Only I know that this world will end – Chapter 16

This chapter felt quite long when compared to the usual chapter hehe, but it was pretty cool. I always thought that MC mentality such as “hell yeah, game came to real world” are kind of stupid. I mean most people see themselves as a hero character but in reality we’re “villager c” at best.

I cant run nor jump because of an illness I suffered not long ago, but even before that, I was into sports, reasonably fit, and knowledgable about a wide variety of topics and even then I couldn’t see myself as more than “Store clerk 2” if I was suddenly in Akira’s shoes. Same as he sees himself, not playing hero, just trying his best not to die again.

As someone who has suffered a lot of pain, I can see pain being a pretty effective deterrent against giving up on life, even with the certainty of reviving.

Now, the chapter!

Chapter 16

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