High Spec Village – 015

Episode 15: A Welcomed Protagonist.


While Yamato and Liscia were talking, the children suddenly came and forcibly pulled them.

“Where are we going?”
“It’s a secret, Yamato-niichan! ”
“Yeah, a secret! “

While coming down from the hill where the observation deck was located, they were guided back to the center of the village by the children.
The area was dimly lit, and the ‘two moons’ in the sky were illuminating the land. It had already become night as he was talking to Liscia.

It feels like the twin moons are dancing in the sky. When I look at them, it reminds me this is a different world…

He wallowed in that deep emotion while being pulled by the children.

It had been just one month, a month since he was transferred to this world. What caused it or for what reason did it happen remained a mystery, but he just suddenly appeared in an unknown forest.

Thinking about it now, I was really lucky to have met Liscia… truly a miraculous encounter.

After helping her, she guided him outside the forest, and was taken in the care of this mountain village, Urd.
At first, he only planned to stay one night.
His mind was set on moving to a nearby, bigger town as soon as dawn arrived back then.

Honestly, my first impression of this village was pretty bad.

But regardless of that, he decided to stay in this remote village. It happened so whimsically, that he wasn’t sure why he decided to do so.
After that, he began searching for food to survive, and challenging wild beasts while being aware of the danger they presented.

Big Rabbits that attack people, Wild Boars so big they look like monsters… They make it feel like this is a fantasy world…

Such tumultuous days were unthinkable when he lived back in the safe and prosperous Japan.
But in a way, his heart was filled with awe. A sense of fulfillment that he could never get when he lived in Japan was now seeping deep into his soul.

He was a simple employee at an average company, but he thirsted for more. Something more than his boring and plain daily routine, he went to work at the time he was required to, he did the job he was given, and then he returned home and went to bed, but he wanted more.

Working is important to live… but something just felt wrong…

Even while properly doing his work, his heart still felt thirst. He tried to fill that thirst by using his holidays to do mountain climbing, and used the times with consecutive holidays to visit unexplored parts of the world.
However, he was soon made aware that his thirst couldn’t be sated with just that.

Why did I come to this world…?

When he was transported here he could only think of that question, why?
Why him, an ordinary Japanese person, had come to this different world?
Over and over he kept asking that same question, almost like a prayer. Obviously, but he couldn’t come up with an answer.

Why to this different world?… why did he come to Urd Village?

“We’re here, Yamato-niichan! “

It was at that moment.
The leading children spoke. They had finally arrived at the ‘secret’ place.

“Yamato-niichan, you’re making a ‘troubled face’ again, are you ok? ”
“Well, just for today, we should let him be. “

The children pointed to an empty seat, as if telling him to go take that seat.
The current location was an open-air plaza near the center of the village. There was a long table, and many small chairs arranged, seemingly alluding to a festival being prepared.

“This… is something going on tonight? “

Going to meet the village chief who had just arrived, he asked him.
All the elderly people and children in the village were already gathered in this plaza.

“This is a ‘welcoming party’, Yamato-dono.”

“Yeah, a welcome! ”
“A well come! “

The children in the plaza started to imitate the words of the village chief.

“So a ‘welcoming party’. I wonder whose…”

He honestly had no idea.
Perhaps a sudden visitor arrived at the village when I went to the observation deck, he thought.

But, a feast of this scale couldn’t be prepared with such a short notice. There were a variety of dishes of vegetables and meat, lined up in the narrow table.

The villagers were dressed in Urd’s traditional clothes.
Their beautiful designs woven in bright colors were a pleasure to the eyes. And similar to them, Liscia was also wearing the same costume.

“Well, it’s obvious that Yamato-niichan didn’t notice, since we were preparing it in secret! ”
“Right! We also helped with the preparation and the meals, Yamato-niichan! “

After seeing his puzzled face, the children began to explain. During these past few days, the all the people in the village were secretly preparing this party.

“It is true that I never noticed… by the way, whose ‘welcoming party’ is this? “

Not hearing the name of the person, he asked. He thought perhaps it was someone who was already in the plaza.

But no matter where he looked, there were only villagers he was familiar with. No outsider that could be considered a guest was visible.

“Eh…? ”
“You still haven’t noticed, Yamato-niichan!? ”
“Tell me you’re kidding, niichan. “

“Well, I don’t know, and I haven’t heard anything from you yet.”

