10 thoughts on “Moto Sekai Ichi – Chapter 98

  1. Not to be a bother…. but an update on delays or if your health suddenly had a drop thus the need to stop updating would be nice….. since last time was basically a near year long silence…. makes me appreciate when TLs do like SF Baka or the one for Manuke FPS do who usually have a TL note before chapters giving HEADS UP on delays, weeks they won’t post and the like


  2. So….. 2022 came and nothing…… which sucks because this IS THE ONLY TL that DOESN’T JUST THROW THE RAW IN GOOGLE TRANSLATE and copy output to then post…. of this LN/WN
    I am very sorry… but i can only think of putting word of mouth on Kari translates needing to be Blacklisted on the TL world given how shit the delays and absurd lack of communications has been (first was a sudden hiatus with no warning, came back and explained, fine; but not even a MONTH after coming back THE SAME SHIT HAPPENS? Sorry but i can only put such TLs on a blacklist).
    too bad since it this LN did make right SO MUCH shit other LNs don’t and so far only Kari did a proper TL job for this title… can’t help but start going to TL groups and mention this series is now orphaned since TL just poofed into a void

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  3. Kari had some health issue iirc…
    I hope you are doing better and wish you the best.
    Than you for the time you have put in translating these.
    Happy 2022


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