Teihen Ryoushu – 002

Episode 2Let’s curry favor with the farmers!



It’s been a month since I started to curry favor with the common people. The atmosphere in 『Baibalon』 has clearly improved.

The farmers happily shook my hand as I went to inspect the farmland on the outside of the town.


“Rize-sama! Thank you for giving me this shiny new hoe! ”


“That’s something natural for the Lord to do. Please keep working hard in the future.”


It looks like he’s beyond pleased. It was worthwhile to stock up on new iron farming tools using the little savings I had.


For some weird reason, my dead parents only gave the farmers wooden tools.

But because the soil is hard in my territory, it’s impossible to work the fields with such crappy tools. Were they stupid?


When I was having those thoughts, a man who appeared to be the leader of the farmers awkwardly called out to me.


“H-Hey, Rize-samaaa! This stupid son of mine was injured while he was playing with the iron tools……! Well, it’s not really a serious injury……hmm…”


“Ahh, don’t hold back, I’ll fix him up. No matter how small a wound may be, the wounds of my people are also my wounds.”


“T-Thank you very much, Rize-sama! ”


After I responded with something I thought would be suitable, the leader-like man bowed his head exaggeratedly.


Fufufu…… can you keep working like this and improve my food situation? I want to finally eat something delicious!





◆ ◇ ◆



――After the farmers were given the iron farming tools, rather than being pleased, they were puzzled. “What is this young Lord thinking?”, they wondered.


Iron farming tools can easily turn into a rebel’s weapon at any moment.

Therefore, in most territories it was not permitted to own them, unless it was a farmer who was that much trusted by the Lord.

This was especially true for this land who was ruled by a Lord with little talent in attack magic.


However―― Their new master who wasn’t even able to use attack magic and could only use recovery magic appeared in their dirty farmlands without making any unpleasant expression, and left them with enough iron farming tools.


“Such tattered farming equipment won’t do it. Please use these, by all means.”


That’s right, he told them that in a flat voice, yet they could feel the gentleness in it.



Ahh――If that’s the case, then all is good. The farmers were still confused, but it would’ve been better is they just received them and ended that way.



However, right then, an incident happened.


“Damn, damn it! This nobleman bastard! You’ve come to pick on us again?! ”


After that, the man’s son, the son of the leader of the farmers, threw a ball of mud at the Lord――!


The moment the mud dirtied his figure, the air in the place froze up.


And after a few seconds…… the farmers arrived at a conclusion. With things as they are, that child will be killed!

Can they allow such a thing to happen? Therefore, they grabbed the farming tools they just received and were getting ready to attack the young Lord―― However.



“I see……So the farmers around this area fled from a terrible Lord. I’m sorry to have startled you, boy.”


“Wh……Why are you apologizing to me! ? I hit you on the face with a ball of mud……! ”


“What, that just means that you are really energetic, right? As the Lord, I’m quite pleased that’s the case. ――But from now on, why don’t you use that energy to help out your parents? ”


Having said that, he gently patted the head of the confused boy.





The farmers were overwhelmed by that sight―― and then, they all kneeled down simultaneously in front of their new Lord.



“I’m sorry for what my idiot son did! I will work hard for you, my Lord! ! ! ”


“Unbelievable……I can’t believe there are kind nobles like you……! ”


“I swear on the farming tool you gave me! We will do our best to make this land a big farm! ”



Rize Baibalon’s actions were so shocking that some of the farmers were even moved to tears.

Forgiving the dreadful actions of the child, and even give him advice like an older brother…… that was something unbelievable for these farmers, whom had been treated as nothing more than garbage or insects by the nobles.


Ahh, I understand now. He trusted us with all his heart, that’s why he gave us the iron tools!


And thus, the farmers were easily infatuated with Rize―― But at the same time, they thought:


“How nice would it be if the King of this country was someone like him……! “.









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