High Spec Village – Chapter 3

So yeah, I planned to start posting the chapters when I had more. But the next chapters are longer, sometimes even 3 times the size of chapter 2. So I decided to start posting them as I go.

2018-01-31 (3)

As you can see, the number of segments for each chapter isn’t the same. But I’ll do my best. I hope that by posting them now, I’ll get more motivated to translate more. Sometimes I just idle around, so this might work.

Thank you all who read me (like 30 people xD) I ❤ you.

Work’s fine. I’m feeling a little tired since a couple days, so I guess I’ll go sleep sooner these next few days to recover.


Updated and edited.

Enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 3


12 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 3

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  3. Even though I know it’s not that type of story, those last lines give off strong Texas CM vibes.

    “In other words, there’s people living nor far from here.” Change [nor] to [not].

    “Yes, their meat is a precious food, and the fur is also valuable at the village. And according to the village rules, they belong to the one who hunt them.” Not entirely sure which one to use but I’m sure [hunt] should be changed to [hunts] or [hunted].

    “Seems like the Big Rabbits are considerable valuable in her village.” Change [considerable] to [considerable] or [considered].


    • Thanks for pointing out the mistakes, im sure there are many.
      I dont really have an editor, and since I’m usually mistyping keys, after finishing translating, when i start editing the chapters, i catch on many errors, for example that “nor” and that “hunt”. But I’m sure I miss many more.
      Thanks for pointing them out, I’ll fix them tomorrow. Sleeping time atm.


  4. Really author-san? Humans are weaker than squirrels and mice? What about butterflies? And allowing wild animals the use of their claws and teeth while we are denied our intelligence and ability to use tools is unfair.


  5. Huh… Whichever god transferred him there sure didn’t bother explaining about the blessings.
    Anyway, I’ve just found this story yesterday and am liking it so far. Thanks.


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