At his response, the children were stunned with their mouths open.
They had already given him several hints in the conversation so far. But believing they might be local idioms or double sense words he was not familiar with, he decided to ignore them.

“Tonight is… Yamato-sama’s welcoming party.”

Next to him, Liscia removed the shocked atmosphere by telling him straight.

“Today has been exactly one month since Yamato-sama started living in the village. Throwing a party to give a welcome is one of the customs of the people of Urd. And this one is for Yamato-sama…”

Liscia said while wearing a tired smile. Then it became clear for him that the guest of honor of tonight’s party was him, Yamato.

“A welcoming party, for me…”

At the unexpected turn of events, he was at lost for words.
This was a surprise for him.
He honestly never imagined that the villagers had such feelings towards him.

With the adults being forcibly taken away by the evil Lord. And their food and livestock also stolen, this was a village destined to be destroyed by starvation until just recently.

Even now, their lives weren’t that easy either.
The food on this table was perhaps prepared by setting aside part of their daily rations. All in order not to raise suspicion about the secret party.

“Originally we, the people of Urd, like festivals, Yamato-sama.”
“Oh, is that so…?”

Liscia explained their customs as Yamato finally grasped the situation.
The people of Urd placed great importance in celebrating many occurrences throughout the year, like harvest festivals, praying festivals or birthdays among others. For that reason, they were serious in their everyday work, and tended to live in moderation.

“Only for today, we’ll be serving the village’s treasured liquor.”

With the preparations completed and the explanations over, it was finally time to start the party.
The village chief smiled as he handed Yamato a mug filled with a liquor.

“Do you drink, Yamato-dono? ”
“A drink huh?… I’ll happily receive it.”
“That’s good. Gaton-dono will be delighted.”

Gaton could be seen also seated in the plaza.
He was a person who loved alcohol, and was already happily drinking.

“Yamato-niichan! Hurry up and give a toast so we can eat! ”
“Our bellies are really really hungry.”

The innocent children raised their dissatisfied voices since the feast hadn’t started yet.

“Well then, Yamato-dono, if you could please say some words.”

At the village chief’s unexpected remark, he felt at loss about what should he say. He wasn’t sure what would be the proper words.

Haah… I’m really not good at fancy talk

Deciding on what his words would be. He got ready to say some simple and straightforward words, very much fitting himself.

“For a bright tomorrow for this Village… Cheers! “

“”Cheers! “”
“We too! Cheers!! “

And so, the feast finally begun.
Everyone was enjoying the feast while sitting and having a friendly talk. A bright smile could be seen on each of their faces as they ate and drank.

The village chief served his treasured alcohol, which had been aging in his personal storehouse. The old people were really talkative after becoming drunk.

And with music from instruments that suddenly came from somewhere, the villagers started to sing and dance. Regardless of age or sex, everyone in the village was very cheerful.
Wearing the colorful costumes, while dancing around a big bonfire, it really was an amazing sight.

The busy days in Urd Village will start again tomorrow.
A mountain of preparations needed to be completed to overcome the harsh, upcoming winter.
But not one of the villagers was pessimistic.

Because they knew.
That after the harsh winter, the spring was sure to come, bringing with it hope.

And everyone was aware. That the wise savior of this village had arrived.

“Hey kids, don’t stay up too late. Tomorrow’s morning will begin early.”
“Ehh, isn’t it fine just for today? You’re so mean, Yamato-niichan! “

“Sorry, but that’s how I am.”
“Everyone knows! ”
“Yeah, yeah, we know! “

The ‘welcoming party’ continued until late at night.
As if to encourage themselves to overcome the harsh winter that was approaching.
Everyone was smiling and laughing from the bottom of their hearts.

That same evening.
There was a group of people looking at the state of the village from afar.

“Hey, look.”
“Oh, it’s quite lively. Are they having a festival?”

“Wasn’t that supposed to be a village destroyed by ‘Boss’? ”
“It seems like they still had some food and wealth hidden.”

“Okay, I’ll return and report what we’ve seen.”
“It will be a ripe fruit to grab after the snow melts.”
“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it… this time we really will take away everything from that village.”

The armed group then quietly left.
To let the village thrive, then take it all away after it was ripe.

Thus, the village entered the harsh winter season, and three months later, it greeted a new season.


“Finally, spring…”

This was his first spring living in this remote village.








【Chapter 1:Autumn of Reforms】 Completed




【Chapter 2:Spring of Mayhem】 Starting…



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