High Spec Village – 040

Episode 40: The Consul Maiden Regent 


From Isis, the young representative of the city of Orn, Yamato heard the circumstances that led to her life being targeted.

“In other words, you mean to say, it is the city of Orn the one being targeted?”

“Yes. I cannot say for sure, but I do have an idea about who the other party might be…”

As he received a rough explanation from Isis, Yamato went over the contents again.

This was a trading city where three roads intersected. In consequence, mayor trading firms from several countries have made it its home, increasing the tax revenue.

In addition to that, Orn was an ‘independent city state’ not belonging to any country, where the governing system had been made hereditary.

Surrounded by its strong city walls built thanks to the rich trade, it had kept its autonomy for many years, and it also had its own knight order and mercenary corps.

“This sounds quite similar to the town of Sakai during the Sengoku era…”

“Eh, Sakai…? What is that…? “

“No, never mind. Please continue.”

Orn had been fighting, keeping its independency for many years. However, the circumstances of the surrounding nations have changed recently.

“That’s because the rapid advancements in the Hisan Empire, right?”


The nation called Hisan Empire, which had the eastern part of the continent as its territory, had gradually expanded its power in recent years.

It hadn’t reached the border with Orn just yet.

However, it was expected to become a force to be reckon, and that it will definitely invade some years in the future.

“Did the other party came with diplomatic pressure at the beginning?”

“Yes… It happened a few months ago. An emissary from the empire came with a missive recommending out surrendering.”

“And he was turned down, I suppose.”

“Yes! My Orn would never yield to that kind of pressure! “

The angry Isis recalled the contents brought by the messenger from the Hisan Empire.

『Surrender the government of Orn to the Empire, if you do so, we will spare your life.』

The ruler of Orn, whom had been defending its independency for years, immediately refused.

The empire had momentum, but it was a recent addition to the world’s powers.

For the city of Orn it was not a threat as long and they had the shielding of their surrounding allied nations and their own financial strength and military power.

“But the current ruler… your father fell ill to some mysterious disease.”

“Yes… he still hasn’t woken up…”

It happened about a month ago… after they refused the demands of the messenger from the empire.

She explained that her father, the current consul, hasn’t awaken since he caught some mysterious disease.

It was a peculiar illness that made him unable to regain consciousness.

Therefore, Isis, her only daughter suddenly found herself acting as a regent, and managing the city along with a group of vassals.

“And now this assassination attempt.”

“Yeah… just as you say.”

“So, you tried to hide in this inconspicuous and run down mansion?”

“Saying it like that is a little…”

Isis felt a little distressed.

She knew the one behind all these orchestrated strategies was the Hisan Empire, but she couldn’t say it without proof.

They tried to undermine their opponent before their full invasion of Orn. And to take Orn down from within would be the best outcome.

“I understand the gist of it. So, where do I come in the picture? “

According to Lacq’s story, Yamato was brought to this mansion because there was someone who wanted to meet him.

In other words, this girl Isis probably ordered Lacq to bring me because she wanted to see me. It was easy to connect the dots.

“I heard from Lacq-san… rumors about a ‘Sage in the north’…”

“‘Sage in the north’…? “


Isis then began talking about the rumors she heard from Lacq.


A small northern village was destined to be destroyed, but one day, a savior arrived.

That person saved the starving villagers, and with technology never seen before, he solved their problems and food shortage, one after the other.

In addition, with his excellent tactical insights, he eliminated a cruel and outrageous bandit group without sacrificing a single villager’s life.

And that savior… the “Sage in the north” had finally arrived to the city of Orn.


“I see, so ‘Sage in the north’? And he’s that great of a person?”

While listening to Isis’ story, Yamato was quite impressed. If the rumors are true, then this ‘Sage in the north’ might be quite the person. He seems like a great person not only good in domestic affairs but also in tactical insight.

Right now, I’m staying in Orn, so I’d like to have the change to meet him.

“The ‘Sage in the north’, that is you, Yamato-danna.”


Yamato looked at Lacq as if he was misunderstanding something. However, he clearly heard him say that he was the sage in the north.

