High Spec Village – 034

Episode 34: 【Idle Talk】 A new grassland bow.


About a month went by after the rock salt mine was cleaned from its Spiritual Beast inhabitant.

And with the injuries of the children now cured, Urd’s life had returned to its original peaceful days.

It was at that time, Yamato was located a little away from the village, in a meadow near the mountains.

“Alright, now we’ll test the new bow.”

The purpose was to check on the state of the newly completed bow.

“Yamato-nii-sama… is this a bow exclusive for the Han clan?”

“Yeah, it’s called Temujin Bow.”

TLN:  Temüjin Borjigin , also known as Genghis Khan.

“Temujin Bow…”

“It’s got its name from a great hero from my worl… from the continent.”

“Named after a hero… thank you very much for giving it such a great name! Yamato-nii-sama! “

Kuran, the girl who acted as the representative of the Han clan, expressed her gratitude showing a big smile.

This beautiful girl was the direct descendant of the Han clan chieftain from when they lived in the grasslands. And now she held the position of leader of the archer cavalry formed by the surviving Han clan children.

“Well then, Yamato-nii-sama, I will now proceed to start the shooting test!”

“Yeah. If you notice anything, don’t hesitate and say it.”

“Understood, thank you very much! Alright, everyone, let’s begin! Ha! “

“Understood, Kuran-sama! Ha! “

Along with the command of the girl Kuran, close to thirty mounted troops rushed across the meadow.

These surviving boys and girls of the Han clan, were now new inhabitants of Urd.

Although they were still children, they were born in the grasslands and were used to run and handle horses, so their arms and legs were sufficiently developed.

“Yamato-sama… is that the new bow?”

“Yeah. The mechanism is similar to your Marionette Bow, Liscia-san.”

“Ohh… I see.”

As they took some distance, the Han clan children began the test of the new bow.

And next to Yamato, the granddaughter of the village chief was also gazing at such sight. Being a hunter, she had a good eyesight, so even at that distance they were clearly visible to her.

“Even while riding those swaying horses… truly a splendid archery.”

“I designed that Temujin Bow accordingly to bring forth the Han clan’s potential. So, it’s easy to use even while manipulating horses.”

“Ohh, that makes sense. As expected of Yamato-sama.”

It was a short bow made by the old blacksmith Gaton using the same complex mechanism of Liscia’s Marionette Bow.

As usual, Yamato made a rough sketch and Gaton polished it into the final result.

“One wouldn’t think that is a short bow, considering that long range and penetrating power.”

“According to my calculations, they have several times more strength than the bows the Han clan had used so far.”

“Several times… Amazing…”

Liscia was very impressed by the shooting spectacle that was happening in the distance.

That Temujin Bow was really a treasure that combined modern knowledge and principles of Earth, with the techniques and skills of the Mountain Clan blacksmith Gaton.

“Still, the power is a bit lower than your Marionette Bow, Liscia-san. However, the Temujin Bow compensates for it by being easy to use on horseback.”

“I see… you have to consider who the user is going to be and their aptitudes.”

By the way, according to Gaton, nobody but him could replicate it exactly the same.

It was the same as with the Urd crossbow and the Marionette Bow, since both of them also required special gears for the inner mechanism.

“But even so, the Han clan children are truly amazing…”

“Yeah, that’s right. It might be a natural talent and thanks to the environment they grew up in.”

The riding technique of the Han clan children, Kuran included, was really amazing.

I’ve experienced it a little too, but to shoot a bow while riding a horse, it requires special skills and discipline.

Talent was necessary to accurately shoot a target while riding a horse galloping at full speed.

Furthermore, they treated the horses’ legs as their own, and moved them into position advantageous to them. It was a trick that could only be done by the people of the grasslands, that precise shooting from the opponent’s blind spot.

“I’ll ask Kuran and the others to perform long-range patrols and scouting in the future.”

“So, the children of Urd will be in charge of the forest. And the highway and grasslands will be for the children of the Han clan, Yamato-sama?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

In the grasslands, with few places to cover such as trees and rocks, the archery cavalry showed overwhelming combat capabilities.

Since all the Temujin Bows have been prepared already , I’ll give the Han clan children a new job.

The Han horses were excellent and could run for hundreds of kilometers a day, making the Han clan the kings of the plains.

I’m already looking forward to what kinds of results they’ll bring.

“Yamato-nii-sama! The Temujin Bow is truly amazing! “

“It also shoots way beyond of what our old bows did! “

“And it’s very easy to handle! “

After finishing testing the Temujin Bow, the Han clan children came back to Yamato.

Every single one of them was excitedly praising the performance of their new bow.

After that, all that was left was to fine tune them according to each child.

“But even so, Kuran-sama was splendid… her aim was magnificent and she could hit the same spot five times in a row.”

“But if I were to be compared against my deceased father, he could do it twenty times in a row, I still got a long way to reach there.”

It appeared they were doing some shooting training passed down among the Han clan.

That was a training where they ran through designated places within a certain time, and competed for points by accurately shooting.

Among all the children of the Han clan, Kuran who has the blood of the chieftain in her veins seems to be overwhelmingly superior compared to the others.

Kuran’s late father was once known as the most famous horse rider in the continent.

“Oh, that sounds interesting.”

“Does Yamato-nii-sama wants to challenge us in a ‘game’? “


Finding it interesting, Yamato decided to try the ‘Han Challenge’.

Back in Japan, I had a few horse-riding experiences. At the very least, I can advance without falling off.

“Try not to overdo it, Yamato-nii-sama! Hitting three is more than enough if you are a beginner.”

“Gotcha, I’ll take it easy.”

Borrowing one of the Temujin Bows, Yamato rode the large horse, ‘Regal Wind’ who had become his own horse. It was an unruly horse who was only obedient to him.

“By the way, Kuran-sama’s father holds the record, with twenty shots in a row.”

“I’ll try my best.”

Though I said that, I’m an amateur that can’t probably even shoot a bow while sitting still. I’ll just go slowly and aim carefully.

“Alright, then let’s start counting.”

This was Yamato’s first experience in mounted archery.

And after a few minutes.


“I counted thirty-two points…”

“Amazing! As expected of Yamato-nii-sama! “

“Is not that big of a deal.”

His first Han challenge ended.

And so, a record that would greatly repaint the history of the Han clan was born, 『Thirty-two hits within the time limit』.


TLN: Dont hate it, I also found this last bit a bit… “too much”. But hey, Thats how the author wanted to portray Yamato, and Yamato’s overwhelming new skills.

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