Moto Sekai Ichi – 010

10 Reus Dungeon. 

(TLN: Read as Royce, written as Reus)


“Let’s go to a dungeon today.”


“……You never told me this.”


Silvia looked at me with reproachful eyes. Well, that’s to be expected, I didn’t fill her in on this.


“It’s okay, there’s nothing to worry about. It will be over in a jiffy.”

“Well, if Second-dono says so ――wait, you won’t fool me! Just what the heck are you scheming this time!? ”


“This is for your own good, Silvia. You want to learn Rook Archery, right? ”

“……No, well, if I could learn it, I’d love to.”

“Then it’s settled.”


This time, we’ll go inside the intermediate rank dungeon 『Reus』. This is a comparatively easy dungeon among the intermediate ranks. The purpose is for Silvia to learn 《Rook Archery》, and for me to acquire 《Bishop Swordsmanship》 and 《Rook Swordsmanship》.


The dungeons are divided into three ranks; Upper being the advanced, Intermediate the middle class, and Lower the easier one. The most common dungeons are the Lower rank with nine, followed by the Intermediate ranks with six, and lastly the Upper ranks with five. There’s one more dungeon on top of those, but I’d rather not talk about it right now.


Anyway, there are three reasons why we’re going to the intermediate rank Reus dungeon this time.


First, the strength of the monsters in it. I’ve already gained some experience and my stats have grown, therefore, even if I’m not equipped with armor, the damage from the lower rank monsters sometimes doesn’t go through.  Therefore, in order to get 《Rook Archery》, since I need to have a monster drop my HP below 50%, it’s better to have a mid-level monster hit me a couple times rather than letting a low level one hit me over and over and over again.


The second reason is the low HP and VIT from the monsters here. All the monsters that appear in the Reus dungeon are attack-focused types. But, in exchange for their high STR, their HP and VIT is only two thirds that of the same level monsters. In other words, you must be careful since they are stronger, but their defense is low and they are easier to defeat since they have less HP.


And the third one. The dungeon’s capture reward. If you conquer the dungeon, that is, going to the bottom floor and defeating the boss, you will receive a reward for it in the form of an item dropped from said boss. Reus dungeon’s boss is called 「Flame Wolf」, and he drops a rare weapon called 『Bow of the Blazing Wolf』. It is an excellent long bow with an added fire effect. It was a very popular weapon and one which players used to level their Magic Archer class from intermediate to advanced.


So, it could be said that this time’s objective is to do laps and both of us learn the skills and then go and get that drop.


I also think that our skills match perfectly to accomplish that. Silvia’s experience has gone up using the Di-Que strategy, so her 【Archery】 has increased considerably, and even her 《Knight Archery》 and 《Silver Archery》are at Grade 1 each. In addition, my 【Swordsmanship】 has also risen and gotten 《Knight Swordsmanship》 at Grade 3 and 《Silver Swordsmanship》to Grade 1.


This should be the skill level where two people could clear the Reus dungeon. If the need arises, I can also grab my bow and compensate for the lack of firepower, and I’ve also got high-class healing potions, so we should be able to clear it quite effortlessly.




“Well, we’re here.”

It was half a day by horse from the capital Vinceton. One of the reasons was also because this place was near.


“Are we really going in? Will we be okay? ”

Along with the hesitating Silvia, I walked straight into the Reus dungeon.

It’s a vast cave-like dungeon with walls tainted in a reddish color.


“Is this b-blood…? No, this looks like the natural color of the stone…”

Silvia has been freaking out since a while ago, and while looking around restlessly, she’s been holding her longbow tight and walking behind me.


“There, finally. That’s your target, if possible, defeat it using only Silver. When you get enough experience, place priority in raising it. If you are not used to it yet, you should practice combining Knight and Silver.”


I found the silhouette of the enemy about 20 meters ahead. Flame Lizards. Their number is four. Piece of cake.


“U-understood……! ”


Silvia was a little stiff, but she managed to properly activate the skill. Looks alright.


The first attack was a combination of Silvia’s 《Knight Archery》 and 《Silver Archery》. Both of them Grade 1. The arrow flew with the white-silvery effect and it hit the Flame Lizard from a distance in the middle of the chest, opening a large hole in it.


“…………Eh? ”


Silvia opened her mouth agape and made a silly noise.


The Flame Lizard died without being able to do anything. During that time, I hit the remaining three monsters with 《Soldier Swordsmanship》and after bundling them together, I finished them up using 《Lance Swordsmanship》in one strike. By the way, 《Soldier Swordsmanship》 is a normal attack, while 《Lance Swordsmanship》 is a piercing attack.


The conditions for acquiring 《Bishop Swordsmanship》 are two, 「Using 《Lance Swordsmanship》kill three monsters in a single strike」 and 「With a combination of 《Lance Swordsmanship》 and 《Knight Swordsmanship》hit two or more vital points of a monster ten times in a row」. With this, I was able to meet the first condition.


