Teihen Ryoushu – 015

Episode 15: Let’s entrust my ass to this Oji-san!



――At the drawing-room of the Lord’s residence. In front of me, a dandy-looking bearded old man looked happy as he read a crumpled letter.


“GAHAHAHAHA! I see I see. 『I will destroy your territory』 This thing Jaikov wrote was quite radical! In addition to that, saying that you 『distributed copied goods and are driving my territory into an economic collapse』, is that a false accusation!? ”


Putting aside the letter which arrived from Jaikov some time ago, the bearded old man laughed vigorously.

He is the Lord who manages the whole region, a 『Big Lord』, Duke Hohenheim.

He also took care of me when my parents suddenly died and I had to take over the Baron position, so I’m indebted to this old man. Thanks for taking care of all the paperwork, old man.


“Oh my……As the supervisor of the lords in the region, when I suddenly received a meeting request from Jaikov, I was surprised to see him dead when I came here.

But well, with such a terrible accusation and slander thrown at you, I get where you come from when ignoring the date and charging to battle. ……By the way, I’ll have to ask, were they really false accusations……? ”


“Yes, it’s exactly as you say, Duke-sama. If you ask Klaus, the guard of the Bonclay territory, you’ll see that I’ve done nothing wrong.

Still――That Jaikov guy just pushed the blame for the economic collapse onto me! He even declared that he would hurt my land and my people, you know!? And as a Lord who cares for his people, how could I not get angry!? ”


“Umu, umu, I know what you’re saying! I’ve received reports from Klaus and other guards stating that you are innocent.

……I’ve also heard from them that you’re managing the Bonclay territory on behalf of Jaikov. Your reputation among people seems quite good, and it looks like everyone is doing great.”


With that said, Duke Hohenheim turned a gentle smile at me.

Oh, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH……This person really understands meeeeee!

Yeah, that’s right, I’m not doing anything wrong at all! I’m just a victim that had to suddenly fight that crazy dude Jaikov!

Klaus, the head of the guards said “Rest assured, my Lord. I’ve already told you you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong! “, the other day. Seems like my sense of justice was conveyed quite well.


“Well, it’s a shame he was killed without my presence……But I knew that Jaikov didn’t hold the Baibalon territory in high regard. The duel was reported in advance, so it was only a matter of time since sooner or later one of you was destined to die.

――Alright, let’s accept the result of the duel officially. According to the Law of Duels, the Bonclay territory is now yours. Manage it well.”


“Yes! Even if I have to use this life of mine! ”


YEAAAAAAAHH~~~~~~~! Bonclay territory, officially GET!



Ahh, Duke Hohenheim is a good man after all. So lively and manly.

If all the nobles were like me or like this person, wouldn’t the world be a peaceful place?

When I thought that, the Duke smiled deeply and muttered.


“Fufufu, coming to talk to you was a good thing after all. I can see it in your eyes. ……Since I can’t use magic very well, I’m ridiculed by others as the 『Duke because of Bloodline』, but I can tell you’re truly grateful.”


Eh, for real!? The Duke is being belittled!? Wow, that can’t be! After all, he’s an incredibly good person!

If I recall correctly, he helped the ordinary people, improving their lives by coming up with various farming methods and creating waterways, didn’t he?


“……Duke Hohenheim, I’m sure those people are simply blind. I think that rather than someone good at magic like Jaikov, you who actively help your people are more worthy of praises.”

“Mmm……Fu fu ha HAHAHAHA! That’s a pretty bold statement! That remark, around nobility circles where one’s ability as a 『Mage』is valuied more than their skills as a Lord, would be considered at best a verbal slip, don’t you think? ”

“Will you punish me? ”

“――No, I’m just grateful! ”


Standing up energetically, the Duke slapped my shoulder. Ouch.

Well, he looks full of vigor so I guess it’s alright. But still, I had to use healing magic on myself!


“Umu, umu, it’s just as you say. We can’t have the person standing atop everyone else not caring for the ones in the lower position after all. Any society that treats the subordinates as nothing more than livestock or tools is doomed to eventually die out.

Alright, for the sake of protecting this country――I’ll have to steel myself……! ”


Ohh, I don’t know why, but did he come with some new policy to protect the country or a national defense plan? That’s good.


