Teihen Ryoushu – 007

Episode 7:Let’s break the intellectual property rights!




――One month after taking in the sick and wounded slaves. The number of slaves has now increased from just a few people to already about a hundred.


Wait, SEEEEEEROUSLY! ! ? I’ve been getting carried away! ! !


When I healed their wounds, they all happily cried and the people of the territory always said “Rize-sama is so kind! ” from the bottom of their heart, so as a result, I went ahead and kept collecting slaves without thinking about it!


……Well, it doesn’t really matter. Now that food and wood are readily available, the Baibalon territory is developing at a frightening pace. So, the need for more manpower has also increased.


But, thanks to that, my wallet is now empty. Ahh-ha, all because I wanted to look like a super talented Lord.

Coming to this point, I think I should just raise the taxes and wind up the money from the people…… yeaaah no, that’s scary, let’s not do that.

Everyone has been working seriously these days, but at the end of the day, they are the evil people from the Baibalon territory. They will come to kill me the moment they know I raised the taxes.


――That means, the taxes are to remain the same, 『If you can afford it, just pay 10% of your profits or food you harvest』! I don’t know how other territories manage it, but this has been a precious rule since grandpa’s times, so I’ll just keep it as it is!



Then, it was as I was thinking hard on an answer. The maid, a former slave, shyly called out to me.



“Excuse me, Master. I’ve cut some apples and brought them…… Am I being a bother? ”


“No, it’s okay. ……I’m just thinking a little about funding.”


“I-Is that so! ? I’m very sorry Master! I’ve intruded while you were in the middle of your noble thoughts, Master……! ”


“Haa, don’t worry. I was just thinking I’d like to refresh myself with something sweet.”


And so, I already got my answer. As a result of using my head to the limits, I concluded that maintaining the status quo was also something noble-like!

If you try to change the rules, people may get tired of it and rebel, but if you don’t do anything, you’ll have zero risks. I’m really a genius.



……Ahh, but you know, I really want money after all. What should I do?



It happened while I was taking an apple to my mouth with those thoughts in my mind.

It suddenly occurred to me.


“……Come to think of it, this was something I bought when I went to the neighboring 『Bonclay』 territory. I’m pretty sure they are a thriving province thanks to their apple production.”


“Y-Yeah…… Their apples are famous all across the country……”


When the name Bonclay was said, the face of the maid became slightly clouded. Speaking of which, this girl was also sold in the Bonclay territory. Did I make a slip?


Well, anyways, I came up with a great idea!


My recovery magic can now grow trees from seeds in an instant. And even if I have just one leaf, it’s possible to mass-produce plants of the same exact quality without problem――!


Aaaaaaaaaaaalrighty, it’s decided then! I’ll copy the finest apples from the Bonclay territory, and I’ll sell them secretly over there at a cheap price!

There’s no way I won’t be able to make a profit! You’re a genius, Rize-kun! ! !



When I talked to the maid about this strategy, the gloomy look on her face cleared immediately and while wearing an extremely hyped expression she said “Let’s do it! By all means, let’s do it! ! ! “, at the same time as she held my hands excitedly.



◆ ◇ ◆




“――The heck? These are delicious! I’ll buy five! ”


“I’ll take ten! ! ! ”



HAHAHAHAHA! The strategy I came up with was a huge success!

In any case, since I can make hundreds of copies, I had the people who approached taste a sample, and everyone said “It’s delicious! “, and bought a lot of them!


Ahh, the customers look really happy. Well, that’s a given, after all, they got the best Bonclay apples at a normal price!

This way I can buy more sick and wounded slaves with the money I earn, and have them be grateful to me after healing them!


Fufufufu, making money sure is fun! I’m happy to be able to make money! The customers are happy! And so were the slaves I bought, in the end everyone was smiling and happy!


Ahh, that’s right! Next time I’ll copy Bonclay’s finest tea leaves and fur products!

If I use my magic, I can produce all the materials needed without cost, and the beastmen people are quite adept at processing plants and skins!

If I leave it to them, I’m sure they’ll do something that’s exactly the same as the original! And if I sell it to them cheaply, the Bonclay customers will be even more pleased!



Hehe, oh, Lord of the Bonclay territory! You should be thankful towards me, the great Rize-sama, and my great and compassionate heart! HA HA HA HA HA! Ahh, I love peace!





※ Many famous shops in the Bonclay territory were forced to go out of business.



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