High Spec Village – 063


Episode 63: A diplomatic situation.


Yamato heard about the problem the city was facing from the Consul Regent, Isis.

They had moved to the back alley behind the store, making sure nobody was around.


The ones present were the Knight Guard Lienhardt, the free-spirited Lacq, the granddaughter of the village chief Liscia and Yamato; there, they heard about the story from the lips of Isis.


After finishing listening to the general explanation from Isis, Yamato inquired to check again.


“In other words, you’ve been “pressured” by the Romanus Holy Kingdom? ”

“Yes, that’s basically it, Yamato-sama.”


The Romanus Holy Kingdom was a great power located west from the city of Orn.

Historically, it’s been a country that have always had friendly relations with this city.


But, in the early spring of this year, a messenger from the kingdom was sent, arriving to Orn.


In short, the message hard lined a stance of 『You will be placed under the protection of the Romanus Holy Kingdom, in order to successfully counter the looming threat in the east, posed by the Hisan Empire. 』

“Under protection” sounded good, but taking into account the rest of the message, one could tell it basically meant “Become a vassal state”.


“Did you decline it?”

“Yes, although I say it, the response was placed on hold. My father… The Consul is against it.”

“A wise decision.”


Orn was a city-state located in the middle of the continental plains.

This was the main point of transportation where the highway to the east and west intersected, a town where merchants, and goods and wealth gathered from across the continent.

It was a city that, without using a monarchy system, was managed by government officials led by a Consul, bringing prosperity to the people.


Incidentally, the current Consul, Isis’ father, was bedridden due to a mysterious illness since last year.

But, thanks to some modern-knowledge indications Yamato gave them last autumn, he seemed to be steadily recovering.


“Is the removal of the consulship one of the conditions?”

“Yes… it is…”


However, the conditions set by the kingdom obviously denied the independence of Orn.

They maybe had their eyes set in the riches Orn possessed, and sought to take control over them.


“Still, it’s hard to say no. That would make the posture of Orn unfavorable between both the east and the west.”

“Yes… therefore, I’ve been consulting with the government officials about what to do from now on.”


Opposite to the direction of the Holy Kingdom was the Hisan Empire, which was also pressuring Orn due to its expansionist policy.

Thanks to the abundant trade, Orn had a large amount of funds, and also the Knight’s Order and soldiers.

However, being in bad terms with both of those great powers would be distressing.


In order for Orn to have a future, taking a diplomatic approach and advance negotiations might be for the best.


“I see. So, in short, you intend to send a messenger to the Hisan Empire?

“W-why!? Yes, it’s as you say… I’m surprised you reached the same conclusion, Yamato-sama.”


Isis made a surprised expression after hearing the assumption of Yamato.

The reason she was surprised was because it was the same solution the government officials reached in secret not too long ago.


“With the rough outline of the current situation, it’s easy to arrive at that deduction.”

“I expected no less from you, Yamato-sama.”


Yamato wasn’t familiar with the history and circumstances of the continent’s countries in detail, since he came from another world.

However, by taking into consideration the long history of his former world, it was not difficult for him to guess the path they would take.


“And thus, there’s something I wanted to consult with you, Yamato-sama…”


The Consul Regent girl, Isis spoke with an apologetic tone.


“Yeah. If it’s something within my power. After all, I already promised to you before.”


The promise he was referring to was the one he made to this girl last autumn.

After receiving the three gifts she gave him while misunderstanding his meaning, he promised to help Orn as “the wise man in the north”.


“Thank you very much! Actually… I’m planning on sending a delegation from Orn to the Empire…”

“Will you be going too, Isis?”

“Yes, that is correct.”


If it became a diplomatic issue where the fate of the city-state was on the line, the probability of success increased if a key dignitary was present.

And Yamato guessed the most suitable candidate for that, since the Consul could not travel, was Isis, the Consul Regent.


“And that what I wanted to request of you, Yamato-sama… I would like for you to come along to the Imperial Capital.”

“To the Imperial Capital…”


That was an unexpected request.


Right now, Yamato was a merchant, and more importantly, a mere commoner living in a remote village in the north.

To ask this of him, knowing the result of the negotiations could affect their future.


In other words, there was some sort of “plan” at play here.


“I see. So, do you intend to go to the Imperial Capital disguised as merchant, Isis?”

“Correct… would you help me?”


In order to avoid antagonizing the kingdom, this was to be a secret undertaking.

If Isis was to go to the imperial capital, traveling there as a merchant would be the less eye-catching option.


“Of course. I won’t break a promise I already made.”

“Thank you very much! Yamato-sama! ”


Going from the city-states and into the empire was a dangerous task that most people would want to avoid.

And because of that, Isis was both surprised and delighted that Yamato didn’t refuse to.


“Well, preparations need to be made. We will depart in seven days.”


And thus, the secret meeting was adjourned.



While taking care of the Urd store, and shopping in the city, the seven days of preparation ended.


During that time, Yamato also asked the Han children to ride back to the village.

Their purpose was to bring a new wagon car from Urd, one just finished and completely made by the old blacksmith Gaton.


After all, there was no way of knowing what would happen in the highway or in the Empire. One was never too careful while preparing.


“Alright, let’s go to the Imperial Capital.”


And like that, seven days later, everything was ready.

Aiming to the main city of the Hisan Empire, the Imperial Capital, the Urd wagon departed.



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6 thoughts on “High Spec Village – 063

  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Reminds me of the situation faced by small unaligned nations during the cold war. Both the US and the USSR pressuring them to take sides. Not the same, but similar in some aspects.


  2. Yamato : we will disguise as merchant, so the holy kingdom wouldn’t notice our diplomatic manuver

    7 days later
    Go to the empire with a species wagon and Han horses
    And nobody notice
    Wooow mindblowing


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