“What’s wrong? ”

When I spoke to the absent-minded Silvia, she came back to her senses.


“Se-Second-dono. Did I, by any chance, become terribly strong……? ”


What is she saying now?


“I made a promise, right?”


When I said so while smiling, Silvia turned her eyes towards me and a beautiful smile bloomed on her face.


She is quite the beautiful woman…… I’d love if she wore that face at all times.


After that, we kept going, progressing quickly in the Reus dungeon. “Second-dono! ” “Amazing! ” “Thank you! ” “Amazing! ” In high spirits, Silvia appeared to be in excellent condition, and she was very useful as a rear support. She was the right choice as a companion.


“I will become a Magic Archer! ”

She suddenly became quite enthusiastic somehow. It seems that she was still a bit skeptical about my ability up until now. Anyway, it’s great that Silvia is in high spirits.





“Oops. Silvia, halt.”


Six hours have passed since we dived into the dungeon, and we suddenly stopped.


By now, Silvia has killed more than 3,000 monsters in this area, and there’s only one condition left in order for her to learn 《Rook Archery》.


And that’s the reason I stopped here.

That’s because the monster I was “looking for” finally appeared.


Its name is Blaze Troll. It’s a large monster with ridiculous power, but its bald head is its weak spot and it’s easy to target, so a strike from a Grade 1 《Silver Archery》is more than enough to blow its head off.


And the number of Blaze Trolls is 3. Pretty convenient.


“Aim for the head using a combination of Knight and Silver from a distance of over 15 meters. Shoot when I give you the signal.”

“Um, got it. But…… what are you going to do? ”

“Well, that doesn’t matter. But by no means be shaken up.”


After instructing Silvia, I moved towards a Blaze Troll.


My HP is all the way up. In terms of VIT, I should be able to withstand being critically hit six times by a Blaze Troll. It’s okay. I’ll be fine.


No, it’s not okay. I’m scared shitless. But I really want a rear guard who knows 《Rook Archery》……


Ahh, it came right in front of me.


A single Blaze Troll targeted me.


And then, it swung his big club and――



“Second-dono!! ”



――I don’t quite remember what happened at that moment.


The hit shook my brain. It blew my consciousness. What the heck. I wasn’t expecting this.




The next thing I knew I was lying on the ground and there was something on my mouth. Broken teeth and a lot of blood.


My HP hasn’t even gone down by a quarter.


This is bad…… I wonder if this could heal broken teeth. In Mobius, drinking a potion could heal up broken arms, but there’s no guarantee a potion will do the same in this world.


Th-this might not have been a good idea……



“……Not yet……”


I said so while holding onto an Instant Healing Potion (luxury item of course) with my view swaying. I can’t make a sound judgment since I’m in too much of a pain and shock.


But still, who wouldn’t want to look cool in front of a girl? One more. Just one. I decided to endure one more hit. I want to avoid wasting this pain I’m already feeling.


I glanced over to where Silvia is. I can’t see that well in the distance, but it seems like she’s waiting for me.





The Blaze Troll rushed towards me. A scream-like voice escaped from my lips as I desperately struggled.


……Hold tight. You’ll be made light of if you escape now. Those who run away are pathetic people. I am the world’s rank one. Even as an alt character, I’ll become the number one in this world. And in order to do so, it’s imperative that Silvia learns 《Rook Archery》. This is where I need to work hard. I won’t die. I already made up my mind! Put up with it like a man! Show your willpower! Show your determination! If you can endure this, you will become a legend! Silvia will absolutely fall for me! Probably!


No, I know I’m being unreasonable, but even if I don’t do it, I’ll end up drinking a potion anyways, so――


“――Uh!! ”


With the club being swung as a golf club, my body was blown away into the wall. My lungs are crushed, I cannot breathe.


My HP is…… good. Nice!


“U……uuu! ”


I could barely utter a sound.


But even so, Silvia understood me.


Bashun―― the arrow infused with 《Knight Archery》 and 《Silver Archery》resounded and immediately after that, the head of the Blaze Troll in front of me burst into a million pieces.


Haha, in your face…




“……Well then.”


Two more to go.

I almost cried when my teeth grew back after drinking a potion.


I can’t stop at this point.


I could have stopped if my damage wasn’t totally healed……


Ahh, I want to throw the towel already…… but I can no longer pull back……


……I have to go through it. I am the world’s rank one.


The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one.


The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one. The world’s rank one.


Complaining and muttering.

I went to the remaining two Blaze Trolls.





“You idiot! You big idiot!! ”


After everything was over.


I was lying on a cold rock.


Silvia held me into her chest, and yelled at me while crying.


A perfect victory――





Thank you for reading.


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