Teihen Ryoushu – 014

Episode 14: Let’s Make a Bomb!



“Rize-dono, we’ve made something incredible……! ”

“Yeah, this is a great invention……! ”


――At the village of the beastmen people inside the forest at the Baibalon territory. I was staring seriously at a 『wooden box the size of a palm』 together with Irina, the dog-eared Onee-sama-type girl.


It all started a few days ago. When I came to check up on the beastmen group, which had now increased up to about 3,000 people before I knew it, everyone was sitting thinking around a white stone.

Irina began, 「If we’re going to fight against nobles like Jaikov in the future, it will be difficult for Rize-dono, being the only mage. That being the case, I hope we could use 『Magic Stones』 for something――」.

No, after all, I’m a pacifist, so I don’t really feel like fighting……

Wait, but there might be times when someone crazy like Jaikov tries to start a war against me under false accusations. Shall I think about some measures to increase my strength?


By the way, 『Magic stones』 seem to be a word that refers to some pebbles inside the body of monsters.

Since ancient times, the beastmen race has speculated that 「The strong regenerative powers of monsters are the result of collecting the magic from the air into those stones, and because of that, they think they can use magic similar to the healing magic some of the 『Human race』 wield」.


Well, it’s only a theory, but if you were to make a presentation about it, you’d be killed with haste.

Around the nobility circles, it is believed that magic is the sacred energy that God poured down unto earth. The real name of magic (maryoku) is “power to destroy monsters” (Ma wo messuru houriki), so just insinuating that monsters could also use it would enrage everyone. Well, I, Rize-kun, am special since I have a big heart and am so open-minded.

TLN: As some of you might know, the word magic in Japanese has the kanji for demon and the kanji for power, so here basically the church made up a new word.


Anyway, if word spread that these are “monster-specific urinary tract stones or something” among humans, I’m sure we can probably use them for something.

Then, to try and see if it could really absorb magic, I sent my magic power into it with a ‘myo myo myo myo’ sound――It turned a shade of reddish back and then (・・) it exploded!

Wait what!? Whoa, this surprised me! I’d died if I had been hit by a shard in the wrong place!

After involuntarily stomping on the debris that fell on the floor, I caused another, smaller explosion, how!? Whoaaa!


……If my facial muscles hadn’t stopped working, I’d be making quite a face, still, the expressions of the beastmen people were worse.

Because of their excellent hearing and eyesight, they were extremely startled by the first explosion and the light emission that ensued and were crouching on the ground. Irina was simply hugging my leg while her dog ears trembled.


“Are you okay, Irina?”

“Uh-uhhh……You are okay, Rize-dono? As one would expect from you. I almost screamed unintentionally……”

“Fuuu, is it alright for you to keep holding me like this? Well, not that I’m complaining.”

“Huh? Waaaa!? S-Sorry, Rize-dono!!! ”


Irina immediately jumped away; her face blushed. Umu, quite cute indeed……I wouldn’t have said anything, but that was something I couldn’t afford! My leg hurts like hell!

……Well, I was able to see such a precious scene, so I guess it wasn’t that bad.


Well, leaving that aside, what matters the most is what happened to the magic stone.

It seems it was true that magic stones absorbed magic. Irina also thought so, while staring at the place where the explosion occurred.


“……I see. Wouldn’t it explode like this when it absorbs too much magic power? This is a huge discovery! ”

“Yeah, in the first place I’m probably the only one who has sent magic power to something belonging to monsters, after all, they are treated as filthy existences. No other noble would know this.

……And also, albeit I did it accidentally, it appears it also has the property of exploding when shocked.”

“What? Is that true, Rize-dono!? ……If we use this, we might be able to create something outrageous! ”


――And thus, a secret item began creation between me and the beastmen people.

By firstly crushing the magic stones into a powder and then pouring a bit of magic power into it, it became a relatively safe material that wouldn’t explode unless it received a great shock. We called this thing 『Explosive』.


And then, a few days later. We noticed that the magic power would leave the 『Explosive』 if it got damp or was immersed in water, so we devised a method of using a wooden box to seal it and then have it be thrown.


Besides, from the experience of how the shards pierced and it hurt like hell, we mixed iron fragments in it――and like that, the pseudo attack magic item 『Bomb』, that could be used by any people was completed……!


“We did it, Rize-dono……! ”

“Yeah, this is the result of all our efforts……! ”


While strongly holding hands with Irina, I exchanged glances with all the beastmen who studied with me.


This item called Bomb――for humans alone, who hate monsters, it wouldn’t have been completed at all.

These guys only knew because they had eaten those disgusting monsters for a long time, and that’s why we were able to make it. Truly a sign of our friendship.


“You did it, Rize-sama! ”

“This is an invention that will change the world! We have to make sure the method of creating it isn’t leaked! ”

“Or rather, Princess, how long will you hold Rize-sama’s hand? We also want to shake his hand! ”


With her face turning bright red again, Irina ran to a corner while I shook hands with the other beastmen.


Good, good……I’ve been spending time with these guys for a while now, so now I know.

In human society, it’s said “Beastmen are a warring race. They are nothing but blood-hungry beasts”, and are discriminated against, but I know that’s not true! They are the same as us, 『people』! We’re existences that can understand each other!


With passionate feelings of friendship in my heart, I stared at Irina.


“Irina……please keep being in good terms with everyone in the Baibalon territory. And, using this land, let’s create a world where nobody persecutes the beastmen people! ”

“Yeah, indeed, Rize-dono……! With our power, letseraseeveryoneofthosewhopersecutethebeastpeople! ! ! ”


H-Huh? Somehow, I feel there were some strange words mixed in……Well, I’m sure it was my imagination!!!


Mine and the Beastmen’s hearts are now connected! This is why we have now developed weapons that can repel those crazy nobles, and are even usable by common people! The Baibalon territory will be blasting towards peace!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


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