Teihen Ryoushu – 005

Episode 5 Let’s break a God’s Taboo!




――One month since I gave the beastmen people some meat and land. The number of beastmen somehow increased from around a dozen to several hundreds.

How the heck did that happen! ? Rather, hasn’t something similar happened before! ?


When I asked the blonde, dog-eared Irina about it, she said “We’ve been searching for the fugitive slaves scattered all over the country”.


Hmmm, I don’t like this development too much since I’m afraid riots might break out if their numbers increase too much…… but well, whatever. Everyone said to Irina stuff like 『I never thought I would see you again! 』 and 『Long live the princess! 』, while shedding tears. They all also thanked me for the help I offered to Irina.


……Also, should I say as expected of Baibalon, the worst territory in the country? It seems there’s no need to worry about the food situation for the beastmen people, since monsters are naturally generated from somewhere continuously.

Those guys were extremely happy, since that was considered a feast for them, but it’s an unbearable taste for a normal person. Truly a disappointing land, this Baibalon……!



Haaa. If only pigs and cows had that same ability to regenerate as monsters do, we would have plenty of meat to eat.



At the time I was thinking that―― I got a flash of inspiration!


“Ahh, that’s right! ! ! All I have to do is apply my recovery magic to the livestock! ”


Aren’t I like a genius!?


Among nobles and royalty, “Magic is a power bestowed by God. It should never be used to heal the lowly commoners, and especially it must never be used on beings even lower than them. That’s a taboo that would taint the power of magic”―― was often told, but right now I would be an idiot if I cared about that!

Baibalon is the territory I was born in, the worst one in the whole country! Yet, because the livestock dies quickly from some unknown disease, I’ve never eaten meat at all!


“Alright, let’s go talk to the people at the ranch! ”


Ahh, I would have broken this taboo sooner is I had thought of it earlier. Nicely done, me, figuring out common sense is just there to spoil the enjoyment of life.()




◆ ◇ ◆








Yeaーーーーーーーーh, what an outrageous thing.

While being cheered on by a large group of people, I remembered the things I did a few hours ago.()


In short, my plan was successful.

When I used recovery magic on a dying cow that had barely any meat left, it immediately returned to a healthy, meaty state.

I was overjoyed, obviously. The old man from the ranch who was the owner of the cow was also patting his chest in relieve.


Yeah. Everything was alright up to that point―― but from there, a big problem occurred.

It happened when I decided to regenerate a mountain of cut off meat! There, a calf with the same spot patterns as the original cow was born!


I was really surprised to see this. But the old man from the ranch stepped back, and while his legs trembled, he prostrated before me, saying I was an “Apostle of God”.


And in a few hours, this fact became well-known to other people and developed to the current situation.


……Well, I’ve never had any book about this, and I’ve never even attended a noble’s party, so I was ignorant about this fact.

That recovery magic, as long as there are the materials, can even create life! With this, wouldn’t I be able to eat fresh meat now!?




” ” “Mooooo! Moo~! ” ” ”


Hahahaha, how cute, these calves.


While surrounded by people with sparkly eyes and the 100 calves that had been mass-produced for the time being, I indulged myself in thoughts about the good food I’ll enjoy from tomorrow onwards.




ご評価にご感想お待ちしてます! Thanks for the comments, and that guy has (no) common sense (at all)



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6 thoughts on “Teihen Ryoushu – 005

  1. I found this story just now. And I have to say, this is looking more and more like a misunderstood prophet story. Baibalon does sounds suspiciously similar to Babylon.

    Really loving this story. More batch translation please!


  2. So healing magic can basically create life? Is this standard for all healing mages in this universe or is it unique to Rize? I’m starting to wonder if he’s actually the avatar or chosen one of Demiurge, given how these events played out.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. despues de leer al caballero oscuro Kuroki…. necesitaba algo para calmar el NTR ….
    after reading the dark knight …. I needed something to calm the NTR ….



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