High Spec Village – Chapter 29

Sorry for the lack of updates this past month, it was a difficult month for me.

I’d like to thank my patreons for sticking with me through this hard time.

Alex, Vinny and J.

You guys are more than I deserve.

Also, as you probably have noticed, the progress text on the left —->
has been changed, and replaced with a calendar. The posting dates are tentative, and will probably decrese in wait time between chapters as I stock up on them.

Anyway, I’m back and here’s chapter 29, getting close to the end of Part 2 of the web novel (volume 1 of the light novel).

One more thing, yesterday I noticed the Mistaken for the Demon King raws were taken down by the author in Syosetu. I still have raw chapters saved, want me to keep translating them up to where I have raws? drop it and pick up another novel? or just drop it and focus on this one?

Remember, if I continue translating it, it will be cut short since it’s an ongoing series.

Enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 29


15 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 29

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  2. Welcome back. Hope things have been sorted out on your end.

    I’d say to keep translating Mistaken for a Demon King until you’re able to get your hands on an LN version, if it exists. If nothing else, it would make for a nice extended teaser as it’s a bit different from the more straight reincarnation into Demon King or accidental Demon King stories.


    • Thanks, yeah, its all better now. I basically got flooded, among other things.
      Not metaphorically, literally, in real life, with real water.
      I’ll keep in mind your thoughts about MDK, thanks!


  3. If you don’t mind, please concentrated solely on High Spec Village. Although I like the Mistaken for the Demon King unless you plan to translate it from the LN version since the WN version is incomplete. Thanks for the treat.


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