The Villainous Girl is fine alone! – Chapter 3 part 1 & 2

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The villainous noble girl wants a pet.

“I guess there aren’t enough ‘Villainous Elements’.”

In her dorm room, Iris El-Katze was agonizing.

Iris El-Katze was a person who had reincarnated as a villainous noble daughter. In her past life she was fond of villains and villainous acts, and was now striving to become a villainous girl herself. The world had already recognized her as a hero, but she still tried to become an evil overlord, all the while straying from the path of a villain with each passing day.

“Yeah, there aren’t enough villainous elements to become a villainous noble girl. I am a villainous noble girl. In order to be condemned as the world’s best villain, I need to raise the evil elements up a notch.”

Iris began to imagine.

At the throne in the Royal Castle, she herself laughing. And kneeling at her feet, Alice Il Wand and Kyle El Bahamud.

“…How nice it sounds.”

That was the image of a splendid villain. She was picturing herself doing a proper three-step evil laughter. And as she imagined herself, Iris’ face was full of smiles.

That wasn’t the image of a villainous noble girl, but more like that of one belonging to boss of an evil organization, but Iris paid no mind to that fact. She thought if she was to be the best villainous noble girl in the world, controlling a country or two from the shadows should be a given.

Yet, something was missing. Something to add flair to that scene was missing.

What was necessary for a villain? That lone factor that forgave every act of the villain… as she thought about that, an idea flashed in Iris’s mind.

“A pet! “

Yes, a pet.

Should she choose a cat, a dog, a leopard, or a more ferocious beast? No, an even more ferocious beast was better.

A fine fierce beast laying at the foot of the throne where she sat with her legs crossed. Wouldn’t gracefully stroking it make it the scene of a great villain?

“That’s it! A hahahahaHAHAHAHAHA! “

Iris went towards the window and yelled as if she received some divine revelation. She was noisy even thought it was already time to go to bed.

Although it wasn’t that late at night yet, there were many students in the dorms who were already asleep. After all, it was in a villain’s nature to keep the students from having a comfortable night’s sleep.

By the way, Alice who was sneakily hiding under Iris’ bed, jumped out from under it worrying as she heard Iris’ scream. It was a trivial event, but at that moment, she received a God-like instantaneous-movement super ultra-special killer technique, in response.

God’s Paradise: El Dorado. The most secret and unexplored place, located at the edge of the word, said to be created by the Gods themselves.

Rich and beautiful forest spreading, sharp and steep mountains so tall they seemingly broke through the heavens. And a myriad of huge crystals between the sky and the ground, reflecting the light and creating a mystical scenery.

Some of these drifting crystals were colorless and perfectly transparent, and if one stood atop of them it would give the illusion of standing in the sky. A variety of researches have investigated these crystals, yet, there’s little understanding about them. At least, it has been concluded that they cannot be reproduced by the current abilities and technology of humanity of this age.

This was El Dorado, a treasure trove filled of the world’s greatest wonders, mostly untouched by the hands of man. Fitting to be called God’s Paradise.

“Ooohohohoho! Ooohohohoho! “

And in such a paradise, the evil laughter of a mysterious villainous girl echoed. Well, with only saying that much, I supposed you would have it easy to imagine who that villainous girl was.

The tyrant hero, Iris El-Katze.

Her exquisite and pompous appearance standing dignified on a crystal. The fearless hero who isn’t afraid of God, the tyrant with immeasurable ambition.

In response to the aura of Iris, to that intimidating howl heard echoing from El Dorado, a huge dragon went flying in the opposite direction of her. The tyrant hero wasn’t an annoying existence only to humans.

But then again, Iris wasn’t your usual villainous girl.

“Iris-sama is wonderful, right?”

“Almost as if taken out of a painting.”

From behind Iris, looking at her being such a nuisance to others, were Alice Il Wand and Kyle El Bahamud. Iris herself started to forget that these two people were the hero and heroine of the game ‘Today’s forecast: Sunny with a chance of love’ and had a huge adoration towards the villainous girl.

She splendidly turned a blind eye towards that fact.

“Alice-san, Kyle-sama. Thank you for coming along with me today. I was very happy to hear that you will help me become a villainous noble girl.”

“No problem, if it’s for Iris-sama’s sake, I’ll go flying anywhere! “

“That’s right. By the way, is Alice-san okay? I heard you definitely received a fatal blow last night.”

“There’s no problem! It’s nothing I can’t bear when there’s love! “

“I see, love… that’s a yet unknown feeling for me. That’s another virtue of justice… as expected, only Alice-san can condemn me! “

“Sorry! There’s still not enough evidence to condemn! “

“Well, can’t be helped… would you then please continue the investigation a bit more? “

“Understood! “

These two girls showed a splendid trashy comedy, but there was no problem. They were always like this. Even if Kyle tried to mix in, they remained the same. Or rather, even when Kyle also joined them, they remained the same.

“By the way, Iris-sama. I heard you wanted a dog, what kind of dog do you want? Or rather, do you really want a dog? Is it no good unless it’s a dog? “

“True. What I want is a beast worthy of a villain. It’s not restricted to a dog, I think that tigers, dragons, leopards, there’s a perfect pet among them.”

