High Spec Village – Chapter 15

Surprise! I decided to release the last two chapters of the first volume sooner (not counting the 2 idle talks and one of characters introductions)

I made a Patreon page where you can become a patreon and support the translation, a perk would be to be able to read the edited chapters sooner, and a couple more perks, check the patreon page (:


Enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 15


30 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 15

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  2. Well well well, first of all, thank you, and then, this is the most hateful cliffhanger i have ever seen. It’s like not a chapter clifhanger but a full ARC clifhanger lmao.

    Please keep up the good work and thanks for the translation, love this story

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    • If you think this is a cliffhanger, the next two chapters (idle talks) give a lot of answers to the “world” but raise waay more questions hehe, I cant wait for you to read them.


      • You’re really an S, right? DX
        Anyways, thanks for the chapters

        Also it will be like kinda hard once these brights kids will have to take weapons to reap other human’s lives, since I don’t think that the MC can cope by himself with even an small 20 man squad


  3. Thank you very much for the chapters😄
    I thought there was going to be winter arc,but looks like it is going to be skipped,well atleast the mc is going to kick some ass in next arc i hope…..


  4. eh.. so it is not out of necessity but something else. I still have somewhat faith in the rulers, guess they’re really a bad people hah? That’s kinda stupid imo if you take everything then what about the future? Should have taken barely enough to not killed them but not enough to revolt. That’s the first rule of villians.


  5. Thanks for the chapters.
    Just went from c1 to c15. The story is really nice and I hope you keep on translating. Since there was only one Review I left another one.
    I really hope magic appears soon, I’m interested to see how the author will handle it.


  6. by the way, the name of the Village is very funny.
    In Norse mythology Urd is the name of the gate to hell that is in the mortal realm. Hence this Village would be the MC portal to Hell in a sense, which is properly represented since everything beyond the Village seems to be against the MC.
    (this is also the reason for Urd’s name in the manga Ah! Megami-sama, as she is the only one of the 3 sisters to be able to contact hell)

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  7. well, im out, i mostly read trash food isekai in manga because is faster so i will wait for this novel to get a manga, too bad it takes itself too seriously for the type of “copying stuff from earth” progression, thanks for translating it anyway


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  9. Wait, where the hell did the booze come from? Liquor is more valuable than grain, as it directly requires an expenditure of food resources to produce. There is no way raiders would’ve left any booze behind. That means the old folks of the village either prioritized hiding away booze or they used some of the limited food stock to make more while the children starved.


    • You say it as if the aim of the Lord was money which someone properly reading would have thought it was to make the village fall into ruin.
      Who knows, he could have killed everyone, but maybe he wanted them to taste the despair of starvation, of not being able to do anything but to watch as their neighbors died one after the other.
      Dunno, i just find it interesting to read comments too shallow that it makes one think if the story is being properly read, or if it is read by children.

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