Teihen Ryoushu – 012

Episode 12: Let’s (pretend to) become a hero!



“――Please come out, Jaikov-sama! Why did something like this happen! ? ”


“Our store that had been on business for several years now, finally collapsed thanks to the large amount of copies in circulation! Why aren’t you doing anything about the culprit!? ”





……The situation in the Bonclay territory was already dire.

Ignoring the city guards, over a thousand people attacked the gate of the Lord’s mansion, desperately shouting.


There was a reason why this had happened.

A few hours prior, the people from the slums suddenly started a march in protest.


“It’s all Jaikov’s fault that the economy has collapsed! ”


” ” “Yeah! That’s right! ” ” ”


Many people raised their dissatisfied voices in unison.

Commoners would usually never protest against the nobility―― against the terrifying 『Mages』, but the public had been pulled by the insane air of rebellion, overwhelmed by the large number of people from the slums.



Jaikov groaned hatefully as the clamorous voices of the people echoed.



“Shut up…… Shut up……! ”


Jaikov covered his ears while having a sheet wrapped around him, inside a partially destroyed room in his mansion.

However, the voices of the people’s dissatisfaction continued to increase, not stopping nor calming down.


Oh, why is something like this happening?

It’s that guy’s fault, Rize Baibalon’s fault, so why am I being blamed for this?


For a moment he thought about dealing with this using magic, but that last strand of reason stopped him from doing so, since with this many opponents, that would be a terrible move.

All might be good and well if they were scattered after he killed a dozen people, but if worst came, they might become desperate and launch a suicide attack. And also, if he were to kill all the 『Livestock』, it will severely affect the management of the territory. Incompetent slaughterers could also be labeled by aristocratic societies.


Yeah……a great example would be the king of the beasts, ruling over the rest of the beasts with fear and fear alone, without the need of needless killing.



However, even then――





A stone thrown by one of the people broke through the window of the room and directly hit Jaikov.


Although he didn’t feel much pain because of it, the 『Meaning』 of that action was huge.



(……A filthy commoner dared hurting myself, a nobleman, a mage……? )



The moment he noticed that――That moment, Jaikov finally snapped out!




Jaikov went out to the front with a face dyed in an angry red.

And as he glared at the crowd standing before him, his piled-up anger finally exploded――!


“I’ll just kill you all, shitheads! ――Come, GOLEEEEEEEMS! ! ! ”


Along a murderous cry, Jaikov finally unleashed his magic.

Accompanied by a rumbling sound, the ground around him started to swell up, and then, dozens of 『Rock Giants』 appeared――!






Afraid of the giants that suddenly appeared, the commoners raised they voices in fear.


This was the ability of Jaikov, a high-ranking earth mage. Whenever he wanted, he could create a massive army in an instant.

Then, with a frightening smile, Jaikov unhesitatingly ordered the golems.




『GAAAAAA――――! ! ! 』


Jaikov had now lost all reason.

After all, his spirit was already at its limits when the economy was destroyed. And in addition to that, that all too sudden riot centered around the people of the slums finally became the straw that broke the camel’s back.


He no longer cared whether people saw him as a killer. Violence, once released, was not so easy to stop.


“GUHAHAHAHAHAHA! The livestock are running for their lives! Know your place, you were born simply to entertain us nobility! ”


Thus, the enormous golems attacked the people――But at that moment!



“――That’s as far as you go, wicked lord! ”



A loud, majestic voice echoed across the Bonclay territory――!


The frightened commoners all looked back at the same time.

There, they saw the figure of a young man riding atop of a black horse through the main street.


“My name is Rize Baibalon! Evil wizard Jaikov, I will protect the peace of the people! ”


The people of Bonclay were lost for words by that dignified voice, by that brave figure.


Ahh……It’s almost like he’s a 『Hero』 straight out of a fairy tale――!

He’s a 『Messiah』 that came to break us free from this evil foe――!


Looking at the figure of the man who appeared with a much too perfect timing, the commoners from the Bonclay territory forgot their fear, as they stared at him.


And then……





Unlike the enraptured commoners, Jaikov was stuttering and sweating profusely.

Of course, it was in part because his enemy, Rize, had completely ignored the date of the 『Duel』. But it was pretty much because of that remarkable scene behind him.


With Rize in the lead――behind him were over 20,000 people!

It was a bizarre army too. There was a sister, a maid, farmers, beastmen, and looking closely, one could even see the figure of children.


And the strangest thing, almost as if to put a cherry on top…… all of them were riding on top of black horses with the exact same body――!




I wrote in the letter that we’ll face each other, but I never said this would be a『War』――!

