High Spec Village – Chapter 26

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. But when in doubt, check the side widget, I try to update it when I post a chapter or when something unexpected happens, to avoid making a full post for a few lines.

Work has been hard and time consuming (nothing out of the ordinary at this point). But what really kept me from translating was my computer. Blue screen festival these past days. I have lost days of work due to file corruptions because of blue screens and random restarts. It had also affected some translations.

And I’m not buying another computer, I don’t have the money nor the salary to buy one soon. So I’d like so ask if any of you know how to fix this.

I already tried everything on the internet, uninstall and update drivers, remove devices, unable fast boot, check ram. The error code is “Kmode exception not handled” and when it happens it happens every 2 minutes for as long as it wants. Then it stops only to randomly starts bluescreening again over and over.

One thing I noticed is that my mouse stopped working on the usb port I used to have it, not sure if it’s relevant. That made me think it might be the motherboard.

Any advice? (That doesnt involve me buying another computer)


Also, thanks a lot for the favor of checking my friend’s video, she was very happy. And she also agreed to make an illustration for me (us), so if you have something in mind let me know.

And now, on to the chapter. (I will try to finish the other chapter today, but no promises with my computer at its current state. If I cant finish it today I will finish it tomorrow for sure.)

Chapter 26


21 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 26

  1. Blue screens are most commonly caused by RAM problems from what I found at least. Of course, there are many other problems that may cause BSoD but most of the time its RAM, so I’d suggest swapping it out.

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  2. “Problem,” huh. Either it’s something like “oh noes, we have so much food that we can’t store it all,” or there’s no issue and she just wants to talk to him somewhere private. Maybe she’ll actually get a name.

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  3. Thanks for the new chapter!
    I haven’t seen that error before so I couldn’t say. My last resort for trying to fix my computer is normally a full factory reset wiping out my C drive and everything. Kinda annoying since it takes quite a bit of time to transfer back all my files and install all my programs. Idk if it would help here. I’m not tech savvy enough. XD

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  4. Thanks for the chapter.

    I hope it’s not your motherboard. If it’s that, it’s better to buy one and a new processor. Just be sure that if you have to go that far, that the motherboard you’re buying matches your ram. But if the motherboard is a Dell product… forget it. They have an issue with non-Dell ram. I… had issues when I built my PC about 6 years ago. I learned to never by motherboards from eBay the hard way.

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  5. Try downloading Xubuntu from xubuntu.org, install it to a USB drive and boot from it instead of windows. At least you’ll be able to use your computer if it works, even if it’s not Windows. And if it doesn’t work, you may get better information as to what is causing the problem. If the USB drive stopped working one thing I’d guess is a power surge or problem with your power supply if it’s a desktop computer.

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      • I’m going to assume you’re running Win 10.

        Have you checked the crash log?

        Start -> Event Viewer -> Windows Logs -> System.

        On the right in Actions you can Filter Current Log.
        Check Error.

        Go down the list of error logs and look for the crash.
        You can copy paste the error log here.

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  6. Thank you very much for the chapter!
    My sister had the same problem with her lap after some windows update a few weeks ago, we fixed it downloading the latest drivers from the manufacturer, in her case HP, specifically the touchpad driver(although the driver was from 2017, not exactly new).

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  7. Thanks for the chapter~!

    Might be a memory issue, have you tried running on a single stick of RAM, if you have more than one? Or try moving the stick into a different slot, if your motherboard has more than one, making sure when you are installing it that it clicks down properly on both sides. Check that the notch on the RAM stick corresponds with the notch in the slot.

    If it is a RAM slot issue, you can probably get a bigger(capacity-wise) stick of RAM to compensate, if you were previously using 2 sticks. Otherwise a swap should work.

    Also, try running windows in Safe Mode by pressing F8 when you see the Windows 10 logo, then selecting the option, see if the same error comes up.

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  8. > I have lost days of work due to file corruptions because of blue screens and random restarts. It had also affected some translations.

    How about using cloud services like Google Drive, Office 365 and Dropbox?

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