Mistaken for the Demon King – Chapter 4

Ok, I figured I might release more MftDK since it’s been a while since I did one. It also helps me relax a bit since this one has waaaaay less grammar mistakes than HSV.

I hope you enjoy the chapter.



004 – The First (Cow) Companion


 The minotaur stood still, staring at me.
No hostility remained in those eyes. Rather, it almost felt as a loyal gaze.

“…Did it… activate? ”

I looked at my right hand, but no particular change could be seen. Or rather, wont it throb or something? Has it nothing to do with my hand?
The problem right now is this minotaur.
I was sure, while I was at the lower levels, that only weak monsters could become my companions. I wonder if I was wrong. I’m certain minotaurs are high level monsters.

“H-hey, you! It’s dangerous! Run…! ”


Also, the fact that I’m a Demon User is only known by me. Probably those adventurers think I’m frozen in fear, just standing in front of this minotaur.
Well, even if the minotaur attacked me, I’m confident I can kick its ass.

I gave a faint smile towards the words of the warrior-like man.
For now, I have to make them leave without causing any problem. Well, if one thinks this through, it would be impossible to believe that I can use monsters.
After thinking, I stuck both of my hands forward.

“Put your hands out! ”

“Guoooo! ”

Responding to my words, the minotaur dropped its heavy weapon and stuck out both hands.
I wonder if this is the effect of Monster Training Level 1. It surprised me to see a minotaur obediently following my command.
My hands overlapped those of the minotaur, becoming a posture like we were struggling against each other. Obviously, no effort nor weight are being put into the grip, so we are basically just holding hands. I think that if the minotaur were to become serious, even I would lose.
But, how would that trio see this scene? Maybe to them it seems like I’m risking my life to stop the minotaur.
It seems a little overacted, but I’ll try to fool them.

“You guys! Hurry up and get out of here now! ”

“No way! And leaving you…! ”

“I’ll stop the minotaur here! Hurry! I won’t last long! ”

“Damn…! ”

The warrior-like man bit his lower lip as he cursed.
Anyway, for now I would like you to go somewhere else. There are several things that I want to test. For starters, I’d like to 《Analyze》us both.
The Magician woman grabbed the Swordsman’s hand and pulled him. Apparently, it seems like they do want to escape.

“Kaito! Let’s hurry and run away! There’s no way we can win against a minotaur! ”

“But Julia! Because of us, that person…! ”

“But if we get in his way, he might not be able to get serious! Hurry! ”

“Damn it…! Hey! You! ”

I wonder if he means me. I was busy checking out the minotaur.
I have no more business with them, it would be great if they just left to somewhere.

“You! Tell me your name! Mine is Kaito Dickens! ”

“Noah Whitefield! ”

“Noah! I sincerely thank you! Please survive! ”

“Kaito! Hurry! ”

“Damn…! ”

And so, I finally heard the three sets of footsteps going away.
They gradually left and soon after disappeared from my sight, therefore I then put both of my hands down.
Even if I say so myself, this was an obvious cheap trick, but it seems they were deceived. Well, it would be weird for them to think that the minotaur had become my companion.

“That’s enough.”


The minotaur also put down his hands and returned to an upright posture.
He apparently listens completely to anything I say. Although I’m not sure if he could process complex instructions.
That being the case, various experiments are needed.


By the power of that word, semitransparent characters emerged in my field of vision.
The target this time is not me though. It is aimed at the minotaur that just became my companion.


 Name: none
Profession: Minotaur Level 45
Blunt Weapon Technique Level 45
Magical Resistance Level 40
Physical Resistance Level 20
Slavery chain

It seems he’s just an ordinary minotaur.
Its normal for the minotaur to have no name and has the obvious physical resistance and magical resistance skills particular to minotaurs. But the physical resistance is slightly lower, and in addition to that, it feels like it uses high energy to maintain its stupidly huge body.
However, the problem is that new skill, the『Slavery Chain』.
Let’s analyze deeper.

Slavery chain
A proof that a monster has been captured by the Monster Capture skill. Absolutely obedient to the Demon User who used the skill.


With this, the minotaur is completely loyal to me. Really, this is great.
Alright then, now my turn.


 Name: Noah Whitefield
Profession: Demon User Level 2
Sword Technique Level 92
Unarmed Technique Level 88
Basic Magic Level 43
Thunder Magic Level 45
Recovery Magic Level 26
Monster Capture Level 2
Monster Training Level 2

The level of Demon User rose.
I knew it, it seems like I raise the level by making monsters my companions. But it is still unclear the criteria needed for the monster to become my companion, maybe it’s just a probability? If that’s the case, taking into account the number of monsters I’ve defeated up until now, it surely is an extremely low probability.
If that’s the criteria, I wonder if I’ll be able to get another companion by the time I leave this dungeon.

“Never mind that, let’s just keep experimenting a lot. There might be a different result along the way.”


“Hey minotaur, let’s go. Defeat the monsters that appear.”


Nice, this will be really convenient.
From now on, it would great to just leave the battles to him. That way, I can relax and just be a spectator.
Actually, he just knocked down a caterpillar-like monster that appeared earlier with a blow.

“Ohh, that’s right. You too need a name.”

“Gururu…? ”

“You name is now Milo. I’ll call you that from now on.”


Although I cannot understand a word of what the minotaur—- of what Milo says, I can somehow sense a bond of trust between us.
While having those thoughts, I, together with Milo started walking, aiming at the entrance of the ruins.



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    • At that time when I decided to drop this novel it was because (and I announced it) the author took it down from syosetu. Wayback machine also has taken it down so there was that.
      Since then I picked up a couple new novels so I never looked back on this one.
      Since you, and many others like it and would like to see it continued I’ve been trying to get hold of the raws for some time now. While I dont know if there’s a missing chapters, so far it looks like I got them, up to chapter 92, which was just before the author took it down.
      Currently I got no time to translate it, but you’re free to find someone and have them contact me to supply them the raws. Alternatively, I could continue it after I’m done with the villain girl one (that’s the shortest I’m translating, but the longest in chapter lenght).


      • Given time if me could actually find someone to do the work.
        Well if you’re done with the villain girl then it would be great if this is your next project.
        Though are you near the end of the series of the villain girl or midway or still far back?


  2. although it was just 4 chapters i enjoyed it ^,^ ty for tl’ing this

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    i hope you enjoyed tl’ing this and continue to enjoy tl’ing others. just ignore people being rude in comments. they are merely overly self important plebs that may never accomplish anything in life anyways and simply wish to spread the suffering around.


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