“Fuu. I’ll support you, Duke Hohenheim. I’m sure you will make this country better.”

“Ohh, it seems you’ve seen through my thoughts!

……As I made my way here, I could see the richness of the Baibalon and the happy faces of its people. Hey Rize, don’t you think it is scandalous that the nobles don’t use magic for the sake of the ordinary citizen? ”

“Yeah. If we wish for the happiness of our people, shouldn’t we use whatever we can? ”

“GUHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, that’s right! Even I couldn’t have said it better! You’re a friend……The perfect image of the nobility of the new era! ”


Ooooooohhhh……Far from making fun of me for my way of thinking, to praise me, I knew he was a good person!!!

With someone of such character, I’m sure the country will be led into a peaceful direction! I’ll follow you all my life!

Thinking so, I also stood up and while giving him my hand, I swore to help Duke Hohenheim.


“Duke……Let’s work together, and make a peaceful country! ”

“Umu, that’s right Rize! Nomatterhowmanysacrificeswehavetomake, let’s turn this into a peaceful country! ”


Yeah, ehh? I feel like this guy just said some disturbing words in between……Well, it doesn’t matter!

Since it’s the super righteous Duke Hohenheim, who fully supports my sense of justice, it surely is a peaceful plan!


“Well, it looks like it’s about time to go back home! Then, my ally, if there’s anything you need or feel troubled about, you can, by all means, rely on me! I’ll protect your ass! ”


F-For real!? I can ask for anything!?

WHOOOOOAAAAAA!! This guy is ultra-incredibly good!

Let’s do our best for achieving peace together, Hohenheim Oji-san!!!


◆ ◇ ◆


“――Fufufu, it was really worth my time coming here……”


Inside the luxurious carriage, Hohenheim had a huge smile on his face.

He truly thought so as he peeked through the window at how the people in the Baibalon territory lived their lives with a smile.

This was exactly the form of the ideal nation that he aimed for.

Hohenheim had thought for a long time. Why don’t those who can use magic, use it for the common folk? Why did everyone just follow blindly the 『Sofiaism』 and never did that just because it went against their teachings?

Ahhh, if we were to put our efforts into it, the well-being of the people would eventually lead to the well-being of the nobility――Why nobody took any action?

However, whenever he voiced those concerns, he was always ridiculed behind the scenes with comments like “The incompetent who can’t use magic is trying to be cocky”. Therefore, Hohenheim desperately tried to come up with various farming methods and taught them to the people, he showed the aristocracy that they could be happy and also raise their own profits, but……even then, they didn’t move.

Rather, he ended with misguided opinions saying “Are you trying to gain favor with the populace by messing around with the dirt like them?”

As a result of that――Hohenheim snapped. He completely and brilliantly snapped.

The nobility of today was no good. He came up with the idea of killing everyone, including the royal family, and renewing the nation.

However, to start such a revolution, he needed like-minded allies.

And while worrying about how to find them――he found the ideal person, Rize Baibalon.


“……The flame of justice was burning bright in his eyes. A pure light, one that dwelled inside with no hesitation.”


Those with piled-up vices and deception have their eyes naturally becoming muddy by the corruption of their human nature and their subconscious guilt.

However, Rize’s eyes were as clear as spring water. 『I’ve done nothing wrong. I’m simply justice』, that kind of aura was transmitted.

Who else could have such pure eyes? Maybe only children who still dream of becoming 『Heroes』 like those in fairy tales. Hohenheim was convinced Rize was the former.

And so, watching Rize’s way of serving his people, a way that went directly against the teachings of 『Sofiaism』, Hohenheim made up his mind. He was one deserving to be called comrade, one worthy rebelling with――!


“My wonderful ally, I will see you again soon! Let’s destroy all evil and grab peace even if we have to bloody our hands! ”



――And like this, Duke Hohenheim left the Baibalon territory with a huge smile.

And well……Of course, he didn’t notice.

That this wonderful ally of his, the man named Rize Baibalon, had only started helping the common people as a way of selling a favor……!

His thinking was as shallow as a toddler’s who doesn’t think about anything, and he was just a self-righteous guy who lacked integrity――!

And like this, a variety of unlikely combinations were born from the idiot who unknowingly was gathering rebels in his territory without thinking he was becoming a person powerful enough to cause a revolution……!


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