High Spec Village – Chapter 8

Sorry again for the late release, one of the projects of the company I work on got accepted, and therefore, I had my workload increased for a few days. I have only received one call today to send some documents, so I guess the worst has already passed.

I wanted to finish this one way sooner, since many people were expecting something like traps. I giggled while reading those comments.

Enjoy the chapter, I dont want to make promises, but expect a chapter monday at the earliest. If my workload did indeed decrease, I will be able to translate faster.


(Edit: Changed Leesha to Liscia)


Chapter 8


20 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 8

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  2. The author apparently has not much of idea about survival, making it full of mistakes even for basic things, it is kind of funny to read all the mixed myths. I wonder how much time people spend to made some decent plot.

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  4. he… carried a crossbow while mountain climbing? mmmmmkay, at least it was not teaching them to make traps

    but the over explanation makes it less appealing, if he said he had a crossbow to hunt and eat something the wild way i would have totally believed it, but all his over explanation makes me see it as an excuse to have a crossbow, specially the part about only handcrafter wood, metal and string because it means he carries around a heavy crossbow while mountain climbing just to do practice shoots

    no, wait, how come the people from a hunter village don’t know about making traps? if even the damn rabbits are a threat to adults then the village may have been destroyed long ago, i grew up in a farmer town so it always irks me to see people ignorantly teaching stuff about the life in the rural areas and isekais are enormous offenders in that, i guess i will try to ignore it unless is again so blatant


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