Moto Sekai Ichi -009

09 No, no, no!


Next morning.

After meeting Silvia, we had breakfast together in the first floor.


“Well then, let’s decide on our plans.”


When I said so, Silvia turned a bit of a suspicious look towards me.


“Hmm, I was pretty drunk last night, so I don’t remember the details… …But, does Second-dono really knows how to get stronger? ”


Hers was an expression of “I want to believe, but I can’t believe”.


“Worry not. Oh, but before that, tell be about your skills and stats.”

*Pout* “…Well, I suppose it can’t be helped.”


After hesitating for a moment, Silvia then opened her mouth.


“I have not raised anything but Horse Riding and Swordsmanship. From Swordsmanship I have Soldier, Lance, Knight and Silver. Each one is second rank and Horse Riding is 11th rank.

“I see. What about your stats? ”

“……DEX is 121 and INT is 103, the rest are in the double digits.”

“Ohh, by the way, what your STR, AGI and LUK at? ”

“STR 79, AGI 98 and LUK 15.”

“Got it.”


It’s just as I thought. She is the DEX type. And her INT is also high for some reason. If I remember correctly, this was… …oh, yeah, the『Magic Archer Type』(Mayumi Type).


“Alright, the plans have been decided. Silvia, let’s do Archery.”

“Archery? Certainly, my DEX is high, but I’ve never dealt with a bow, and… It’s not a knightly weapon.”


This girl, still saying those things.


“You probably specialize in Magic and Archery. Pretty much you’re a Magic Archer.”

“I’ve never heard of anything like a magic archer. ”


Eh, what? There aren’t any in this world? It should’ve been a very popular job in Mobius.


“Have you heard about the combined skills or Archery and Magic? ”


“……Never heard of it.”


No good.


“Anyway, there is that thing. You should aim for it.”


Silvia reluctantly said “Well, got it” sounding not quite convinced.


With that decided, there are various things that I have to do.


“Let’s go over today’s schedule. First, we’ll go buy some weapons. Next is learning skills. Then, earning experience until evening. Do you have any doubts? ”


“Wait, I don’t have much money. And I don’t really want to rely on my parents’ home……”

“Don’t worry about money. I got plenty.”


“…………Just out of curiosity, how much? ”

“A week ago I had 2 billion CL, but right now it should be around 800 million CL? ”

“ ”


Silvia opened her mouth so much that her jaw almost reached her chest.


……Weird. If you go to a dungeon, 2 billion CL is something you can easily earn.


Ahh, that’s right, the dungeons in this world haven’t been captured yet. If so, there aren’t any crazy farmers going in and out of the dungeons.

Then, aren’t the items from the dungeons even more valuable? In other words, aren’t dungeons even more profitable……?


“Well, whatever. Let’s go.”

I abandoned that thought and took Silvia to the weapons store.




“Thanks for your patronage.”

The good-humored voice of the weapons shop owner echoed.


This time, in addition to Silvia’s longbow, I bought myself a longsword.


After giving her the long bow, Silvia said in a quiet voice “Thank you”.


“Weren’t you an archer, Second-dono? ”

“I’ll also raise Swordsmanship starting today.”



Silvia seemed troubled by my response.


“When I learned the basic skills of Archery in the library, before going to learn the essential skills of Archery, I also learned the basic skills of Swordsmanship.”

“Huh? Oh. HUH? ”


Silvia looked confused.

I somehow feel like I’m teaching the ropes of Mobius to a beginner.


“Anyway… just come along with me.”


When I thought it was a pain to explain everything and grabbed Silvia, her cheeks dyed in red and she just said “Okay”. She looks pretty cute.


As I thought, it’s great I got a beauty to join me.




“No, no, nonono, noooo! ”


Lunch time.

We’re currently in the forest between the Capital and the mine, and Silvia seems to have turned into a “Nonono broken record”.


“Wh-why do you know what! ? And what’s more, why teach me so carefree! ? Just who in the word are you! ? ”


TLN: The no no no Silvia says is more of a “no, im not listening, la la la la”, since she’s been told “dangerous” information that normal people shouldnt have.


