Status update 1

Well, this is the first update I’ve made regardless of myself.

Hello everyone, Kari here.

There are some issues that need to be brought to light about the state of the translations.

First of all, I moved to a new house a bit after Christmas last year. With a new house comes new contracts (water, electricity, internet, etc.) so I had to have those resolved first. And as you can see, just now I got everything running.

Second, something bad happened to my computer during the moving and I had to format it. I still get some weird blue screens now and then so I guess it was something related to the hardware. Luckily, all my files are safe.

Third, after moving, I’ve been reading novels on my phone while the internet company finished setting it up. So, besides some other novel translations I catched up to, I also went and read ahead of the Evan and Yunu novels I translate. I usually just stay one or two chapters ahead of my released chapter to keep me on my toes.

That said, while I really like them, they are not the genres I usually tend to favor. So, while I was searching for something new to read (of my liking, not necessary to translate) I came across one novel that grabbed my attention. A “kingdom building” type of novel, which I love to read. And so, I decided to translate that one, I already have three chapters translated but I want to do a batch release of around 5-10 chapters, so that people can decide if they like it or not (still, I like it, so I’ll translate it).

Again, I translate because I like it, and I feel like I also want to give a little back to the community of fan translated novels that has helped me go through some tough times.

That said, I am not sure how my readers feel about me picking other novels, so I have a little vote for you guys.

And yeah, you read that right, novels. A friend gave me a little tip ($$) to translate for him the last 50 chapters of Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite (Falling in love with the villainess). Although I’m not sure if I should post them in my blog, since the thing with the author and the other group dropping translation. If no other group picks it up by the time I have around 7 chapters, if you want, I might as well start posting them.

Anyways, let me know about it, I’d hate it to remain forever forgotten since it’s such an awesome story.

Also one last thing. I know consistency hasn’t been my forte, but I have my goal set for this year on keeping consistent releases. I do work full-time, but I want to make this blog something I feel proud about, so I plan to allocate at least 4 hours a day to translate. Fingers crossed, I hope this works and above all, wish me luck on this endeavor.


P.S. Editors welcome. Serious ones, since I’ll also start getting serious myself.

P.S.2. I might drop one of the novels, or put it on hiatus. Or do a 1 week per novel schedule. Not sure yet.


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