Teihen Ryoushu – 006

Episode 6Let’s curry favor with the slaves



――After the successful mass-production of livestock, the atmosphere in the Baibalon territory has made a complete turn.

After all, to be strong you need to eat meat. Everyone was working energetically, rapidly developing the territory.


Me too, from that time I got the feeling I could somehow now 『Manipulate life』. When I tried pouring my magic into the crops to test it, it turned into a success when I saw the crops rapidly growing. Once I get used to it, I might be able to grow older or take off years from living creatures!

In addition, the grass, which was the livestock’s food was also mass-produced, and now the Baibalon territory has turned from a barren land to a green landscape.


Furthermore, the scenery of the city has changed drastically.

The decaying buildings were rebuilt one after the other, fountains were set up in various places, and a splendid cobblestone pavement was laid over the exposed ground.

By walking around the city for a bit, you could hear the busy voices of the businessmen and the energetic children playing around.


“Hey guys, how are you doing? ”


“Ohh, isn’t it Rize-sama?! Thanks to you, we are thriving! ”


“Ah, Lord-sama, good day! ”


Ahh, the gloomy atmosphere from before I became a Lord seems like a lie now. Everyone I called out to answered me with a smile.


――Fufufu, I’ve really done great so far! I think the royal family should praise me, after all I made the Baibalon territory, notorious for its problems, into a very peaceful place!


Well, the beast people gathered under Irina have finally exceeded a thousand, but peace is peace after all! Moreover, even with the thugs turned into muscle freaks thanks to the healing magic, doing armed training for some reason, this place is completely at peace!


After I created life, the silver-haired sister, Alicia further sped the conversion into 『Demiurgethism』 of all people into believers with the argument that “Rize is the true royalty! Other nobles are just philistines! Fuck them, let’s build our holy land with their flesh and blood as foundation! “, I don’t really approve of that hateful speech, but if this place remains peaceful, I can look the other way!


After all, Baibalon is famous as a meeting place for crazy people.

And even if other nobles find out about this situation, they’ll just say 『Ahh, the commoners have started to go mad! As expected of the Baibalon territory! 』, and just forget about it. Probably.


That’s right. When it comes down to it, this great me is the only one with common sense and a super capable Lord who can hold the reigns of these people! HA HA HA HA HA!


Weーーーーll, recently the tax revenues are getting better, so I guess I’ll try to act a bit more noble-ish!


I’ll buy a lot of slaves from the slave dealer in the neighboring territory! ! !




◆ ◇ ◆




“Uuuuu…… Why did this happen? ……! ”


Inside the swaying wagon, the slave girls were trembling.


“We’ve been sold off to THAT 『Baibalon』 territory……! ”


“Noooo…… It’s already over……! ”


The inferiority of Baibalon was well known to the people across the whole nation.

The land was poor, it was filled with monsters, and in this place only crazy people gathered.



In short, this was a hellish territory. And this was the girls’ perception of Baibalon.



“Ahaha, ahahaha……! I wonder why are we so hated by 『Goddess Sofia』-sama? Not only this, but also to have this body……”


At the words leaked by the girl without arms, everyone else cried and wept.


That’s right―― These girls were the cheapest among all slaves, 『Sick and wounded slaves』 which have had their prices dropped.

Everyone was either missing some body part, or suffering from a deadly disease.


These girls, who were sold off by their families, fell into slavery, and ultimately had been bought collectively by the Lord of the worst territory.


“……All nobles are just good-for-nothings. And if we’re talking about the Lord of Baibalon, I’m sure he’s some crazy psycho who finds enjoyment in playing with the lives of others! At any rate, we all are sure to be tormented and killed……! “()


“I want to die…… Someone please kill me……! ”


With the eyes like those of a dead fish, the girls continued to cry.

Ahh, with things like they are, it’d be better if we all just bit our tongues and died. Then, we’ll at least be able to finally spit on the evil nobility.

Everyone began to truly harbor those sentiments―― But it was then.


“Hey, ladies. We can see our territory already.”


The moment the wagon climbed the hill leading to the Baibalon territory, the strong, scary-looking man who had been leading the wagon called out to the girls.()

The girls looked ahead with their dead eyes, as if the end had finally come.


Immediately after――






Further ahead was a rich land full of greenery――!


Calves and piglets ran around the fields happily, there were many crop fields filled with splendid produce, and many farmers smiled as they harvested them.


The slave girls were stunned at that sight.


Ohh…… Is this really the Baibalon territory?

This place looked like taken out from a picture book, a world filled with the radiance of life. Could it be that what they were seeing was some sort of hallucination?

The sight spreading before their eyes was something that was unthinkable for them.



However, this was only the beginning.

As the wagon entered the city, they were even more surprised.



“――Ohh, welcome, young ladies! This is the Baibalon territory! ”


“Are you the ones the Lord-sama said will be coming!? It must’ve been hard for you with that bodies……! I knew it! 『Goddess Sofia』 is trash! ”


“If you’ll be protected by that person, then everything will be okay! After all, he will be the 『Savior』 of this world! ! ! ”


Commoners came and greeted them with words the girls didn’t really comprehended. Being treated like this, the girls panicked.

