High Spec Village – Chapter 40

Alrighty, with this chapter, it became clear that the city of Orn is based on the city of Sakai from the warring states, therefore I changed the term Viceroy for Consul, since that was the term used for the ruler of Sakai, an independent city state that flourished due to trade during the sengoku era of Japan.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t meet the same end.

Well, enjoy the chapter 🙂

Chapter 40


13 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 40

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  2. He should help cause it would be beneficial to have allies who are grateful to them. Even if the reason is just to deny the potential enemy of resources. He is also inexperienced in some fields .

    His knowledge wouldhave been wasted if there is no one would able to make them a reality. There is already a case about the stubborn dwarf. Those crossbow could not be built if not for him.

    There is a reason why the city is independent for too long so he could definitely can use
    some advise in poilitics as it would be correct to assume the ruling bodies are well versed.

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    • there is also the fact they have a decent intelligence network as they already found out about the village while other lords have not. Other lords have not since they haven’t attacked the village.


  3. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    The village will get involved with the rest of the world in one way or another, might as well get the best deal out of it and strengthen the village even further. Before the wolves starts sniffing around.


  4. So, some random shady dude “heard some rumors” that should not have been heard of at all, while we still haven’t heard anything the lord who kidnapped the adults and basically raided the village with the excuse of looking for “something” in the village. Guessing Yamato, as dense as he is, will gain more power than just the village, by taking the job and eventually face off the evil noble’s army.

    Then there’s still that other stereotypical evil noble viscount guy who tried to kill Yamato, hanging as a loose plot thread. Hope they settle that before they leave the city, or if they stay in the city, then settle it quickly.


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  6. This is getting weird. First of all, the rumors, as Yamato had mentioned, it’s weird rumors even spread.
    But most importantly, the evil lord. With the independent city-state nearby, the whole lord of the area situation gets weird.


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