High Spec Village – Chapter 14

Surprise! I decided to release the last two chapters of the first volume sooner (not counting the 2 idle talks and one of characters introductions)

I made a Patreon page where you can become a patreon and support the translation, a perk would be to be able to read the edited chapters sooner, and a couple more perks, check the patreon page (:


This is a tenboudai or observation deck:


Enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 14


21 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 14

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  3. What the hell with this! Does this always have to be like this, an adult with airhead dense cancer?

    Nevermind, even if Liscia said it clearly i bet Yamato will still trying to denied. What an oldschool.


  4. When will Japanese WN/LN/manga authors realize that, unless done somehow really well, dense characters will always be a minus to the story…


    • You can’t blame him. She was never direct and only made a statement about the village marriageable age. But then again, MC can’t take a hint lol


  5. Haha! Did he misunderstand something here? I meant to drop this Novel so I can read it later when more chapters but I somehow got hooked. So far it’s looking good!


  6. Just lost all the charm.
    Was enjoying this so fa. But i am tired of dense, true dense, useless mc.
    I mean, there are MC who are not dense, only don’t want to compromise so just act “dense”, i can tolerate that, is they option they decision, but being dense because fuck you is a no in my book.

    Such a shame 😦


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