Teihen Ryoushu – 011

Episode 11: Let’s kill Jaikov-kun!



“I f-finally got it…… I finally uncovered the identity of that criminal who has brought ruin to my territory……! ”



In a desolate office, Lord Jaikov whispered in a trembling voice.


At some point he noticed it. While many famous stored had a steep drop in sales and therefore they couldn’t pay taxes, for some strange reason only the slave merchants continued the same, or their business thrived.

Jaikov’s mind could no longer take it. Thinking there was something fishy going on, he ruthlessly killed a slave dealer and stole his secret customer list.


And there he found out…… lately someone had been buying a lot of slaves.

And that person was――



“So it was you, bastard!? ……It was you the one sucking up the money from my territory! Rize Baibalon! ! ! ”



Along with a wrathful roar, Jaikov shot countless stone bullets, further destroying his own mansion――!

He couldn’t care less if the servants were caught on it. And as the sore screams echoed, Jaikov’s unchained, crazy rage continued to go wild.


“That fucking shit! Don’t fuck with me, don’t fuck with me, DONT FUCK WITH ME! ! ! Ahh, that’s right, it’s obvious he’d be the one behind the stealing! After all, only garbage from the Baibalon territory would be using money to buy this many garbage of slaves! ! ! ”


It was an absurd argument, but for Jaikov, whom had lost himself in his anger, his judgement was correct.

He then took out some parchment from the tattered desk, writing down abusive words towards Rize Baibalon.()


“Bastard, shithead……! You have no idea how much I’ll torment you, how much I’ll make you suffer and your trash of territory, until I’m satisfied……! ”


……If the suspect had been just any other noble, he might’ve investigated the issue a little more calmly.

But the dubious enemy was the lord of THAT Baibalon territory.()()

A neighboring territory plagued by diseases and criminals, and one with a long history of scaring the tourists away from the Bonclay territory. The resentment he had accumulated was immeasurable.



And after finishing writing the letter, Jaikov dragged an unconscious servant from under the rubble, and kicked him in the face in order to force him to wake up.



“Guuh! ? Ja-Jaikov-sama, what……! ”


“Don’t be sleeping, that why the commoners are scum! ……Send this letter to the Baibalon territory in haste! If you say it’s impossible, I’ll kill you right now! ”


Saying that, Jaikov kicked the wounded servant out into the hallway.

Watching the servant walking off erratically, he snorted unpleasantly.


“To be dying with only this much…… this is way the commoners are inferior to us! They are simply defective creatures that can’t even protect themselves from something like this! Ahh, we nobility are truly the chosen ones in the eyes of God after all……! ”


Jaikov spoke to himself calmly, with much too selfishness.

The power of nobility and the royal family are absolute. Any other existence only have themselves to blame.()

Those were his thoughts―― Or rather, the thoughts prevalent across the many nobles.


“Kukuku, KUKUKUKU……! However, even between we nobles, there are some of us who have superior in terms of magic.

I’m sure there was a rumor about him…… I think it was something like 『The successor of the Baibalon territory is a failure who can’t use offensive magic』……! ”


Thinking about a Rize who he has yet to see, Jaikov’s mouth was distorted with ridicule.


It was a fatal flaw to have to handle a territory filled with ruffians without being able to use attack magic. He was certain that the people in the territory were rebelling every day.

So, when he thought about it from that perspective, Jaikov was amusingly pleased.


“Kuhahahahaha……! A lowly noble born in a terrible land. I’ll have to do him a favor and put an end to his miserable life――! ”


The loud laugh of Jaikov echoed throughout the half-broken mansion, heard by the many moaning servants.


He looked forward the moment his hatred would be unleashed. Waiting for the moment when his 『Duel Letter』would arrive at the man named Rize Baibalon――!




◆ ◇ ◆




“……The heck is this!?”



A certain day, a letter arrived, sent from the Lord of Bonclay.

It was delivered by a dying man, whom started to cry and thanked me after I healed his wounds before taking the letter. I let him have some meat, hoping he could ger better.


Well, that’s another story―― The problem is, the content of the letter.


“The heck is this…… WHAT THE HECK IS THIS! ”


In the letter, a mountain of bad things was written about me! Moreover, 『The scoundrel who weakened my Bonclay territory! 』 was written, what’s with that? I don’t remember doing anything of the likes!


HAAAAAAAA! ? WHEN DID I WEAKEN HIS TERRITORY! ? Rather, I made everyone in his land happy by selling cheap copies of high-quality goods!


I’m sure he’s just incompetent, to be blaming me for the decline of this territory! Seriously!? Blaming his benefactor!

Isn’t he just really out of his mind to treat I, Rize-kun, the supreme pacifist, as a villain! ?


Moreover, this was also written at the end of the letter.



『Villain Rize! In the name of Goddess Sofia, I challenge you to a duel! And after I’m done killing you, I will then destroy the wicked Baibalon territory! 』――()



……The moment I saw this sentence, I received the biggest blow ever! ! !


“――Don’t fuck with me! He wants to destroy the land that I’ve worked too hard to raise! ? ”


The man who wrote this letter, Jaikov, has no idea how much I’ve suffered, that’s why he can write such thing!


I had to suck up to the ruffians, an evil cult, and the swarms of Beastmen in order to assure my own survival; I have to, day by day, take apart a lot of cows and pigs and use heal on them to mass produce meat and improve the food issue; and, I EVEN WENT TO YOUR PLACE AND MADE PEOPLE HAPPY USING THE COPIED GOODS! ! !





As I threw the letter at my feet, I called out the maid, Bell.

Perhaps because she heard this unusual anger in my voice, she appeared immediately, wearing a tense expression.


“D-Did you call for me, Master!? ”


“……Ahh, sorry, Bell. It’s an emergency.”



――I, Rize Baibalon, am a pacifist.

I’m an honest man born in a land where greedy men gather, but I’ve never forgotten to be humble. I’m so great, the royal family might adopt me as a son-in-law.


However, I can’t let it slip this time!

Will I, the great Rize-sama, the person who one day will lead this country to eternal peace, let myself be killed by some crazy old man?! ! !


Staring sharply at Bell, I gave her an order in a solemn voice.


“Lord Bonclay has declared war on my territory! Tell the people, 『War』 is about to begin! ”


“Ye――YES! I’ll inform them right away! ”


Yeah, good!



After seeing off Bell as she dashed out the mansion, I exhaled deeply, trying to calm myself down.






……Eh, wait? Come to think of it, the letter said 『I challenge you to a duel. And when you die, I’ll destroy your territory』, didn’t it?

That’s a little different from a declaration of war on my territory………… Well, it doesn’t matter! I might have scaled it up a little, but wars and duels are fundamentally the same, right!? It doesn’t change the fact that you win once you kill your opponent!


Alright! Tomorrow, we’ll all charge at Jaikov-kun’s house! HA HA HA HA HA! Peaceー!




【Bad News】The pacifist Rize-sama, inadvertently changed a 『Duel』 into 『War』.




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