9 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 34

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  3. “It’s got its name from a great hero from my worl… from the continent.”
    “Named after a hero… thank you very much for giving it such a great name! Yamato-nii-sama! “
    “Yes he was famous for killing the Han people.”
    “…..Yamato-nii-sama…I hate you…”

    lol What happens when your knowledge of history and your brains don’t interact. He named a bow given to a tribe called the Han with the name of a great killer of Hans.


  4. I am guessing whichever god transferred Yamato there gave him at least two gifts: spoken language comprehension and all parameter raise. I hope Yamato could someday shoot laser from his eyes.


  5. “The Han horses were excellent and could run for hundreds of kilometers a day, making the Han clan the kings of the plains.”

    Forget Yamato. Those horses are crazy OP. It is an incredibly rare horse that can travel even one hundred kilometers in a day. A normal horse can do less than half that.


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