Teihen Ryoushu – 001

Episode 1 Let’s curry favor with the hoodlums!



――Let’s get this out of the way first. My land, 『Baibalon』 is the worst of places.


The land is barren and with many harmful animals, therefore, crops can’t grow well.

In addition, the people in the territory are only dangerous guys. Criminals who have fled some other land, sick people driven away from their homes, heretics and demihumans.


Not a single day passes without some sort of problem breaking out, so much that my facial muscles are starting to splendidly die in this impoverished environment nobody would believe it belongs to a noble. Being expressionless became my default before I noticed. And also, my parents, while trying to drown their sorrow in alcohol, died of alcohol poisoning the other day. Damn them, just running away.


That’s the reason why, succeeding as the head of the family while in my teens, I, 『Rize Baibalon』 had to rule the people in my territory――But to be honest, that’s impossible.()


My dead parents were never harmed by the people because they could use offensive magic, but I can only use recovery magic. At this rate, I’m sure to be killed by the vicious people in the territory.


With that being the case…… My behavior as a Lord is the only thing I have.



“Alright, I’ll curry favor with the people in my fief! ”



I’ll help them as much as they request it, if there’s a wounded person, I’ll just cure them right away!

<Magic is the power of God, bestowed only to nobles and royalty. It is meant to awe and scare the commoners, and have them serve us>, is what it’s been told since ancient times, but right now I couldn’t care less about that! If things stay as they are, I will definitely will get killed!


……For the sake of keep on living, I don’t care if it’s a sacred power, I’ll even use it on a stray dog.

I don’t want to die without having tasted what a lavish life is like at least once, even though I was born into a noble family! ! !


“I don’t care if I have to even kiss the feet of the common people. I’ll live, I’ll stay alive and keep on living even if I have to crawl, and before I die…… I’ll eat steak until my belly is full! ”


Having made such resolution, I dashed out of the house at once.




◆ ◇ ◆




――What’s the deal with this guy……?!


That was the impression of the Baibalon territory’s ruffians on their new Lord’s sudden appearance.

For them, nobles were the worst kind of existence, using violence and unleashing terrible magic to attack them.()


The Baibalon in particular was a territory where many people had fled to from their hometowns, after being unable to continue enduring the brutality of the nobility and being forced out.

Therefore, they had a deep resentment ingrained in their bones against nobility. The day the people found out about the death of the former Lord, and that his young son would be taking over, they all had plotted to take over the territory after lynching their new Lord.



And as they gathered in a lonely bar to work out the details of their plan―― That Lord suddenly appeared and said:



“――Your pain and wounds, I will completely heal them.”



……At first, the rowdy men didn’t understand the meaning of those words.

Before they could process the meaning of those words, the pent-up anger and resentment erupted.


“You……Because of nobles like you, my arm was…! ! ! ”


A single man raised his voice.

He used to be a gardener, but one time by chance he spoiled his Lord’s mood, had half his arm cut off.


Recalling the anger and sadness of the day when he was forced out of his job, the man lashed out against the noble boy!


Still, however.


“I see, so you are missing an arm. ・Le・t・s・ha・ve・it・gro・w・ba・ck.”()()()()()()()()()


“Eh? ”


――At that very moment, a miracle happened.

As soon as the boy casted the spell, a dazzling light engulfed the lonely bar.


Everyone closed their eyes, scared of opening them…….





And among them, the man with only one arm was raising an astonished voice――!

Touching and moving the freshly grown light-colored arm over and over again, he eventually kneeled down, trembling.


“Th-thank, you…… Really, thank you……! ”


“It’s not a big deal, this is a natural job for the Lord.”


The boy gently slapped the crying man’s shoulders with his hand.


He then went to speak to the rowdy bunch who were stunned after witnessing such a scene and told them this in a calm voice.


“You only have one eye, you’re missing a leg, you’re obviously sick……I see, this really looks like a parade of wounded people. It’s alright, I’ll cure you all.”


This, in this day―― a large number of miracles occurred in the desolate Baibalon territory, and tears of joy wetted the ground.



“Ohh, my eyes, I CAN SEE WITH MY EYES! ? ”


“I’m able to walk again……! Th-Thank you, my Lord……! ”


“Thank you so much…… our Lord, Rize-sama! ”




The people trembled with emotion.


However―― They didn’t know. They were ignorant of the fact that their young benefactor was only doing these good deeds in order to keep himself alive……!






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