Mistaken for the Demon King – Chapter 2

It’s a nice change of pace to translate a different novel. Feels refreshing once in a while. But I got to get back to High Spec Village, two more chapters until this volume ends and I want to see your reactions.

I had a little time, and I was actually going to leave this half translated and finish it some other day. But, to be honest I was bored, with nothing to watch. I started watching The Rain on Netflix, but I was so mad at the idiotic girl that I dropped it after 20 mins. Is it good? I might never know.

Anyway, enjoy the result of one of my few hobbies (this feels so sad), translating novels.

Also, the Ma in mamono (monster) and the Ma in nakama (companion) are written the same.



Demon User – Noah Whitefield.


I was very happy, with this, the new 『Demon User』 Noah Whitefield was born anew. It really was wonderful.
However, this was not the time to shed tears. It’s not like I felt I was actually born again in the first place.

For now, let’s start by checking my state.


As I murmured, several rows of semi-transparent personal data appeared in front of me.
Since I originally was a 『Hero』, I was able to use all the magic systems. Specially 《Analyze》, this was a very convenient magic because it could only be used by 『Magicians』.
But this magic was supposed to only be used on yourself, on monsters or on tools and weapons. It was against the law to apply 《Analyze》 on others without their permission, so one had to be careful. It was an invasion of privacy after all.

Anyways, I applied 《Analyze》 on myself.

Name: Noah Whitefield
Profession: Demon User Level1

Sword Technique Level92
Unarmed Technique Level88
Basic Magic Level43
Thunder Magic Level45
Recovery Magic Level26
Monster Capture Level1
Monster Training Level1

It definitely changed from the『Profession: Hero Level92』I had just a while ago.
But that doesn’t mean that the accumulated experience I piled up as a Hero was lost. Prove of that was the fact that I could still use Basic Magic like 《Analyze》 properly, but I wonder why all my attack magic except for Thunder Magic was gone. My physical combat abilities also remained the same.
And two extra skills appeared, Monster Capture and Monster Training.
I believe those were acquired because of the Demon User profession. But I have no clue on how to activate them. They don’t seem to activate the same way magic does.
That said, I used a deeper 《Analyze》.

Monster Capture
Has a probability to place a monster defeated in battle under the user’s control. Upon success, a slavery collar is attached to the monster.

Monster Training
Allows the user to give commands to the monsters under his control.

I see, this looks really convenient.
Probably, with this there is a change that the monsters I defeat will automatically become my companions. Is it because they are monsters (魔物) that they become my companions (仲魔)?  Not that it matters really.
I mean, what I needed to do hadn’t changed so far. I still needed to move forward and defeat the monsters.
So as a result, I would assume that the number of monsters under my control will automatically increase.

“Ok then, should I go home now?”

The Book of Job Exchange disappeared somehow, but I accomplished my purpose in coming here.
It really was a long journey. It already has been five years, so now I’m twenty years old.
It felt wrong to register to the guild as an adventurer now. I didn’t feel that I really needed to register anyways. It was not like I was going to die or anything. There were other ways to earn money after all, like selling the treasures I gathered around the various dungeons and ruins. Well, I can’t say I have many.

I returned to the road I spent two weeks using to get here.
Sadly, there was nothing else to do but to use the same way I came. I didn’t think I would be leaving immediately after reaching my goal. And when one dives into a dungeon, there was no alternative other than to take the same amount of time to return.

But, how could I Level up my profession?
Basically, one raised the Level of a profession by 『Acting accordingly to that Profession』. For example, if you were a 『Master Blacksmith』, the more swords you made, the higher your level would rise. As for the condition to raise the 『Hero』 profession, you could level it easily just by defeating monsters. Unfortunately, I was not very well versed in other professions.
Therefore, if your profession level didn’t rise, your skill’s levels wouldn’t rise either. In other words, with me being a 『Demon User』, I think it was fair to assume that my level will rise the more monsters become my companions.
But I had no idea what the base line was.

“Up I go.”

Well then.
These Ruins of Lil ‘Caara were once the residence of the Demon King Lil ‘Caara.
I wonder if that Demon King had any issues with coming back and forth, living in the depths of such a maze. Also, if the Demon King lived quietly inside this dungeon, it makes you wonder why the Hero took the trouble to come all the way here to defeat it. Did he hate the Demon King that much? In my opinion, a Demon King secluded too deep inside would hardly pose any threat to mankind.
Well, but because it was the former residence of such Demon King, the closer to the end, the stronger the enemies. It really made you struggle a bit.

It was then, that a Black Wolf appeared before me.
It was a monster variant, several times the size of a normal wolf, called Night Wolf. The Night Wolf was three times my height, despite the fact that is was standing on four legs.
With a growling sound, it glared at me.
And like that, it came rushing.

“Ugaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ! “


Against its charge, I jumped sideways at the last moment to avoid it.
Although its body was massive, its movements were relatively agile. After avoiding it, it attacked again me from behind, like an arrow shot from a bow.
By the way, although I have my Sword Technique skill at level 92, my sword broke in the middle of the dungeon. The only weapon I currently have was my own body.
Gathering all my strength, I hit the back of the wolf.

“Take this! “

“Guooooooooooo! ! “

I could feel the impact being transmitted through my arm.
Unarmed Technique level 88 was no joke. My fists were lethal weapons, and every hit I landed should be pretty heavy. I was capable of crushing a person’s head with a single blow.
By the way, that person was a bandit. Those who steal from the innocent are trash and deserve to die, or at least that’s how I think.

And such a strike magnificently broke the wolf’s spine.
The wolf writhed in pain, struggling to get back up. If a monster attacked you, it was only obvious that you would retaliate.
Then, after twitching and trembling, the wolf finally stopped moving. And moments after he stopped moving, it disappeared.
Monsters were beings whose base component was magic, so even if they died, they left no corpse behind. They just crumbled like sand and disappeared. If the corpse remained, it might have become popular to make items with their parts, like a ‘sword made with a monster fang’ or something like that.

After looking at the place I defeated the wolf for a while, nothing really particularly changed.
Although the combat ended and I defeated the monster, the Monster Capture skill didn’t appear to have activated.
Well, it said it was a probability, so maybe is not that easy for it to activate.

“Let’s just keep going.”

After letting out a small sigh, I decided to move ahead.
I wonder how many companions I’ll be able to make when I finally leave this dungeon?




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