Teihen Ryoushu – 009

Episode 9: Let’s Praise Rize-sama!



――The middle of the night of that same day. Three women were gathered inside a bar in the Baibalon territory.


The first one was the leader of the 『Demiurge』 religion, Alicia.

The second one was the princess of the Beastmen people and the current boss of the rowdy men in the city, the blonde beauty Irina.


And the last one was a black-haired girl serving as the chief maid in the Lord’s mansion, Bell. That’s right, two of the city’s big shots were gathered here.


With a bit of tension, Bell told the two of them what had happened that day.


“Master said this. 『…I wouldn’t want to be suspected of being a rebel at this moment. Make me look like a loyal subject』.”


“Hoo……! ”


“I see……! ”


In response to Bell’s words, the atmosphere surrounding Alicia and Irina changed.


“Ufufu, UFUFUFUFU! I see, I see, so it was that after all! Just as we thought, Irina-san! ”


“Indeed, Alicia-dono! As expected, Rize-dono is trying to tell us: ・I・will・re・bel・a・ga・inst・the・ki・ng! ”


These girls were expecting that much. Rize, the great benefactor who had protected them, was trying to revolt against the country――!


“Well, that was the answer in the first place. Breaking the taboo of ‘Do not use magic for the sake of ordinary people’, was his way of saying he’d rebel head-on against the decadent aristocracy! Ahh, Rize-sama, I knew you were trying to change this rotten country! ! ! ”


“Umu! That’s why he relentlessly crushed the neighboring territory, because he harbors feelings of hatred towards nobility!

Ohh, seriously…… that got me really excited. Gathering hundreds of slaves to improve his own troops with the money made while economically destroying the neighboring territory who’s sure to become the first enemy……! ”


“Yes, indeed! Rize-sama is cool and gentle, but when he has to do it, he’s merciless about it! ”


Alicia and Irina’s talk gradually heated up.

They were really happy that thoughts of rebelling had come from Rize’s own mouth, even if they had already predicted such outcome.


They were woman whose faith had been denied as evil, whose country had been smashed to pieces. The grudge they had against the nobility and the royal family had piled up, becoming immeasurable.


The chief maid Bell also broke as the two talked in high spirits about their admiration for Rize and the corruption of this country.


“Master is a very good person. I always thought that all nobles were fiends, but master treat us lowly slaves very well, and even pays us a lot of salary, you know?

Even though there’s a law that says that slaves are 『Objects』 rather than human beings, and therefore you don’t have to pay them a wage……! ”


“Ufufufu, well, Rize-sama is that kind of person! ”


“Yeah…… he even treats all of us of the Beastmen tribe equally. Wouldn’t it be great if he could become King……!? ”



The three women swore in their heart quietly while having a faint smile.

Na matter what they had to do, they would make their benefactor, Rize, a King……!




――At that moment.


“Achoo! ……Ohh, it looks like it’ll be a bit cold tonight, huh? ”


The impression the three girls had in Rize was completely wrong――!


The only thing cool about him was his face, but he was just a natural airhead. Even that strategy of his to create copies and thus, destroy the economy of the neighboring territory was simply him trying to act in good faith with the idea “I can make money and please the people in the neighboring territory at the same time”.

This man’s thought process was way too shallow to even predict the stores selling the original products would collapse sooner or later, and consequently that would end up weakening the territory.


The only reason he was kind to his slaves and paid them a salary was for two reason, for self-preservation, and because he knew little to nothing about the laws――!


“Alright, I need to go to bed sooner in a night like this. The competent lord Rize-sama needs to be in great shape! ”


The (self-proclaimed) competent lord then snuck into the bed.


However, he didn’t know. That because he kept on gathering only those who had a grudge against the country without giving it a second thought, his words of 『I don’t want to be suspected of being a rebel』 were taken in a completely different meaning.

And while this happened, the three women were one-sidedly pushing for a rebellious plan of their own――!



“Munya munya……fueehehe, oh King…… I turned the Baibalon fief into a splendid territory…… please give me lots of praise…… and lots of money……! ”



Without realizing it was becoming too late for him to do anything about it, Rize simply fell asleep, deep into a happy dream……!




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Something about being happy to have received positive reviews from 3 authors. And looking forward to the readers’ comments.

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