High Spec Village – 045

Episode 45: A Hastened Plan


 Around half a day had passed since the Empire’s knight Barrès left.

 The early autumn’s sun started descending as the afternoon advanced, and the bazaar was crowded with citizens doing their shopping.

 And even with the unexpected arrival of the Empire’s knight earlier this morning, the sales of the stall of Urd were still going strong.

 There were times when many customers came, and after those moments passed, Yamato then took the chance and went to the cart to restock the products sold.

“Liscia-san, take care of the store for a moment.”

“Yes. Are you going to meet ‘Isis-sama’ today… Yamato-sama?”

“Yeah, today is the last day.”

 Isis, the representative of Orn, had promised to come pick him up today.

It was for the “three gifts” 『Please, I want you to know the wonderful things in Orn! 』, with those words, this was supposed to be the third and final one.

 Yamato recalled yesterday’s promise, 『There’s something I want you to come and see for yourself』.

 Isis just said 『It is something big, so I can’t bring it to you』.

“Today is the ‘last day’ you’re going to see her… right? …Yamato-sama.”

“Yeah, that’s what she said.”

 Isis, the consul regent girl, had said that the for the third gift, she would show Yamato “something wonderful from this city of Orn”.

 And the time for that promise would be this afternoon. Yamato felt a little refreshed that it was about to end, but also somewhat sad.

“Then… it’s okay…”

“What’s wrong Liscia-san? You seem to be in a bad mood today.”

“No, I’m fine! “

2018-09-04 (3)

 Yamato felt like every time he spoke about Isis, Liscia became a little grumpy, but he discarded that thought as his own imagination.

 After all, he knew he was bad at dealing with kids and children.

 The inner works of the mind of girls was an obscure field for men, so it was hard for most to understand them.

 Therefore, he tried not to stay on that subject too much.

“Yamato of Urd! “

 It was at that moment.

 A person shouting his name appeared in the bazaar. However, that was a familiar voice, one that at least didn’t belong to a dangerous person.

“I’m over here, Lienhardt.”

“There you are! “

 Loudly looking for him was Orn’s knight guard Lienhardt.

 Yamato moved out to his sight, letting him know of his location.

Did something happen…?

 Lienhardt was looking for Yamato while yelling and searching at every shop in the market. His expression was obviously different from his usual one.

“What’s wrong? “

“Tch… I knew it, then, where is she!? “

 Not answering Yamato’s question, Lienhardt just searched Urd’s shop and its surroundings while wearing a disappointed face. Judging from his actions, it was obvious that he was looking for someone.

It can’t be… 

 From his sorrowful countenance, only one assumption came to Yamato’s mind.

“It can’t be, did she go missing…? “

“Yeah… on our way here… it happened the moment I took my eyes off of her and got off the carriage…”

 Without even saying her name, it was obvious who both of them were referring to.

 The surrounding citizens were still not aware of what the words of the knight guard Lienhardt meant, since he chose his words carefully as he regained his composure.

 But with only his reply, Yamato guessed everything.

 The lord whom this knight guard served was Isis, the girl acting as the consul regent.

 And Yamato was supposed to meet with her soon.

Was she kidnapped? Or maybe taken captive…?

 From those facts, there was only one answer Yamato could find.

 Someone, somehow, kidnapped the consul regent Isis.

TLN: In this last part, neither Yamato nor Lienhardt state “she” neither they say anything that may cause alarm to the people around them. But it was hard to translate that, so I went with that. Just have it in mind.

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