Dododon dododon dododon! Jaikov felt dizzy at the sight of 20,000 men charging while the 20,000 horses caused a rumble in the earth.


However, while ignoring Jaikov’s state completely, they sped up even faster while giving off a murderous intent!







That’s right――For the people of Baibalon, the phrase “Destroy your territory” was one nobody should ever use……!



They were all castaways. Some had fled from the violence of their evil Lords, some were expelled because they carried some strange disease, and other had settled in the Baibalon territory after having lost their country.

And then…… they met him there. The best, the most loving, and most respected master, Rize Baibalon.


Do you really think they would let the territory they raised alongside their master be destroyed? Let that land of peace and comfort they finally reached, be destroyed! ?



That’s something they would never allow, even if they were killed――! ! !







Jaikov involuntarily leaked a scream seeing the demonic army gradually approaching.

That’s when he noticed. Why didn’t the guards come with the news that such a huge army had entered the territory! ?


“H-Hey, you shitty guards! Didn’t you have an inspection net laid out! ? H-HEY! ”


He called out the guards who were desperately trying to stop the rioting people.

But, however――!


“Ahh, sorry, shi・tty・Lord-sama! We were invited by the chief guard Klaus to join him and switch to guarding the 『Baibalon』 territory!  That’s how it is! ”




And at this moment, the guards betrayed Jaikov all at once――!

Taking the people of the Bonclay territory that were here with them, they evacuated them from the Lord’s residence……!



And then…… Jaikov, who was left all alone, finally realized.


“It can’t be…… it can’t be, it can’t be, it can’t be……! ”


Not only the economy had been ravaged, the people from the slums had rioted, and now even the guards had betrayed him――!


“It can’t be, was this ALL YOUR DOING! ? RIZE BAIBALON! ! ! ”


Jaikov raised an angry cry. Then, controlling the golem army, he made them charge towards Rize!

However, this was something the people of the Baibalon wouldn’t allow. They heroically jumped from their horses and while grappling the huge bodies of the golems, they wrestle against them――!




『Googaaaa! ? 』


That was an insane spectacle. A huge number of human beings attacked the towering golems made of solid rock, not only with their fists, but also with their teeth……!

Moreover, they didn’t care whether they were shaken off or thrown away. They smacked the golems while getting increasingly bloody, not being the least afraid of getting hurt――!




“Ohh, as expected of you guys! Let’s fix you all up! ”


As soon as Rize spoke up, not only those who were full of wounds, but also those who were crushed and had their internal organs spilling out were completely recovered in an instant.

And then, they rushed towards the next golem like a swarm of carnivorous fish!




Jaikov was on the verge of fainting from watching that bizarre scene where simple humans were stubbornly biting and chewing on his mighty magic creations.

It was obvious there was something wrong with them. The sight of them attacking the golems without any fear of death was beyond Jaikov’s comprehension.


Ahh, the one behind this is definitely him―― That man named Rize Baibalon!




Raising his hand, Jaikov launched an oversized stone spear towards Rize, and it quickly approached his head!

If it hit, that would definitely would be a deadly blow. Or rather, he would be troubled if he didn’t die with this!



But, however――!



“Jaikov! I’ll kill you, and I’ll show you what my peace is! ”


Rize threw countless pieces of 『Meat』 towards the looming rock spear.

And just the moment Jaikov was about to ridicule him for that useless action, a mysterious phenomenon occurred! The thrown meat pieces were wrapped in a white light, and in a single instant, they turned into a heard of countless grown up 『Cows』――!




“W-WHAAAAAAAT! ! ! ? ”


In front of that 『Creation of life』, Jaikov raised a confused scream.

Yeah, it was not the same as creating inorganic golems. This was something no longer like recovery magic! It was a power that went against God, a power beyond the divine!


And thus, after the front line of the army of cows was smashed with the stone spear, the rest of them rushed at Jaikov.

His body was blown away, trampled on, and in a few moments, it turned into a mass of meat that one wouldn’t believe once belonged to a human being……!



“Did you see, Jaikov? ――This is the POWER OF JUSTICE! ! ! ”





Rize Baibalon raised a victory cry alongside the three-seconds-old cows.

……For him to be attacked so unjustly, and to have to face a force created with that stupid power, and as he was at death’s door, Jaikov’s thoughts were these:



“If I’m to be reborn, this time, I’ll care for life a little more――!”




【Incredibly good news! 】Great victory for our Hero, Rize-sama! And the wicked noble was reformed! 【Certainly a Hero! 】




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    • “And the wicked noble was reformed!”

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  1. >And the strangest thing, almost as if to put a cherry on top…… all of them were riding on top of black horses with the exact same body――!

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