High Spec Village – Chapter 7

Another close call, 11:38pm.

Anyway, for those who missed yesterday’s post, I was busy with work so i couldn’t translate yesterday.

Not much to say today, I was listening to stand-up comedy shows in netflix while translating, that was probably one of the reasons I didn’t finish this sooner.

I hope you enjoy the chapter.

Next chapter tomorrow if nothing happens at work.


Chapter 7


20 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 7

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  2. Thank you for this! I keep getting this novel confused for the one where the Knight goes to to MC world. Maybe because the cover looks the same


  3. Thanks for the chap.
    Just found this translation today, and i think it’s amazing. And damn fast translating speed you got there oAo)
    がんばってにゃ~ >wO)b


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  5. he is actually implying that people don’t know about rice when it grows in the wild in large numbers… really? people from the countryside will try all kinds of plants out of curiosity, and even if they don’t their animals would, or wild animals which would lead to humans discovering the food

    and now he is going to teach them about traps? to a village of hunters? if he taught them an advanced technique like using a silo to ferment forage or a digestor to generate fuel then it would make sense but i roll my eyes when the MCs teach people the most basic of stuff and are praised by their intelligence (the main offenders being the MCs that teach people how to fertilize the soil…), well, let’s hope is not that blatant


  6. it seems this day people easily get agitated with simple thing that not really matter only because their narrow mindset (like last year in my country cause of election)
    thanks for chap


  7. So, does every Isekai need to ‘discover’ rice and introduce it to the natives? I swear this is the most predictable trope.

    Of course soy sauce is next.

    Interesting anyway.
    Thanks for the translation


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