Moto Sekai Ichi – 025

25 Searching for a Blacksmith


“Let’s buy a slave! “

 As soon as I said so, I closed my eyes and prepared for the snap back.

 Silvia’s “Idiot! ” specifically. That’s because I knew it would come.

 But Silvia’s response was contrary to what I expected.

“Fumu. I see, slave huh? That’s certainly easy to find.”

“……Uh? You’re not getting angry? “

“Eh, why would I? You’ll look for a slave with an aptitude for blacksmithing, right? That’s a great idea. If we go to the slave market, there would be no problem in looking at their status.”

 Oh, she let it pass.

 We’re talking about her, THE female knight-sama. I was sure she would blush and yell something at me like “Have you no shame!? I’m sure you’ll make excessive demands to the slave! Like a perverted person! “. I wondered what kind of scolding I would get, but it seems that’s not the case.

“Alright. Then, let’s go back to the kingdom’s capital and visit the slave dealer tomorrow.”

“Understood. Ah, Second-dono. It might be better if you wore ‘those’ clothes.”

 Those rare clothes, huh? Certainly, those make me look like someone rich, and I will probably get a better service.

“I guess you’re right, got it. I’ll prepare.”


 Next morning.

 We temporarily left the town of Pae Ho and returned to the capital.

 Our destination is Maurice, the largest slave company in the capital.

“Welcome dear customers. My name is Phillip and I’m this company’s president.”

 We were guided to the reception room located at the back of the store, where a plump and smiling old man waited for us. Seems like he’s the most important person in this neighborhood. After all, the way he is dressed screams power. It really stood out and with  a single glance I could tell.

“I’m looking for a blacksmith slave. Could I look at them and examine their status? “

“Of course, it would be my pleasure. Let’s not waste any time then.”

 After Phillip gave her some instructions, a woman who appeared to be his secretary left the room quietly.

 Less than 10 minutes had passed when she came back in with 15 slaves wearing collars.

“…………So, this is why.”

 In that moment I understood completely the reason why Silvia didn’t get angry earlier.

 The slaves standing in front of me, all of them, were incredibly muscular, bearded old men.

 ……I see. I suppose it makes sense. It was me who was under the wrong impression. That’s to be expected when talking about a blacksmith…… no, actually, this would be expected when speaking of slaves. For them to be men. Haaa……

“Is there any slave that’s to your liking? “

“Eh? Ahh! Give me a moment.”

 While being discouraged by the shock of seeing nothing but old men, I went through them and had each of the 15 people show me their status.

 The main stats I want for a blacksmith are STR and DEX, then LUK, and if they have good INT that’s a plus. And since I’m looking for a blacksmith to strengthen my weapons as I aim at becoming the world’s top, all of them must be excellent.

“…Not good. None of them will do.”

 Among the old men there were none who seemed to be an excellent blacksmith. After hearing my words, the old men had a deeply disappointed look on their faces.

“Is that so? I am very sorry. In that case, would you like to take a look at a crime slave we recently acquired in our store?”

 Crime slave?

 I’m not sure what the difference between them and the regular slaves is. Well, whatever, it’s okay as long as I find a good blacksmith.

“Alright, show them to me.”

“Right away. However, since he is a crime slave, I cannot bring him here. You’ll need to come to the slaves’ cells in the back.”

“Is that so? Then, Silvia and Eko, you two wait here.”

 After saying so, I followed after Phillip.

 The slave cells in the Maurice Slave Company were like a prison. The room was big, clean and visibly well managed. Seems like the money circulated quite well in the Maurice Company. The slaves seem to be living a reasonably decent life, even if they don’t go out. The number of people who have a look of despair can be counted on a single hand.

“From here on, they are all criminal slaves. There are 33 people here, but only one of them is a blacksmith.”

“Lead the way.”

“Yes. Right this way.”

 Phillip went down the hallway and stopped in the room before the last. Perhaps because it’s a room for crime slaves, its construction is quite tough.

 When I opened the small window, I could see the inside through some iron bars.

 Over there was an old man too.

“…………Not good either.”

 After taking a look at his stats, I shook my head. This old man doesn’t have the aptitude to become an excellent blacksmith.

“Is that so? …….I am sorry we couldn’t meet your expectations.”

 Phillip lowered his head.

Just as I was saying “Don’t worry about it”, I became somewhat interested in the room at the back.

“That room is very solid, what kind of guy do you keep in there? “

“Ah, you mean over there?”

 Saying “Well, at least as an apology”, Phillip opened the reinforced double window of the innermost room with a key and showed me inside.

“She is an assassin who had been serving the Duchess that was executed the other day. Since she was made to assassinate, due to being bound to it by the slave contract, it was ruled that she was not guilty. So after avoiding execution, she was brought to our company.”

“Assassin? Hmmmm.”

 I took a look inside.

 ……Brown skin, long hair with a color of white and purple, sharp sanpaku eyes, ample chest, an actress-type waist and tight legs.

 Without changing her cold expression, she only moved her pupils and stared back at me who was looking at her from the window.

 Over there was a――

“……Dark Elf.”

“Yeah. She’s a skilled woman. However, since the Castall Kingdom has instructed to add Unable to Attack to the contract, the only uses for her would be a sex slave or a housekeeper… But given that she’s a dark elf, it has proven difficult to find a buyer here, so we’re having trouble dealing with her.”

 Unable to attack… Does that mean she can’t attack?

