Only I know that this world will end – Chapter 9

My goal for this month is at least one chapter per day for this novel, maybe more.

I already spoke about this in discord but it seems like finishing smaller chapters really keeps me focused when translating moto sekai ichi chapters, which are way longer.

Why do such a thing? You might ask. Well, leaving aside my physical illnesses, I have adhd and my body needs the dopamine rush I get whenever I finish a chapter, and with moto sekai ichi chapters being long, they take a few days to complete, so I go by those days without my dopamine fix, which then demotivates me from translating, which in turn makes me take longer to translate a chapter.

Is it stupid? Yes, but that’s just how my brain works, and I can cheat by doing short chapters.

Now, the chapter!

Chapter 9


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