Teihen Ryoushu – 003

Episode 3 Let’s curry favor with the religion.



It’s been two months since I started to curry favor with the common people. The 『Baibalon』 has been developing rapidly.

First of all, with the help of the thugs whom I healed, we built a waterway so that water could flow to all the farming fields.


This is a harsh work that usually takes months, but this is where my recovery magic comes in.

Not only it can cure their wounds, but it also can blow away their fatigue, so we were able to complete the work in just a few days.


By the way, I noticed that if you use magic to blow away the fatigue, you’ll feel energized, and the muscles will grow bigger thanks to the super recovery. That’s one of the reasons the thugs have been working hard.

In the end, the super recovery was repeated way too much and the group of thugs turned into a group of muscle monsters, however they said 『Thank you, Rize-sama! Like this, even if we’re attacked by wild beasts, we won’t lose! 』, so I can assume there’s no problem since they were delighted.


Then, after I entrusted the extermination of the harmful animals that ravaged the fields to these super-evolved thugs, they really exterminated them in the territory. These guys are quite scary, but they are also really serious.



Well, in any case, with this the problems related to farming have been solved. The farmers were also quite motivated and worked really hard, so I’m looking forward to the harvest time.

Thus, the next problem was……



“――Excuse me, my Lord. Are you listening? Like I was saying, the 『Goddess Sofia』 who is revered in this country is a fake god, and in fact, 『Demiurge』-sama is the God who created this world――! ”


“Yeah, I was listening.”


Stopping my train of thought, I turned toward the silver-haired girl dressed in sister clothes, who had been enthusiastically speaking since a while ago.


This girl, who’s also quite young, seems to be serving as the leader of the religion called 『Demiurgethism』.

It seems like they have a moderate number of followers―― unfortunately, this country doesn’t recognize any religion other than 『Sofiathism』.

Therefore, most of these believes were branded as heretics and executed, but some ran away to this ruined territory.

Yeah, she’s quite cute, she’s also quite pitiful. A perfect fit for the 『Baibalon』 territory.


And at that point, her talk reached the climax.


“『Sofiathism』 is distorted! ’Magic is the power bestowed by God. Therefore, it’s outrageous to use it for the vulgar commoners’, those teaching they’re spreading are wrong!

Without a doubt, this is a fake religion, conveniently created by the ancient nobles and royalty to make them look special, as the 『Chosen ones in the eyes of God』. ”


“I see, I see.”


“Compared to that, 『Demiurgethism』 is different! Although the concept of magic being bestowed by God is the same, we recognize it as a ‘power given to nobility to save and guide the common folk’! ”


“I see.”


Ohh…… yeah. No wonder they’ll be branded as evil and persecuted. Not only it opposes 『Sofiathism』 head-on, its teachings bring no benefit to the nobles.

Everyone wants to have it easy. And you get tired if you use magic.


Or rather, this girl rushed to my mansion since the morning, and has been brightly speaking non-stop since then, I wonder what she wants?


“――With that being said, Rize-sama! You, who use the power of magic for the sake of the common folk, are the ideal figure of the perfect noble!

By all means, please join the 『Demiurgethism』! ! ! ”


Ah, Ahhh…… So that’s it. I wonder if my appearance as I was sucking up to the common people by using magic was this girl’s ideal image. That’s why she came with this invitation.


What to do? I really really want to turn her down…… however, this cute, silver-haired sister, she has hundreds and hundreds of followers.

I’m afraid doing so will cause riots and stuff like that…… Alright, I guess it can’t be helped.


“Yes, sister. After all, I was also impressed by the doctrine of 『Demiurgethism』. Please add me to the lowest seat, by all means.”


“Ohh, OHHH! ? Great decision, Rize-sama! ! ! For a person like you the lowest seat won’t do, I’ll give you a position in the upper echelons as a gift! ”


The silver-haired sister took my hand and laugh in joy while taking little jumps.

Umu, with every jump she takes I can see her well-developed breasts bouncing pleasantly. Although I’ll refrain from pushing for a more intimate relationship, since it seems like even in bed, all she’ll do is talk about the greatness of God.


Well, I’ll be joining a religion I don’t really understand, but at least the other followers will embrace me now.

Nice decision, GO ME!


“Ahh, speaking of which, there was this old building used for meeting on the outskirts of town, right? It might be good to fix it and use it as a church.”


“Ohh, OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH……! ! ! To prepare a church for us, who have been oppressed by the nobles and seen as pests!

Just like the rumors said, you are a kind person! No way, can it be that he’s the 『Savior』 chosen by Demiurge-sama! ? No, there’s no doubt about it! This Alicia here will be happy to serve you for the rest of my life! ”


The silver-haired Alicia bowed deeply while saying something I couldn’t quite catch on.

Good, with this, the solicitation problem is settled! Peaceful and quiet is the best after all! HA HA HA HA HA!




1:Heal the thugs with magic.

2:The farmers are also devoted, and the food production has begun to raise at a rapid pace.

3:Protect a religion that goes straight against the national religion, and give a proper church to their leaders.


Yeah, this will surely lead to peace ( )



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6 thoughts on “Teihen Ryoushu – 003

  1. boi… i’m sorry to say this but the last Demiurge I’ve read about is just another trouble maker. I feel this one’s gonna be like that too


    • It is very strange for a god to be called “demiurge” by his own followers. “Demiurge” is a word from Gnosticism, used to describe the false god.


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