“So, it has to be an animal, huh…”

Leaving aside the sorry excuse of a pet, AKA Alice, what Iris wanted was a pet suitable for a villain. In other words, she was seeking something with proper strength and dignity, not something that would cause a laugh like a chihuahua. And obviously, she wasn’t looking for a human pet.

Ignoring Alice who was down on four like a dog, Iris overlooked the paradise from atop the crystal.

Almost all the animals, the monsters, the demons, were trying their best to run away from Iris, but that was fine. If it was up to Iris, she could capture her prey with a short jump. In addition, not all the monsters were cowards who ran away, one of the more proud and brave ones came to confront her.

Truly prideful. Was he willing to sacrifice himself, to confront them in order to protect everyone else? That noble image lifted the mood of Iris, and a beautiful smile blossomed on her face.

“How nice, how wonderful, that’s what’s needed for a beast fit to be my pet.”

As she thought so, she took out the holy sword Alastor and began to unintentionally swing it. The sound of slashes tearing through the air resounded, and the vacuum caused by the blade cut the crystals, the mountains and the forests mercilessly. Blade of vacuum also flew towards Alice and Kyle. Alice received them defenseless and Kyle prevented them with his bare hands.

“Ara, I’m sorry. I was a little too excited…”

“There’s no problem! “

“If I want to stand by your side, I should be able to ward off this level of attacks.”

While having a peaceful conversation during this horrifying situation, the monster finally arrived.

It desperately avoided the vacuum blades. It had some cuts here and there. However, none of them were deep wounds. The preparation period was over. It seemed like it was ready to attack at any time now.

It was a demonic beast known as the Fanged God Killer. Its body was light but it possessed several times the size of a person. The white, sharp fangs that showed as it roared were the very definition of certain death, and had the power to crush and destroy all life. With those fangs unresisted even by the Gods themselves, this beast had taken the life of many of them.

 Therefore, the name of Fanged God Killer. It was an existence known in several other worlds as Fenrir.

 The Fenrir glared sharply at the three humans. Its eyes had no special power, but strong men would cower at that gaze filled with bloodlust, while the weak ones would simply die. Fenrir, the God Killer, reaped the lives of all living things.

 Obviously, the Fenrir knew these three were no normal humans, after enduring its killing gaze. With Iris at the lead, the three people spoke amusingly.

“What a beautiful and pure bloodlust, right?”

“But it kinda prickles a little.”

“You girls are amazing, my feet can’t stop trembling… ahh, sorry, it seems they stopped.”

 And so, the Fenrir’s killing bloodlust was endured by the three people. Kyle, who was the only one it had effect on, seemed to have gotten used to it in a few seconds. What a pitiful fellow.

 Then, Fenrir jumped. Without leaving a sound behind, it stood before Alice, who appeared to be the only noncombatant.

 Alice’s body was bitten by the huge fangs of the Fenrir. Those fangs, the definition of certain death, chewed on Alice, trying to destroy her life, her soul, her mind, her very existence, without giving her time to react, they grinded…. grinded… grinded… they just couldn’t.

 Wondering if she was reinforced by magical power, Fenrir strengthened its power and tried to pierce its fangs on Alice, but she just didn’t die. Not sure what was going on, they just stared blankly in amazement, Iris, Kyle, and the Fenrir.

 And, after a few second, it happened—-.

 Fenrir’s fangs shattered miserably.

“As expected of the only ‘thing’ able to withstand the attacks of Iris.”

“So, ‘that’ is this world’s strongest shield, huh?”

“Huh? Not at all, it’s just, these fangs are pretty soft.”

 These three humans were speaking awful things, but Fenrir paid no heed to them.

 Its proud fangs. These fangs were broken into pieces. Remembering the shock he felt, Fenrir began to think.

 More than a thousand years had passed since he came to this world. A few years after coming to this world, the gods of different worlds came invading this world.

 At that time, Fenrir killed those gods with his own fangs. Both, the great demon god and the massive mountain-sized dragon were killed with his fangs too.

 Just what was this girl who could endure them! A sense of fear sprung forth along with astonishment and awe. The Fenrir praised Alice for breaking his fangs.

 After coming this far, he couldn’t help but to recognize her a little. She was not a foolish human, but a strong enemy who could destroy him.

 How long had it been? In the last several hundreds of years, Fenrir never encountered a strong enemy. He never tasted the fear of being able to be defeated. The peace of the last hundred years surely had begun to spoil his spirit.

 Rather than killing, he would be the one being killed. Looking at the three strong enemies before him, he began to think so. Perhaps, this was the dear enemy he had expected, the one who would make him bloom beautifully at last.

 The noncombatant Alice had broken his fangs. And with expectation in mind, he moved his sight to Kyle as his fangs regenerated.

 Kyle seems to be putting no guard up. He just stared at Alice feeling impressed. That made Fenrir feel disappointed for expecting something, looking at the stupid face he was making.

 However, that disappointment was overturned.