“But, I’m just an ordinary villager, Lacq.”

“Again with that, even after you just did something amazing, you are quite humble Danna.”

Lacq was complimenting him, but for Yamato, what he did in the village was but a trivial reform. He only shared some of his knowledge with the villagers as repayment for taking care of him.

I don’t know where Lacq got this information, but it’s more like rumors and closer to misinformation.

“Please, ‘Sage in the north’… no, Yamato-sama. Please, Save the city of Orn!”

But in front of him, there was someone who wholeheartedly believed those rumors. Isis was asking with a serious look on her face. She wanted to give him the position of military adviser, and wit his help protect the city of Orn from the hands of the Empire.

It wasn’t an act, she had a serious expression as she asked earnestly.

“Sorry, but I’ll have to refuse. I’m not really the person you were describing, not even close to a Sage.”

“Why not!? We will prepare enough money and a fitting position as compensation! “

“It’s not about the money.”

Yamato gave an immediate refusal to the request of the acting regent, the girl Isis.

“Not about money…”

“Yeah, people are stirred into action by their love of ‘justice and righteousness’. That’s what it means to ‘show special confidence and courtesy’.”


“‘To show special confidence and courtesy’…? “

Isis tilted her head as she heard a strange phrase for the first time. Of course, it was obvious that she wouldn’t understand it, since it was from a different culture, so the meaning was not transmitted.

Anyway, this is good… it’s not really a discussion to have with an amateur.

This was his way to refuse Isis’ request. He felt he was being overrated due to a misunderstanding since Yamato didn’t consider himself that big of a person.

He wasn’t trained in military arts, and didn’t receive special education that would allow him to improve the political and economic structure of the city state either. At best, he was a general university graduate who had a hobby of going outdoors.

For him, it was an exaggeration to see him as a Sage or a Military Strategist just because he happened to save a small, poor village with a little of his knowledge.

“I understand, Yamato-sama. I will review the meaning of ‘to show special confidence and courtesy’, and then I’ll speak with you again.”

“Yeah, suit yourself. I’ll stay in Orn for a while.”

It seemed like Isis wasn’t going to give up that easily. She was determined to appoint Yamato as a military adviser. One could tell from the strong will in her eyes.

She’s younger than me, but hers surely is a strong heart…

She appeared as a bit unreliable, but deep down, Isis was a strong girl. Yamato changed his view of her a little.

It was around that time, when the talk had ended.

“Isis-sama!! “

“My lady, are you safe!? “

Along with intense metallic sounds, an armored group wielding with swords and shields ran into the room.

According to Isis, they were Orn’s knight order.

They came running, searching for the figure of their Lady, Isis.

At least, with the arrival of her knights she will be safe, Yamato thought.

“Hey, suspicious guy! Are you a friend from these scums!? “

Mistaken by an ally of the black clothed assassins, Yamato was questioned by a knight.

After all, he had unusual black eyes and hair. Well, if I were in their position, I too will think of me as someone suspicious, Yamato thought.

“Lienhardt, stop! Yamato-sama is the person who saved my life! “

With the arrival of the Knights, the story will surely become more complicated.

He decided that it was best to leave this place after the arrival of this knight Lienhardt.

“Well then Lacq, sorry but I should return already.”

“I’ll come play again to the bazaar! “

“Yeah, can’t wait for that.”

He was sure things would get more complicated if he remained there.

Still, he felt a little sympathy for the young Isis, who had to take on the role of acting regent.

However, he had to care for the village.

Leaving the old mansion behind, Yamato returned to the Urd stall in the bazaar.


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One thought on “High Spec Village – 040

  1. It’s hard to believe that the first city they go to has so much influence in the continent. I was under the impression of a newbie land. The world-building kinda hay-wired.

    I see a lot of potential in this novel. Almost makes me want a Polygamy. Just almost. But I hate that. If only the ideas were used better

    The writing could use a lot of work, but I do really like the Characters. I probably wanted polygamy to keep it interesting. This Novel is lacking a lot in other area after all

    Thank you for translating this story, I’ll keep reading! I’m glad it’s one girl 😭


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