Teihen Ryoushu – 013

Episode 11:Let’s Become a Terrorist!


※  The cows that were ‘created’ last time were later eaten by everyone.





“――Rize-sama! Please shake my hand! ! ! ”


“You’re our Savior! ”


“Rize-sama, an autograph, please! ”





A week after I killed Jaikov, the people of the Bonclay territory had completely accepted me!

As I walked down the street, everyone waved at me with a huge smile on their face!


“Heh, you guys sure are noisy. Sure, I will give you as many autographs as you want.”


” ” “KYAAA, RIZE-SAMA! ! ! ” ” ”


My, my, it’s hard to be popular!

Because I wanted to appear as cool since I went to great pains to attack the enemy base, it was worth the trouble instructing the people in the slums to raise up against Jaikov! I, Rize-kun, who came to your aid is amazing, right!?


Jaikov was originally a bad guy, terrible enough that he made his territory collapse. I, on the other hand, am a great man of justice, who makes a lot of money, and also makes everyone happy, this is why Jaikov-kun went to hell with the label ‘villain’. For me, there’s no way I won’t go to heaven!


“――Oh, people, Jaikov’s careless management has greatly exhausted the economy. However! You now have me, Rize Baibalon! Let’s work together and aim for a bright future! ”


“Ri-RIZE-SAMAーーーーーーーーーーーー! ! ! ”


“Yeah, this is exactly the reason why you’re our hero! Compared to your brilliance, the nobility we’ve seen until now are nothing! ! ! ”


My words filled with justice made the people even more excited!


Ha ha ha ha! Let’s get along from now on, people of the Bonclay territory!

After putting the final nail in the coffin telling that extremist evil sister, Alicia that 『I don’t want to be suspected of being a rebel』, she and her evil group have been quiet. Nice, I’ll do my best towards achieving peace like this! Yay!





◆ ◇ ◆




――At an underground chapel in the Bonclay’s territory.



“My new believers, let’s once again pray to the 『Creation God Demiurge』! ! ! And let’s place our faith in his apostle, Rize-samーーーーーーーーーa! ! ! ”




……In this dark place, many people were raising their energetic voices in response to the silver haired sister.


Alicia, who was firmly following Rize’s words of “being careful of not standing out”, was promoting religious activities with all her might……!


“Well then, everyone, join me in my chant.

――Yeah! ! ! Because Rize-sama is our hero! Believing in him is the path to glory! ! ! LET’S DESTROY THE COUNTRY, FUCK ALL THE VULGAR NOBLESーーーーーー! ! ! ”




……The followers started to get in a trance-like state as they joined to Alicia’s mysterious chant.



Unlike the weird and pretty much fanatic Alicia, these people were originally simply common folk from the Bonclay territory.

However, that man named Rize Baibalon came and destroyed all their preconceptions.


That hero was dreadful.

As soon as he killed the wicked Lord, Jaikov, he immediately embarked on the reconstructions of the Bonclay territory. First of all, he prepared enough food for all the people who had been suffering in poverty due to the economic recession.

In addition to that, and despite being a nobleman, he treated each and every injured and sick person free of charge, and was even able to get rid of the deadly diseases with ease.


Furthermore, he couldn’t skip taking care of the craftsmen who lost their jobs due to the distributions of copies.

He invited craftsmen that had fled from distant territories, as well as Beastmen with unique skills, to the Baibalon territory, and together, they all came up with ideas and developed a number of new products.


On the tax side, he stated: 『As long as I’m the Lord, the most you’ll have to pay in a month will be a 10% of your earnings, and only when you can pay it』.

Since they used to have to pay 50% in taxes forcibly, the people felt really thankful for the new tax rate which seemed too light that some even thought of it as inappropriate.



……Rize Baibalon truly was the ally of all the common folk. He was their savior, one who was willing to reach out to those who suffered strange diseases or even those living in the slums.

And as a result of coming to know of such a great man, the people in the Bonclay territory could no longer go back to simply being the 『nobility’s livestock』.



If, by chance……Rize was driven out by the 『Duke』, the person in charge of the whole territory, and a man like Jaikov was sent in again, the people would, without hesitation, rise in revolt and cause riots――!





” ” “HORAAAAY! HOOOーーーーーーーーーRAAY! ! ! ” ” ”





……And thus, the people, whose favorability towards Rize had maxed out, who was incidentally the main offender in their economic collapse, became easily addicted to this extremist, dark religion……!





※It took me twenty minutes to come up with Alicia’s terror rap. (TLN: yeah it is a Rap, it rhymes in Japanese, but I just translated it as it was)


↓Looking forward to your rating and bookmarks!



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