 Fenrir’s fangs moved faster than the previous time, but Kyle reacted in time, receiving him with his bare hands. With both of his eyes looking firmly at the approaching Fenrir, he touched the cheeks of the Fenrir and changed his trajectory with minimal force.

 Excessively skillful. Too natural. Fenrir felt Kyle’s actions were almost like a reflex, touching his cheeks as he attacked him without even thinking twice. Fenrir was aware that Kyle never even tried to avoid him.

 At the same time, after being warded off, the Fenrir took some distance and fixed his stance. This guy was also interesting. Fenrir seemed to think so as his face fiercely distorted. And then, the last woman, after Fenrir moved his sight towards her—-he stopped moving.

“There’s no need to get serious.”

 –What in the world is that sword?

“I’ll show you a little bit of it.”

 Iris invoked the holy sword Alastor. A holy sword handed down since ancient times, containing the power of a god.

 After seeing it, Fenrir understood. ‘That’ indeed had the power of a god within. That he knew. Because he too felt the power of a god when the other monsters and demons escaped.

 –However, Fenrir thought.

 However, however, however…

 What the hell is within that sword?

 Is that a holy sword? Is that a demonic sword? Rather than being biased towards either attribute, it had both attributes equally.

 It was a sword he had never seen before. –It’s a holy sword, but also a demonic sword, it that some sort of a joke? Can that sort of existence be allowed? It was a contradictory existence. An unacceptable attribute. It had everything, but at the same time, it had nothingness.

 And above all else, it allowed itself to be wielded by that person…

“This will not kill you.”

 Iris’ voice brought back the Fenrir from being lost in thought. It was outrageous that it got lost thinking during a battle. No enemy would wait.

 But it was already too late by the time Fenrir realized it. When Iris swung the holy sword, the light emitted from it attacked and hit Fenrir.

 It couldn’t be avoided. No, he was simply not allowed to avoid it. That’s what his instincts told him. Accepting everything, Fenrir exposed himself to that light. Alice too, gladly exposed herself to the light.

 What Fenrir felt was relief. The same feeling as if being in his mother’s womb. It was the warmth of being enveloped by the great original mother, creator of everything and everyone.

 In that light, he saw the beginning of everything. He saw the starting point. He saw the creation. —-Ahh, I see. So, this is…

 Understanding, convinced, Fenrir admitted he was defeated not by an enemy.

“It seems you have noticed the true nature of this sword. That’s great, you are truly suited to be my pet.”

 Iris put away her holy sword. At that moment, the divine atmosphere that ruled over El Dorado was scattered, and the original air came back. Alice disappeared somewhere. Kyle saluted at her, while shedding tears.

 And finally, Fenrir noticed Iris’ ambition. The overwhelming overlord that could even wrap the world with her fingers, Fenrir finally knew why Iris had that holy sword.

 Without the backing of the world itself, it was not possible to have that holy sword.

“I’ve released a bit this time, but this sword it too powerful. It’s enough to use it just as a holy sword.”

 Iris gently stroked the head of Fenrir, and he kindly accepted it. There was no fighting spirit left on Fenrir. He simply accepted that he would belong to Iris from now on.


“With this I’ve acquired a pet, but now I need to decide on a name.”

“Iris-sama, I got a nice idea! “

“Me too, I have a proposal.”

“Ohh, I see everyone is gathered here. Well, let’s say it at the same time, and I’ll use the best name. By the way, when did you come back, Alice? “

“When I met God, he got stressed about me speaking about the wonders of Iris-sama and decided to bring me back.”

“Is that so. Well, don’t tire yourself out.”

“Thank you very much.”

 With Alice mysteriously returning, the Fenrir naming conference began. However, they were just going to announce the name they already thought of, there was no previous meeting either.

 Fenrir Looked at them with expectation in its eyes. How would his new master name him? He felt nervous, but also, he thought of this as somewhat fun.

 And finally, the time to decide on the name of the Fenrir came.

 What were the three people thinking? It was a moment of tension.

“Well then, shall we? Now.”

“Pochi! “

“Tagosaku! (TLN: I think this is a derogatory name, like village idiot/gopher, I just went with the phonetics) “

“Arlasvold De Illaine Whipped ~With sorrow on top~.”

 All of them were awful.

 The order was Iris, Alice then Kyle respectively. They all were terrible names, but Kyle’s was particularly horrendous. That could no longer be considered a name.

 A name like that would bring nothing but shame. After the desperate protest of Fenrir, who believed so, the naming was put on hold. However, there was still a possibility of getting a strange name. The naming conference held by Iris and his amusing companions would be held again in the future.

 And the battle for Fenrir to get a decent name will keep going for a long time!

 In addition, for several hours, the three people gave plenty of love to Fenrir. They stroked his whole body, fed him and ran around him.

 As the three people ran around, they seemingly forgotten their goal this time. When Fenrir thought about other animals being captured by Alice and Kyle, he imagined them being given a pathetic name and silently prayed for their happiness.

 And, Fenrir noticed.

 Every time a family gets a pet, that pet has to go through this hell-like naming war.

 That was an unavoidable future. That was a future that couldn’t be changed. And Fenrir who noticed it, could only feel despair at his bleak future.

 And in that despair, all he could do was cry.




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