Why are they giving us, the slaves in the worst position in the world, this good of a welcome!?―― They thought.


“Ehh, uhmm, what is this! ? ”


“Are we being mistaken for the daughters of someone……! ? ”


The girls felt a little frightened by the group of people calling out to them with smiles in their faces.


Just what in the world was happening? What will happen to us……!?


Unable to cope up with the newly developing situation, the girls were about to burst into tears―― But it was then.



“――People, calm down. Can’t you see the girls feel troubled?”



The moment that dignified voice resounded, the people who were making a ruckus hastily corrected their posture all at once.


” ” “Yes! We’re very sorry, Rize-sama! ! ! ” ” ”


In unison, the voices of the people became polite. Almost as if they were subjects speaking to their king.()


Thus―― With an air of composure, showered with eyes of respect and faith, he appeared.


“I am Rize Baibalon, the Lord of this territory. ……You’ve endured well so far.”


“……! ? ”



――Receiving such caring words, the slave girls felt further embarrassed.



They all thought nobles were good-for-nothings that hated commoners. And particularly, they thought the Lord of Baibalon would be the worst of their kind.

However, who was this young Lord who had appeared in front of them?


It was unbelievable for the girls the fact that he would speak to them with such a warm voice while receiving the tremendous respect from the people……!


“Ah, uh-uhmm……! ”


The girls desperately tried to answer to his words while at the same time being shaken by this reality they couldn’t understand.

However, the young Lord shook his head lightly, saying in a flat but gentle voice.


“You don’t have to be so nervous. ――rather, let’s heal your bodies first.”


“Eh? ”


At that moment―― a miracle occurred in the girls’ bodies.

With the overflowing dazzling light, their missing limbs, their dysfunctional eyes, and their diseased organs, they were all restored.


And as the light slowly faded away, the girls were simply stunned―― but eventually, they raised their voices in amazement.


“Ehh, EEHHHHHHH! ? My hand is…? The hand I lost in an accident is…! ? ”


“My leg! My leg grew back! ! ! ”


“No way, the pain is gone! ? And I’m not coughing blood anymore! ? ”


The girls raised their surprised voices. Inside the cramped wagon, the girls moved their recovered bodies―― eventually breaking out in cries of joy.


“Lo-Lord-sama…… did you use magic for our sake……! ? ”


“Thank you…… Thank you very much, Lord-sama……! ”


The hearts of the girls were filled with indescribable feelings.


According to the teaching of the national religion, 『Sofiathism』, nobles should never use magic for the common folk, let alone for dirty slaves.

However, the young Lord in front of them had used his power without hesitation.


And what’s more―― The girls had never even heard of recovery magic being able to restore lost limbs.

Even the country’s best recovery magician was rumored to be able to connect broken limbs at the most. Compared to that, this could only be called the work of a miracle.


The great Lord gently nodded to the girls who kept shedding tears.


“From now on, I’ll have you work as maids in my house. ……But before that, I think you might need some rehabilitation first.

Alicia, can I leave the girls in the care of the church for now? ”


“Please, leave this to me, Rize-sama. Well then everyone, please call me ‘Onee-chan’ from now on! ”


In response to his words, the beautiful sister smiled.

The other residents also said, “This is great, young ladies! “, “From now on, everyone in the Baibalon territory is your ally! “, welcoming them with warm voices. Among them was also the figure of a beast person, who they were sure were currently being oppressed.


“Thank you…… Thank you very much……! ”


So, while beholding this scene, the girls thought to themselves.


It wasn’t an incompetent deity such as 『Goddess Sofia』 the one who had saved them from their hellish days. But it was by the hands if this gentle Lord named Rize Baibalon.

Therefore, they would use their lives for him. They would do anything to protect this beautiful land!


And with such an oath in their hearts, the slave girls then followed after the sister.







――However, the girls didn’t know.


“Then, Alicia, I leave the rest to you.”


“Yes, Rize-sama! I’ll properly help them to the best of my abilities……! ”


That this man, Rize Baibalon had bought them with the shallow thought of, “That’s right! I can just buy some sick and wounded slaves since they are cheaper, and I can cure them! “, simply to save some money.


And now, being led by the crazy woman named Alicia, they would be initiated into the wicked religion of 『Demiurgethism』, and a future where their head would be filled with extremist thoughts awaited them……!




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  1. … If anyone actually gets mad at his actions and tries to attack, I guess he’ll either get more land or become a higher noble or even the new king.

    Because he sure as hell isn’t losing with a fanatic, powerful and near-immortal army (we’ve yet to see him revive dead people , but it might happen)

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  2. it’s like reading a short version of a very long novel. straight to the point. no drama and dragging. it’s a nice change. but man… he sure is young not knowing about people

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  3. “Fuck them, let’s build our holy land with their flesh and blood as foundation! “. I feel like this is how the crusades started.


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