 Still, why can’t he find a buyer for a dark elf? I wonder why? I’m pretty sure plenty of people would want to get their hands on such a beautiful woman.

“Regulations and restrictions, I’m really troubled by all that crap.”

 Phillip said along with a troubled laugh.

 ……Ah. I get it. A while ago, Silvia was saying something about “some deep-rooted discrimination and persecution against demi humans and dark elves”. Has the Castall Kingdom enacted some regulatory laws as countermeasure?

 In other words, the current trend in the Kingdom is that, let alone treating a dark elf as a sex slave, even having one as a simple slave is frowned upon.

“Let me see your status.”

 Since I already went to the trouble of having her shown to me, I decided to ask.

 Although reluctantly, she obeyed.


 First of all, her very high DEX was quite noticeable. Then, her STR and INT are also quite high. The set status of the dark elven race makes them good at magic and combat.

 Still, I wonder why. Her LUK and AGI are also quite high.

“What about your skills? “

“……Dagger Arts, Archery, Magic, Thread Manipulation, Assassination.”

 And so she muttered. It was a clear voice that made you feel chills down your spine.

 Alright, with this I’m convinced. The unusually high DEX was because in addition to Archery, she also raised Thread Manipulation. The reason her AGI is also high is because of her raising her Assassination.

 Or in other words, chances her growth type is Blacksmith Master are incredibly high.


 Which means.

 ……Un. It’s a bit troublesome that she can’t attack, but as long as she can focus on Blacksmith it’s alright. It would be like having a maid taking care and supporting us in things other than combat.


 Having made up my mind, I opened my mouth.

“How much is she? “


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Cheat sheet

Stats details

<Status Details>

  • HP Hit Points
  • MP Magic Points
  • SP Stamina Points
  • STR Short range attack skill power, strength, physical power.
  • DEX Long range attack skill power, dexterity, hit rate.
  • AGI Quickness, avoidance rate.
  • INT Attack Magic skill power.
  • LUK Good luck, critical rate.
  • VIT Simple defense.
  • MGR Magic defense.
Types of combat skills

Named after shogi pieces (The word in bold is the one being used in this translation). From easier to acquire to harder.

  1. Pawn/Soldier (Fuhyou)
  2. Lance(Kyousha)
  3. Knight (Keima)
  4. Silver General (Ginshou)
  5. Gold General (Kinshou)
  6. Bishop (Kakugyou)
  7. Rook (Hisha)
  8. Promoted Bishop/Dragon Horse(Ryuuma)
  9. Promoted Rook/Dragon King (Ryuuou).
List of Swordsmanship skills


  1. 《Soldier Swordsmanship》                   Normal attack.
  2. 《Lance Swordsmanship》                     Piercing attack.
  3. 《Knight Swordsmanship》                    Precision attack.
  4. 《Silver Swordsmanship》                      Strong single-target attack.
  5. 《Gold Swordsmanship》                           Small-range attack to all directions.
  6. 《Bishop Swordsmanship》                       ???
  7. 《Rook Swordsmanship》                       ???
  8. 《Dragon Horse Swordsmanship》     ???
  9. 《Dragon King Swordsmanship》        ???
List of Shieldmanship skills


  1. 《Soldier Shieldmanship》                   Normal defense.
  2. 《Lance Shieldmanship》                     Piercing deflection.
  3. 《Knight Shieldmanship》                    Defense + knockback.
  4. 《Silver Shieldmanship》                      ???
  5. 《Gold Shieldmanship》                           Ranged guided defense + knockback.
  6. 《Bishop Shieldmanship》                       Reinforced defense (Temporarily boosts VIT and MGR)
  7. 《Rook Shieldmanship》                       ???
  8. 《Dragon Horse Shieldmanship》     ???
  9. 《Dragon King Shieldmanship》        ???
List of Archery skills


  1. 《Soldier Archery》                   Normal range attack.
  2. 《Lance Archery》                     Piercing range attack.
  3. 《Knight Archery》                    Precise sniping range attack.
  4. 《Silver Archery》                      Strong single-target range attack.
  5. 《Gold Archery》                           Weaker range attack with added knockback.
  6. 《Bishop Archery》                       Strong piercing range attack.
  7. 《Rook Archery》                       Very strong single-target range attack with scaling % damage.
  8. 《Dragon Horse Archery》     Powerful piercing range attack.
  9. 《Dragon King Archery》        Powerful on-impact range attack.
Types of Magic skills

They use the “Form” or “step” system of martial arts. From lower to higher.

  1. First Form              Regular attack
  2. Second Form         Extended range attack
  3. Third Form            Strong single target attack
  4. Fourth Form          Strong extended range attack
  5. Fifth Form              Extremely powerful extended range attack
  • Their cast time becomes longer in this order First→Third→Second→Fourth→Fifth.
Ranking of the skills

From lower to higher, then it changes to the “Dan” system of martial arts, which means Grade.

  1. 16th class
  2. 15th class
  3. 14th class
  4. 13th class
  5. 12h class
  6. 11th class
  7. 10th class
  8. 9th class
  9. 8th class
  10. 7th class
  11. 6th class
  12. 5th class
  13. 4th class
  14. 3rd class
  15. 2nd class
  16. 1st class
  17. Grade 1
  18. Grade 2
  19. Grade 3
  20. Grade 4
  21. Grade 5
  22. Grade 6
  23. Grade 7
  24. Grade 8
  25. Grade 9
  26. Title

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