Teihen Ryoushu – 008

Episode 8: Let’s not curry favor with Jaikov-kun



“――Hoo, a lot of copies that aren’t different from the original are moving inside my territory! ? What’s with that!? What’s the meaning of this? ! ! ”



Bang! A large man in the prime of his life beat on the desk angrily while yelling at the guard captain.


He is the Lord of the Bonclay territory, 『Jaikov Bonclay』.

Hearing the incredible information brought so suddenly, Jaikov’s face was dyed in red.


“How can there be a copy no different from the real thing!? Isn’t just someone stealing from the stock and selling it off! ? ”


“No, no, we haven’t found traces of such acts! But thanks to this, the management of a number of famous stores has declined and some of them have even gone out of business……! ”


“Fucking shiiiiit! Why didn’t you notice it faster, damn! ! ! ”


Jaikov’s fist flew straight to the face of the guard captain who was just reporting while trembling!


The captain was then blown off to the wall while his nose bled.

――But in fact, it wasn’t his fault at all. With the copies in the market being of the same quality of the original ones, and with no traces found of theft, it’s no wonder he didn’t notice it until the situation got to this point.


Furthermore, those who purchased the copied products of the highest quality had no gain in reporting that such quality products were available at a low price.

Rather, some of the buyers even began to resell the copies, leading to the hellish situation where the original products couldn’t be sold at all. Reaching such situation is when the problem finally came to light.




“But there are so many people reselling them, it will take time to identify the source……! ”


“Do you want my Bonclay territory to be destroyed!? JUST GO AND DO IIIITTTTT! ! ! ”


Jaikov kicked out the guard captain, who was profusely bleeding from the nose, into the hallway with great anger.



“Ggguhhhh……! And even though I’m struggling to get tourists to drop foreign currency into my land because of that garbage of 『Baibalon』 territory that’s right next to me……! ”



Jaikov banged on the desk one more time while grinding his teeth.



――Still, he didn’t notice.

That this abnormal situation was caused by that so-called trash Lord, 『Rize Baibalon』.

And that he had in mind “That’s right! If it’s cheaper, a lot of people will become happy! “, and never had not even a drop of malice while doing such a devilish plan……!



And thus, a few days later, the largest and long-standing company that paid the most taxes to Bonclay finally ended up placing the “out of business” sign.



◆ ◇ ◆





“――Master! Is there anything you need help with! ? We will do anything for you, Master! ”


“Please, rely on us for anything you need! ”


HA HA HA HA HA! Oh Rize-kun, you sure have become a popular one!


After launching the operation 『Let everyone be happy with cheap copies of quality goods』, the former slave maids bought off from the Bonclay territory have come to love me even more.

Well, I really showed them my gentleness and competence, so there’s no helping it!


Haaa…… But compared to this, it seems the economy in the Bonclay territory is on the decline lately.

Even though I’m going over there to sell all my stock, and I’m making a lot of money…… What the heck is happening there!? The Bonclay Lord needs to seriously get to work! He should try to do as I do and work hard while making the people happily smile!



Then, as I burned with righteous indignation at that trashy Lord. One of the maids bowed to me once again.



“Uhmm, like I thought, you did all this just for our sake, right! ? Thank you so much! Thanks to you, we feel so relieved! ”


Eh? Ahh, well, it’s true that I’ve used a lot of the money I earned to pay these girls.

I don’t want to be poisoned by my servants for being stingy with my payments, after all. This Rize-sama is a competent Lord, so I don’t try to make enemies.


“Haa, don’t worry. I’m different from that incompetent Lord of Bonclay.”


“Ufufufu, just like you say! As Alicia-sama taught us, Master is truly the right person fit to be 『King』……! ”


Hey, wait, wait, wait, why is that silver-haired sorry excuse of a sister complimenting me so much!? Seriously, that’s embarrassing!

However, if she keeps telling the people that, it’ll be troublesome if other nobles hear about it and they think I’m plotting treason. Maybe I should stop this thing.


“I’m happy to have such a high evaluation of myself……However, please tell this to Alicia. She needs to be careful that other nobles or royalty do not hear such remarks. Right now it’s an important time…… I wouldn’t want to be suspected of being a 『Rebel』 at this moment.”


“Oh! ’At・This・Moment’, huh……!? I see…… Then, as expected, Master is……! “()()


H-Huh? Well, right now it’s an important moment to promote my territory.

I’d like the King to praise the Baibalon territory as a great land, so I don’t want to attract any bad publicity.

Please, I leave this to you, my maid-chan girls!


“You too, please be careful with your actions. You need to make me look like a loyal subject.”


” ” “Yes! We’ll even use our lives for you! ” ” ”


No, no, why would I want your lives! ?


……Looks like they seriously love me, it seems like I grew to become a super-good genuine Lord! HA HA HA HA HA! Peace oh peace!






※ After this, the economic invasion made its last steps.



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