Teihen Ryoushu – 004

Episode 4Let’s curry favor with the immigrants!



It’s been a week since I joined the 『Demiurgethism』 religion. Since then, the 100 believer I found out they had increased to 3,000 people now.

Just how did that happen……?! What kind of advanced solicitation stratagems are they using!?


When I asked the silver-haired sister, Alicia, she said that in addition to “The nobles should use their magic for the sake of the common folk”, she only added that “Therefore, Rize-sama who follows that doctrine is a true noble! All nobles and royalty besides him are just inferior trash! “, And just like that, the number of believers thunderously exploded in response. What a girl.



……Well, originally the Demiurge doctrine was attractive to the common people after all. And in addition to that, who wouldn’t be happy to be talked of in that manner, earning the favor of the others?



Yeah, however, if the other nobles find out that there’s such a cult in my territory, it will definitely turn into a problem…… Well, it’s fine.

This is the Baibalon territory after all, it is famous as the final point of escape for the sick, criminals and deserters! Even if there’s one or two evil religions, I’m sure they will just say something like 『Ahh, an evil religion! As one would expect from the Baibalon territory! 』, and just forget about it.

Furthermore, I’ve heard that in my territory no tourist ever comes, let alone nobility. Apparently, this place is treated as the worst place in the world. I’ll seriously cry.



――While lost in those thoughts as I walked around inspecting the territory, a woman with 『Dog Ears』 ran up to me.



“Hey, Rize-dono! Working hard today too!? ”


Her golden hair fluttered in the wind as that beautiful dog-eared girl spoke to me with a cheerful smile.()

She was Irina, the leader of the 『Beastmen Tribe』 whom had taken over the edge of the forest outside the Baibalon territory.


If I remember correctly, it started a few years ago. This country of mine attacked and destroyed the Beastmen’s country, enslaving her and other members of her race.

Since then, the Beastmen tribe has been forced to work in severe conditions in various places, but one day Irina and a dozen of her friends, unable to continue enduring such environment fled to this place from somewhere.


Having such a past, in the beginning they were quite wary of me―― but after treating their comrades’ injuries and giving them lots of meats, they now happily shake their tails at me. Umu, how easy.


“You look great today, Irina. How are your friends doing? ”


“Thanks! As a result of your treatment, Rize-dono, everyone is in great shape! Besides you gave us a lot of food, you’re truly a great person! ”


Hahaha, praise me more!

……I was troubled about how to deal with the corpses of the vermin hunted down by the group of thugs.


If they were something like wild boars, we could eat them, but the vermin inhabiting the Baibalon territory are those who had surpassed the classification of animals and are now categorized as 『Monsters』.()


Slimes are caustic and can’t be eaten, goblin meat had a strong stench, and skeletons are nothing but bones in the first place.

However, the cost of burning hundreds of them would be quite high in oil consumption, since they are mysterious creatures that regenerate if they aren’t completely burned.


Incidentally, while I was wondering what to do, I remembered the existence of the 『Beastmen Tribe』.

It seems like, be it monster or animal, they can eat them without problem. Therefore, they are knowledgeable in the ways to cook monster meat and were extremely happy to receive a pile of dead bodies.

Well, since the meat of monsters comes back to life, it’s hard for it to rot away. I couldn’t fathom the thought of it coming back to life in my stomach, but it seems they can eat it no problem.


“Well then, I got to see your face Rize-dono, so I should better go back before the sun goes down. Otherwise that old man will get noisy if I’m late.”()


“Ahh, you mean that old man who calls you 『Hime-sama/Princess』? I think there were several tribes aside the royal family, but are you the daughter of some important chieftain, Irina? ”


“Hmm, mmm……Yeah, something like that! Or rather, do you want to hire one of them as your servants!? ”


I wish! I wouldn’t be able to even pay them their salary! And I’m alone anyways, so I can just take care of myself, idiot!


――Keeping such regrets in my chest, I saw of the blonde dog-eared beauty who left in high spirits.




◆ ◇ ◆



――For Irina, Rize was nothing short of their 『Savior』.


He not only healed her companions who were injured during their escape.

Since they had difficult hunting due to those injuries, he also gave them plenty of what could be considered high-class food in the Beastmen country, and officially authorized them to live in the forest.


The beast people cried tears of joy at the taste of the food they had last eaten a long time ago. Irina also cried as she was reminiscent of the olden days from the taste of this food.



That night, after finally sleeping in 『A land of their own』 for the first time in years, they were exceptionally well rested.



Irina and the other had lived a rat’s life as they fled from place to place while keeping a low profile.

But they now felt the dignity that was damaged so much in those days slowly healing itself.


That’s why Irina had steeled herself.

This enormous favor she had received from Rize. She had to pay it back.


“――My brethren. No matter what the future has in store for us, will you follow me? ”


『Yeaaaah――――! ! ! 』


Responding to Irina’s dignified voice, all the Beastmen kneeled down and bowed their head to her at the same time.()



“We will kill anyone who tries to harm our benefactor, Rize, even if we have to risk our lives. Even if that person is the king of this country――! ”



That was their decision―― The decision made by 『Princess Irina』, the last living member of the Beastmen Royal Family.





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