Teihen Ryoushu – 016

Episode 16: Let’s go on an adventure!

――One week has passed after officially receiving the Bonclay territory from the Duke. My life can be called smooth sailing.

First of all, I removed the border between territories, and the Bonclay territory was renamed Baibalon since it was complicated having two names. At that time, a relative of Jaikov Bonclay came raging in protest saying stuff like “You’re being too ruthless! “, which I didn’t understand the reason for. However, it all ended with no issue after Alicia and her other evil henchmen abducted him.

A few days later he came back saying something like “Long live Rize-sama!!! Compared to your heroic deeds, Rize-sama, the history, and name of Bonclay is nothing short of garbage!”. He looked kind of emaciated for some reason so I gave him some meat and he ate it while crying. Good for you.

Yeah, everything looks like it’s going fine.

Exiled people, slaves, and beastmen are still gathering in this territory, so the fief is becoming livelier. As for food, just by sprinkling some bread crumbs in a vacant lot of land, I can turn it into a wheat field in just three seconds. My recovery magic has surely shown growth.

As for tax management and such, Duke Hohenheim said he’ll order his smart people to take care of those, so it’s okay to leave it to them. He said “They have the same aspirations as us!” so I’m sure good, pacifist people will come.

“……Well then, what should I do next……?”

 I started to think while rocking on the chair in my office.

That’s right, I now look like a proper, full-fledged noble. I used to have a lot of work to do before, but now I have plenty of time to spare.

If it’s come to this――Isn’t it alright to turn one of every men’s dream into a reality!? I won’t be young forever, so it might be a bit of fun to go out on an adventure!

……If my memory serves right, there was an abandoned mine in the neighboring territory.

And since it hasn’t been used for several decades, a powerful monster called 『Dragon』 has settled down on it.

Fuck yeah! Let’s go defeat it!

Apparently, there are several procedures required in order to dive into a resource mine that’s in another territory, but honestly, that’s a real hassle, and I heard it’s fine if it’s only a few people!!! Nice thinking, me! The good point of your Rize-kun here is that I act immediately after the idea is born!

“If memory serves right, there was a story similar to this in a picture book I read. Something like 『A courageous Wizard brings a Monk, a Warrior, and a Swordsman, and together they defeat a dragon』.”

Let’s do the same here.

 Then, the members I’ll invite are……

“――Ehh, an invitation to defeat a dragon!? I’ll go, I’ll go, please, by all means, take this lovely Alicia with you! Come on, let’s not waste time and go to bed!! “

“No, right now we’ll go to an abandoned mine.”

“Wait, Rize-sama, don’t call it abandoned, my ‘mine’ is brand new and unused! ”

“What in the world are you talking about? ”

To fill the role of the monk I invited Alicia, the silver-haired sister.

I really wanted to be spared hearing her talking non-stop about the wonders of her God on our way there, but now, most of the people in the territory have converted to the Demiurge religion. And since I don’t want them to rebel against me, I have to show them I get along with their representative.

By the way, it appears today is ovulation day. But I’d have preferred not knowing such information.

Well then, while Alicia was making seducing movements with her hands, the second person to invite was――

“――What! Dragon extermination!? Please, by all means, let me go with you! Dragons are considered the best of delicacies for us beastfolk! There are hundreds of deaths each year from people trying to kill one to eat it! ”

“I see, what does it taste like? ”

“Something like a high-quality chicken! ”

“Why don’t you just eat high-quality chicken instead……? ”

In the role of the warrior, I decided to invite Irina, the blonde dog-eared beauty.

To be honest, I’m not sure she’s a warrior, but she’s of the beastfolk race, who has great physical prowess, so she’s sure to come in handy.

Besides, she’s my bomb-buddy, the person who made a bomb with me. I hope we keep getting along!

While thinking so, Alicia made a face of 『I just thought of something good! 』smiled and spoke to Irina.

“I just had an idea! Irina-san should have a daughter with Rize-sama! Since I’ll have a boy with him, we can make more little Rize-samas with them both! ”

“……Hey, Rize-dono, are you sure you don’t need to cast some healing magic on Alicia-dono’s head? ”

“Already tried that, didn’t work. Alright, let’s go to the next place.”

With Alicia pushing her ample and bouncy boobs against me on one side, and Irina clinging to me with her modest breasts on the other, I went over to invite the third member.

Well then, the last of my companions is――

“……Oh, my Lord. Why have you come to such a place yourself……? If you need to, why don’t you invite the chief maid Bell instead? She’ll be perfect for your harem party.”

“What? Are you jealous, Klaus? ……What I need is you. Please, just come along.”

“My Lord――no, Rize-san! ”

 In the swordsman role, I decided to invite Klaus, the refreshingly handsome guard captain.

 It’s a bit tiresome to have nothing but girls around. Also, let’s deepen our friendship as fellow men.

And, as we strongly shook hands while I was thinking about that――

“Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Master! I will also go with you since I’m your caretaker!!! ”

For some reason, the chief maid Bell appeared before us at a tremendous speed, with ragged breathing.

Well, sure, not like I don’t want to take her……But why does this girl have a pen and paper?

Well, whatever. Now we have all the members gathered!

――And thus, my great adventure now begins!

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