High Spec Village – Chapter 4

Well, I finished chapter 4 today :D, I was a bit under halfway through yesterday when  I posted the other 3 chapters, I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoy translating it.

Next chapter is still twice as long as chapter 2, but I hope I can finish it soon. Your comments are appreciated, they are what keep me motivated after all.



Enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 4


14 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 4

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    • Yeah, that’s why I liked this novel, the MC isn’t an ani-taku or novel otaku who magically knows shit after being transported into another world.
      He tries to keep calm and make sense of the things that occur to him.
      I mean, although it happens later, you havent seen him even spare a thought about the posibility of magic or something fantasy-like like that.

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    • Not asking for money. While I appreciate the though, I do work full time, and while I might not earn a lot, its enough to fill my necessities.
      (Rant mode on)
      It’s always nice to have an extra income, but I’ve seen some people literally beg for money for translations which can be even considered MTL.
      But anywho… everyone can support the people they want to support.
      (Rant mode off)
      If you want to support me, leave a like on the chapters, and leave a comment on them, I love reading the comments, even though I dont have much traffic on my site.


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  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    “I chose my words careful so as to not anger Leesha, who was walking next to me.” Change [careful] to [carefully].

    “The main crop, which was a type of wheat, became sick causing the harvested volume continued to drastically decrease.” Get rid of the word [continued] or replace [continued to] with [to continue to].

    “Now, I need to finish dismantling the Big Rabbits I hunt earlier.” Change [hunt] to [hunted].

    “Good, I can use the wooden board here to hang it and hide de backpack.” Change [de] to [the] or [my].

    “This is the type of self-defense techniques that were hammered to me since I was young, by my self-proclaimed adventurer parents.” Add the word [in] before the word [to].


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