11 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 1

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  2. i was all for this story, fresh off of finding it on NU, but this goddamn author, man. Serisouly did he do any research at all?! Sure bipedal walking is more energy intensive….. compared to penguin waddling, humans are fucking champions in the endurance department, our hunter gatherer ancestors fucking WALKED our prey to death.


    Imagine, you’re a fast quadraped herbivore, and some large monkeys with sharp sticks come and threaten you, you bolt the fuck out of there at ridiculous speeds, and shortly after you stop to catch your breath, there they are again! And they’re not even tired!

    And you know what else we have going for us? Throwing shit. We’re the absolute best at throwing things. We might not be the strongest, but holy hell are we accurate

    Even without complex tools, humans are social animals, that together are a veritable threat to even apex predators. You and group of buddies cna quite easily spend an afternoon tracking a deer, and you know, WALK IT TO DEATH(well exhaustion, then you kill it and enjoy some nice venison).

    “Humans are the weakest creatures” my ass.


      • half true half not brother. What he mean is when normal human without tool fighting one on one with wild beast with only what they had since born. And as stated in the story what made human strong is our survival instinct that even dirt is a weapon which quadrupedal animal couldn’t think of


        • Incorrect, humans got by on our absud evolutionary traits, and social skills second only to eusocial animals. Purely attributing human success to our ability to use unconvential weapons and “instincts” is simply unintelligible conjecture and incorrect. Other animals use tools, not just mammals, birds(passerines) are known to bend wires to solve puzzles, and dig grubs out of trees. Humans are intelligent enough to learn techniques to craft more complex tools, live long enough to pass these techniques down, and are yet still smart enough to continue improve those techniques over the course of generations. We beat other top tier predators by grouping up to scare them off or kill them, not by some undefined “instincts” or using even “dirt” as weapons. Humans were not born with instinctive guidelines on how to kill bears. The fact that you even suggested such a thing clearly indicates you have no biological, or more specifically, evolutionary history background.


  3. above being noisy when human is weak with those explanation like not accept it, come on~ for majority we are not strong & smart enough to defeat wild animal
    thanks for chap


  4. I completely disagree with mc even if you take away intelligence humans can travel further than any other species in the planet our adaptability allows us to pick up and move our bipedal nature allows us to spot danger better than most creatures yet allows us to stealth ourselves. Our body is the only thing that can effectively throw things giving us decent ranged defence. Our ability to communicate and coordinate is only outmatched by usocial insects. it’s why we spread to every continent on the planet while other species have not been as successful.


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