Maseki Gurume – 013a

An Extremely Special Moving.


“Station Master.”

“What is it?”

The person being called out was the station manager of the largest station in all Ishtalika, the White Rose Station.
For those who worked in the railway sector, it was their dream to become the station master at the White Rose station.

“A signal has come for the platform on the 5th floor.”

“I didn’t receive a request. Could this be a mistake?”

Speaking of the fifth-floor platform, only one train stopped there.
This was the reason why the station’s staff purposely came to contact the station manager.

“Unlikely, it appears they have officially left the harbor.”

“……I’ll contact the Royal Palace for an estimated time of arrival.”

“It seems it will be ten minutes.”

“Let’s continue the preparations then.”

Basically, even before leaving the port, a contact will come with something similar to a dedicated radio.
In this case, the station manager felt suspicious because it was so sudden and without any previous contact.

“Excuse me. This is the White Rose Station Master…… as you might know, I’m calling you to ask for information about the use of the royal train.”

The inquiry to the Royal Palace’s steward office was also made using some sort of special radio.

“We are not able to provide any information on this matter; however, the White Rose station should be mindful and work as if dealing with the “Royal Family” as usual. This isn’t an unauthorized use; it is operating under official authorization.”

“Wh-…… h-hey, wait a moment, can’t you tell us mo-”

Even though it was called the Steward Office, several maids were the ones who dealt with the external correspondence.
And then, the communication was cut off one sidedly with the reply to the station manager being way too simple and with almost no content.

“Well, there’s no helping it……if they’re asking me to deal with them just like when dealing with the “royal family”, that’s all I have to do.”

As measures for the royal family, the station was to be keep safe so that people couldn’t run wild, and cleaning and maintaining the road for the private carriage.
If they were asked anything, they had to answer it, and since the royal family usually had knights and servants acting together with them, the main role of the station’s staff was close to just doing miscellaneous tasks.
Speaking of something special they did, it was just the storage of the royal train and interacting with its driver, at most.

And even though he was the station manager of one of the largest stations, he felt sad this was pretty much his role as a worker.

They arrived at the station…… at the White Rose station, a very big one.

“(How many platforms are there?)”

The royal train on which Ain rode stopped at a place about one floor higher from the other trains.
Below him, about ten platforms spread.

However, this wasn’t all, the platform where the royal train had stopped was located on the fifth floor.
Therefore, if there were 10 platforms per floor, a simple calculation showed there were 40 in total.

Ehh, why are there so many people? Isn’t it already almost noon!? Of course, Ain was thinking about the capital of his previous world…… it had a reputation of “the station where construction never ended”, and its great number of users was not much different from this other world station.

“……A lot of people are watching us from below.”

“Usually, a report will be made. But there was no previous information this time when the royal train moved. It was inevitable that it would attract the people’s interest.”

“Ain, it’s alright. I don’t care if I’m watched by a lot of people, my eyes will only see you.”

“(That in a way is a little troublesome, ojou-sama. Still, I love that side of mother.)”

“Now then, Olivia-sama, Ain-sama. I will lead the two of you, while the rest of the knights will secure the surroundings…… Like I said earlier, this has attracted a lot of interest from the people.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

Olivia answered as if this was obviously a matter of course, and she showed no signs of being upset or stressed about it at all.

(Looks like mother is quite accustomed to this.)

Looking at his mother, Ain thought she really was used to being seen by a lot of people.

“With that said, while I think we’ll be close to this hustle and bustle in a way, we’ll protect you no matter what, so please, worry not, we won’t let anyone get close.”

“It’s alright to leave everything to her, Ain.”

“It is my honor. Incidentally, Ain-sama, we’ll take a path that only we can use, as well as using a private boarding area for the dedicated carriage.”

Private, dedicated……Hearing those words since yesterday, he couldn’t find a “special feeling” in those lines.

“Understood, please lead the way.”

“Then if you’ll excuse me, shall we go?”

Afterwards, he proceeded to the exit while being led by Chris, all-the-while feeling a bit daunted as he closed in to the luxurious doorway.
However, Ain didn’t particularly hate this feeling.

At the door, Chris opened it and continued to guide them.

Then, the voices grew louder and louder with each step they took, making Ain wonder who they were? Those voices belonged to people looking for the ones who had used the royal train.

“Please, this way. Olivia-sama, I’m very sorry, but I don’t think it might be convenient to let the people see your face right now……”

“You’re right, it’s better to refrain for now. Ain, sorry but let’s go quickly to the carriage.”

“Y-Yes, please.”

Even if they didn’t reach the tens of thousands, there were thousands of people there, and with this being the first time for Ain to see so many people, he felt nervous and confused……And these emotions continued to go round and round.

Going down a staircase by the opened door, Ain quickly escaped from the eyes and voices of these many people, so he finally settled down a little.

“I never thought there would be that many people.”

“Forgive me, Ain-sama. The most crowded time already passed, but…… This White Rose station is quite crowded all the time, and when it comes to free time zones, it’s pretty much only from midnight to early morning.”

“It’s crowded all the time? ……wait, eh? You mean right now it isn’t the most crowded?”

“The busiest time was about an hour ago. From there, it gradually starts to empty out.”

“(I thought the most crowded would be around seven o’clock or even earlier, not 10 o’clock.)”

Don’t they go to work or school? He thought it will be crowded with people who go to such places, but he then thought the time for starting classes and work might be different in this other world.

“I see, so it’s like that. By the way, I was surprised that just by going down the stairs all the hustle suddenly quiet down.”

“It’s not like the one that’s installed on the train, but there’s a powerful dimensional control unit, so that the noise is reduced.”

Ain then thought in his heart.
For them to have such mysterious and amazing devices, isn’t the Ishtalika’s Royal Family incredible?


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7 thoughts on “Maseki Gurume – 013a

  1. I think the author shouldn’t have used reincarnation in the story, the mc acts like he doesn’t have memories of his last life and then he references stuff from it.


    • It was stated in chapter 1 that MOST of his memories would disappear as a result of the reincarnation process and the rest would fade slowly over time. So a random reference here or there would not be too strange.


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