away! “

“That’s…! “

It seems it’s starting to get dangerous. But I wonder if I should help.
If I do this the wrong way they might say something like 「You stole our prey! 」He looks like the kind of guys who would do so. I met those kinds of people a few times already.
Wondering what I should do, I silently pondered.

“Kaito-san! I’ll heal you right n…! “

“Watch out! Damn it! Stupid cow! Come this way! “


Indeed, I should help them.
Let’s just hope he is not one of those troublesome people, let’s pray that is the case.
Kicking the ground, I charged towards the Minotaur.

“Ehh…….! “

“Uh… Hey, wait! what are you doing?”

“Wh-who are you! ? Ehh……! ? “

“Its fine, just leave. Get to a safe place.”

After hitting the minotaur, it was blown away.
What I was thinking right now was to take these three people to a safe place. Therefore, I only tried to push the minotaur aside.
Since I only hit it with the power of my rush, not much damage should have been dealt.
The sound of coughing could be heard from where the minotaur had landed.

In the next moment.

“What…? “


Standing up slowly, the minotaur looked at me.

With something that was not on his neck just a moment ago, a shining silver-colored collar.



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