She drew close to me with a threatening look.


“Why are you so angry?”


“I’m not angry! I’m just shocked! ”


Then I’d like if you didn’t yell.


“The way to learn Bishop Archery and Rook Archery! I-isn’t that a matter of secrecy! ? That is information that the nobles have inherited and monopolized for generations! ”


Ohh…… I understand now. That’s why the level in this world is so low.


“Nobles sure only love their own interests after all.”

“That’s obviously a given, you idiot! I don’t want to think about them getting wind of this! We’ll be tortured, we’ll be killed for sure! ”


It appears Silvia was angry while thinking about me. She sure is a nice person.


However, in order to take a shortcut to achieving the world’s top spot, it requires Silvia to learn Archery and support me from the rear. And if that support from the rear isn’t able to use 《Bishop Archery》 and 《Rook Archery》 then there’s no point in making her a companion.


“Then, don’t tell anyone this information, Silvia. It should be okay then, right? ”

“Don’t screw with me, you total idiot! I’ll be an idiot if I were to speak about such an advanced Archery! You idiot! ”

I wonder why she likes saying idiot so much?


“Then, isn’t it fine as long as we don’t use it in public?”

“Guh……well, that much should be fine.”


Ohh, she agreed?


“……No, even then, it’s dangerous. I don’t know where those guys might sniff it out. On top of that, Second-dono is already standing out… maybe they already have their eyes on us…”


Somehow, she started mumbling to herself.


“Rest assured, I’ll protect you if something happens. Just shut up and follow me.”


Let’s try to use the forceful pick-up line-ish strategy and see if it works. But I don’t think it will work a second time, will it……?




Looks like it worked.




After that.


“Nononooo! ? ” I took the noisy Silvia who kept saying that while I told her the requirement for 《Knight Archery》, 《Silver Archery》, 《Gold Archery》 and 《Bishop Archery》.


Just like myself, she was able to smoothly learn them.


In addition, I also learned 《Knight Swordsmanship》, 《Silver Swordsmanship》 and 《Gold Swordsmanship》. They are 「Precision Attack」, 「Strong Single-Target Attack」 and 「Range attack to all directions」 respectively. 《Bishop Swordsmanship》 and 《Rook Swordsmanship》 are quite bothersome, so I shelved them for now. In addition, I plan to learn 《Dragon King Swordsmanship》, but that one is on a league of its own, so I will consider it after everything else is cleared.


When I told them to Silvia, she was so astonished and perplexed.


When I inquired about why she was so shocked, she told me “So far, I’ve never heard of anyone who knows the conditions for acquiring skill so in detail”.


No but, since it’s such a world, isn’t there some scholar or skill researcher, isn’t it interesting to study and find out the conditions for acquiring skills?


In response to that question, Silvia answered: “Even if you were to narrow down the learning conditions, what would you gain by making it public? ”


……It’s just as she said. There are very few people in the real world who would give up on their own interests.



“But I feel like I’ve been surprised enough for a lifetime today.”

Just as the sun was moving down, Silvia said such a thing.


“There’s still one last surprise for the end.”

While saying that in a tone of mischief, I transferred a large number of potions to Silvia.


“What, su-such an expensive potion…… and you even bought so many! ? ”


So that’s why she wasn’t surprised when I went to the potion shop and bought them in bulk, huh? Since I was talking so peacefully with the sales clerk, it really didn’t seem like we were trading tens of millions of CL.


“It’s too soon to be surprised. How do you think we’ll use this? ”

“……Wait. I’m starting to get scared. You aren’t going to tell me to put them all in the butt, right? ”

“I won’t. Who do you think I am?”

“A pervert.”

“Don’t answer without thinking! ”


What a rude fellow. Right now, we’ll try and get a lot of experience…


“Well, whatever. Let’s go.”

We head to the cave behind the mine.


It goes without saying that the first “Nononooo!” of the caves echoed inside that day.






Thank you for reading.


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