Evan – Chapter 1 – Memories of a past life

I, Evan Douglas, woke up in my familiar bedroom. I tried getting up from my bed, but as I was doing it, suddenly a heavy headache attacked me.

I dizzily moved my gaze in order to explore my surroundings.


“Evan-sama! Were you already awake?”


The face of a pretty and small girl appeared in my sight. Those calm, orange eyes opened wide after noticing my gaze, and were filled with joy as they looked at me, but for some reason, I felt somewhat uneasy.


“Ah, no, it’s nothing. Thank you, Sera.”


Her name was Seraphina, Like every morning, she came in order to wake me up.

As I was thinking that, I moved my gaze over to her head. Among her orange-colored hair that was flowing smoothly, a pair of fluffy ears were peeking, ears like those of a fox to be more precise.

Towards that figure that should already be familiar to me, I felt a hint of discomfort. But no matter how hard I thought, I could not see anything different, just the normal Sera.

Suddenly, the headache returned, causing me to held my head again.


“Evan-sama! Does it still hurt?”


I just waved my hand at Serafina, as if saying that it was nothing and sat on the side of the bed thinking for a moment. Suddenly, the cause of that discomfort came to my mind.

Those fox ears are growing directly from her head, are they real?

But no matter how hard I thought, this was not normal. However, I had lived with her up until now, that was also a fact. And I had certainly heard that the beast-people also lived in the neighboring countries, there was nothing wrong about that either.

As he was going through his memories, he immediately stumbled upon the most recent one.

Evan Douglas was bullied and thrown down from the stairs by his older brothers, Lester Douglas and Warren Douglas, causing him to lose consciousness.

But it felt as if he was talking about someone else, the current him was not Evan, it was like if someone else’s memory were also mixed in with his.

That person from his memories was in college, and was currently studying about control theory. He remembered being busy since he had to soon submit his graduation thesis, but it was progressing steadily, so after graduating he should have landed a good job.

But even with those memories, I am Evan. I certainly have memories from this house, in which I’ve lived since I was a baby.


“Just what’s going on…”


As he spoke, a glass filled with water was handed over to him. After receiving it, he could see the worried face of Serafina.

Even though he was very young, seeing a familiar face felt refreshing and calmed him.

No matter where you look, she is cute… eh? Did I even have such thoughts before?

While taking a sip of water, I began to think for a bit. Evan will turn 10 years old this year, and since Serafina is one year younger, she should be turning 9. Given my age, I should not be really that interested in that kind of things.

Then, the cause of this strange feeling should be the owner of this other memory. Is this supposed to be a memory of my past life?

The knowledge in those memories were to the extent that it could be said that it denied the majority of what Evan knew. The difference was just too big.

There are beastmen in this world, there is also magic, and mamonos. However, I was a college student living in modern Japan, I was living a normal live, going to the university every day, and in those memories, such a fantasy world like this could never exist.



“Evan-sama, why don’t you rest for a bit longer?”

“Thanks, I’ll do that.”

“Yes. Then, I’ll take my leave for now, but please call me if there’s anything you need.”


Serafina graciously bows as she leaves the room, I also lowered my head slightly in response. She used such a polite gesture rarely seen in a child her age. She became a maid working here around four years ago.

Maids. A completely unrelated existence in the memories of that past life, but here, it’s not so strange.

Her appearance, with such a long black skirt and a white apron on top seems a bit plain, but it really suits her. Or I can also say I’ve grown accustomed to those clothes.

While keeping her appearance in my mind, I closed my eyes again as I laid down.





When I woke up again, that sharp pain I felt had completely disappeared. It was probably because the memories had already settled down and merged with my own.

As I raised my body, Serafina, who was sitting nearby, came near.

“You don’t have to worry anymore, my mind is clearer now.”

“I see. What’s more important is that you are better now.”

“Thanks, Sera.”

Looking at her cheerful face, one could tell she was truly happy.


After that, Evan recalled the ten years he had spent living as Evan Douglas.

He was born as the fourth child of the Douglas family of nobles, and his hair and eyes were of a black color. Considering his past life, it sort of made sense bring born with that strange color.

However, for his parents, that was the beginning of their troubles. Due to his hair color, his father suspected that his mother had an affair, and his mother, since she was being seen as irresponsible and evil because of Evan, she came to hate him too. He, who had no fault in this, was being looked down upon.

But that was not the end, due to his circumstances, he also suffered mistreatment from his brothers and other people in the mansion, and grew devoid of any kind of affection.

But, not everything was a bad thing. His father had bought Serafina, a beast-person that also suffered from persecution in this country, as a maid for Evan.

He literally had bought Serafina, a slave from a defeated country, from the slave market. And apart from being educated, she was also cheap, so it was a bargain.

He wasn’t sure if that had been a good thing for her, but still, Evan cared for this girl and was openly mindful of her. He believed the relationship they shared was a good one.


“Evan-sama, are you worried about something?”

“No, it’s not that.”


Evan was a little distressed, but finally he decided to talk to her about it, while leaving some things aside. She was the only close person he had, and he truly believed they were really close. Something different from blood ties or social standings.


“Actually, I had this long dream.”

“A dream?”

“Yeah, in the dream, the civilization was flourishing, and I was doing this research there.”

“That’s wonderful. I’m sure if it’s Evan-sama, he would do a brilliant job.”

“Haha, it would be great if that’s the case.”


Serafina had no skepticism and accepted the story Evan told her as if it was a fact. To the point you’d wonder if she already knew it, that was the confidence she showed.


“…So, if I do something strange, it would be great if you could tell me.”

“I’ll do that… But there’s nothing different from the usual Evan-sama, you’re as always a splendid person.”


She spoke while smiling, and Evan could do nothing but to give a dry smile. She believed in Evan so much that it bordered a delusion, but it could be said that it was also her forte.

After asking to be excused, Serafina raised her hand and moved Evan’s bang aside to expose his forehead. Then, a sad expression assaulted her face.

Seeing such expression, Evan becomes worried.


“Is everything ok?”

“No, is not that really much… I will bring a mirror.”

After saying that, Serafina bows down and leaves the room. As she was leaving I could she her golden tail as I was pretending not to look. But that much should be normal.

Evan became lost in his thoughts as he saw her leave the room. Then decided to make use of the time to put his thoughts in order.

Maybe, the knowledge he learned in his previous life could be applied to the magic of this world.

He’s been regarded as a person with very little magical talent, the bullying by his brothers was also due to that. However, thanks to that same bullying, it could be said that he regained the memories of his former life.

Well, is not like I won’t really forgive them—

After a couple knocks on the door, Serafina came in. She was carrying a mirror so big that a full person could be reflected, making one wonder where she got it. Perhaps it was borrowed from some other maid.

Anyway, after Serafina brought the mirror, Evan confirms what’s on his forehead. There was a vertical scar. Slightly warped and going up to his hair, it appeared like his hair will no longer grow at the location of the scar.

I totally take back my previous statement, I definitely won’t forgive them!

Evan decided to take revenge.


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