Yunu – Chapter 2 – Traveling in a horse-drawn cart is quite painful

Today is the second day of the travel.

I no longer have a topic of conversation, so I’m just sitting inside the merchant cart.

Luca seems to be just spacing out, sitting across from me, so I’m just idly playing with a water sphere in my hands. (TN: 水球, maybe it refers to a rubber ball since Yunu can’t use magic, not really sure so I went with the literal translation)


There is something I came to understand on this second day.

Traveling in a horse-drawn cart is quite painful.


To start off.

This may be the first time I’ve traveled this long, but, just staying seated in the same place this long is pretty painful. As the cargo box of the cart is obviously filled with products placed all around us, moving carelessly can damage them.

So basically, I’m just sitting here like a statue.


Next issue is, motion sickness.

I wonder if it is because this is the first time I’m in a cart? I heard that motion sickness can hit you pretty hard the first time, but the reality is, this is extremely terrible. Yesterday I thought I was going to throw up my lunch.

Today, the ojisan made me seat next to a little cloth window in the cargo box, so every time I start to feel dizzy, I stick my head outside so that the wind that comes can calm me down a little.

After asking the peddler ojisan about it, he told me, “Dizzy? I’m already used to it. I did get motion sickness the first time I traveled in a cart, but once you get used to it you’ll be fine!” So, I want to get used to it as soon as possible.


And the current problem.

My butt hurts.

This horse-drawn cart shakes more than you can imagine, up and down, on this uneven road. Even now, it is constantly rattling, rattling, rattli— ouch, it hurts!

U~, my butt really hurts…

I did receive a cushion, which I’m using to seat on for the time being. Thanks to that, the shaking is not as terrible as before and it only hurts from time to time. But the pain keeps on accumulating. Sitting for a long time can really hurt your butt, There! There was another big shake just now.

I really can’t wait for the next break.




“We’ll take a break in a little more.”


“Hahaha, Yunu, good job hanging in there~”



I won against the pain!

Today we took a few breaks here and there. It seems that we will arrive to a small village tomorrow afternoon. While preparing to camp, I was told such about our schedule.


“A~a, thanks to Lu-boy, I got to get everything set for tomorrow already, many thanks!”

“?— What do you mean by thanks to Luca?”

“About the mamonos, the tools to ward them off, the magical power that he put in them yesterday was effective throughout the whole day.”

“Wow~, as expected of a place filled with magic power. Eh? You mean that because Luca did it, you did not have to do it yourself?” (TN: On last chapter I added the explanation of why he made Luca do it, although it was not really explained, so Yunu didn’t know why Luca had to do it until now)

“Yeah, we won’t have to worry at night either. Hey, properly stick them in the ground, or the effect won’t be as effective.”

“Even if you say that, won’t the effect be thinner than yesterday? I can also fill them with magic power properly today.”

“Hahaha, so that’s what you were doing, boy.”


N~, even I can use magical power.

Well, although I say I can use it, I cannot use magic.

Regarding that, Luca has an amazing amount of magical power, and he can even use magic of all four elements.

Mu~, I’m jealous.

I was watching Luca while having such thoughts, but it seems he thought I was looking at the food in his hands.


“N~, what? You want to eat my share too?”

“Eh? You’re not going to finish it?”

“It was a joke. But now that I think about it, Yunu, you haven’t even touched your food yet, can I eat it?.”

“Hmph, Luca is such a bully—”

“Hey! Kids, stop staring at each other and finish your food fast. Dining during travels should be done quickly, so we can properly rest at night! It’s one of the basics!”




Ah, by the way, the meals you eat while traveling in a horse-drawn cart appear to be mostly preserved food. In other words, dried meat, and pickled vegetables. We got to eat fresh vegetables until noon of the first day, but that was an exception. Also, both the dried meat and the pickled vegetables are very salty.

Because he ate every day to his heart’s content in the village, Luca seems to be a little dissatisfied with the small amount of preserved food, and its salty taste.

For me, this is not bad at all, when I lived together with Nii-san, pickled vegetables were our staple food.

According to the stories the peddler ojisan told us that night, there seem to be a large variety of preserved meals. So, when we arrive at the imperial capital, I want to find more and more delicious preserved meals.

I add that to the list of things I want to do after reaching the imperial capital.




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