6 thoughts on “Moto Sekai Ichi – Chapter 99

  1. Hope your health stays ok….. but when possible, please give headsup (No need if your health nosedives so bad you have to get back to an ICU of stay hospitalized, obviously), some have even started checking if other TL groups would be willing to pick this (to do more than basic MTL with minimal rewritting)


  2. So…. are we at least getting UPDATES about when new chapters are coming? Fine to not jinx ABOUT your health, but to simply keep disappearing just means bad faith in your part as a TL….. the most garbage MTL TL site is already MANY ARCS ahead and most people would ONLY give them traffic BECAUSE updates here have been lacking, you still own MANY chapters that should went free already, and that’s for the FIRST TITLE BATTLES ARC, the second best TL site of this (Heavy MTL present, but some cleaning visibly happen before posting) LN is basically past the second title battles, past the empire arc and coming right to a new arc already.
    I already said this, but i could understand a NEAR YEAR LONG silence due to health….. but to post 2-3 chapters, disappear through the whole of the end of last year and start of this year, post ONE chapter at start of march then disappear again? AND NOT ONE UPDATE about possible delays? Manuke FPS TL guy ALWAYS keep the readers updated on whether delays may happen or periods he/she will not post due to IRL things…. just saying… but some transparency regarding updates, delays and etc is BASIC.
    I am SERIOUSLY considering to just go and go to other TL groups and declare this series is fully open because current quality TL decided to vanish


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